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Turkey-Russian Alliance Threatens The US and EU, ISIS Kidnaps 1400 Non-Muslim Children To Become Suicide Bombers, German Family Flees To Russia To Escape Mass Migration

The situation evolving (rapidly) between Russia and Turkey, in addition to Turkey turning away from the US and the EU is highly significant prophetically. We've been waiting to see this and now it is here. The alliance between Turkey and Russia (Iran is already aligned with both) is very very big in our prophecy watch. We'll post any developments here - the article below is worth reading in full:

‘Mind Your Own Businesses’, Erdogan Trolls the West

A number of Turkish top officials as well as politicians from almost all parties can today be seen trolling the West for its perceived inability or unwillingness to see a ‘strong’ Turkey under Erdogan’s leadership, arguing further that an alliance with the West has cost Turkey a lot. 

It is AKP’s victory against the ‘plotters’ that has enabled Erdogan to send a chilly warning to the West—and the fact that he is paving the way for a possible shift away from the EU and the US to Russia.

Erdogan and many Turks have been incensed by what they see as Western concern over a post-coup crackdown but indifference to the bloody events themselves, in which more than 230 people were killed as rogue soldiers bombed parliament and seized bridges with tanks and helicopters. So damaged are relations that Germany’s foreign minister said this week there was no basis for discussions and that “we are talking with each other like emissaries from two different planets.” Austria’s chancellor suggested talks on Turkish membership of the EU should be suspended.

The rapprochement, as circumstances indicate, is not merely rooted in ending the Syrian conflict, it is equally, and perhaps more, about possible gas pipeline project, Turkstream. 

A series of statements from the Turkish and Russian sides suggest that an inter-governmental agreement is within sight, finally, on starting the TurkStream gas pipeline project bringing more Russian gas to Turkey. 

It is this particular development rather than the question of keeping Turkey as a “key NATO country” that led Hoagland to issue a public apology for not being ‘quick’ enough to understand crisis in Turkey. “I would like to say there has been too little understanding from Europe over what challenges this (coup) has caused to the democratic and state institutions of Turkey,” he admitted after talks with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu in Ankara on last Wednesday (August 3, 2016).

The reason for this particular—and suddenly changed—approach of the E.U is the wider geopolitical implications of the gas deal between Turkey and Russia and the fact that Russia will acquire a strong foothold in Europe. 

This is in marked contrast to what the U.S. and E.U have long been seeking: minimum dependence upon Russian supplies to allow NATO a strategic advantage.

Furthermore, this agreement will also render Ukraine almost meaningless for the supply of gas from Russia to Europe. 

TurkStream not only adds to Turkey’s own energy security but enhances Turkey’s importance for Russia in its geo-strategies, apart from the fact that it would also enable it to position itself as an energy hub for Europe (which becomes a trump card in Turkey’s tortuous accession negotiations with the EU).

Against a wider geo-political context, this TurkStream would also render the whole Syrian crisis meaningless—a crisis that had potentially started to cleanse Syria of the “Shia” elements to make it safe for Qatar’s gas supply to Europe via Turkey. Qatar’s famous plan of 2009 to lay a pipeline via Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria connecting the massive North Pars gas fields with European market, to replace Russian supplies as well as forestall future Iranian export gas to the West was shot down by President Bashar al-Assad, which ultimately led to the ‘regime change’ agenda to overthrow him, emergence of ISIS and other “terror” groups and umpteen loss of life and property in the Middle East.

Against this context, rift between Turkey and Russia was of utmost importance for the Western interests to remain secure—and to make sure that Europe’s dependence upon Russian gas does not exceed a certain point. 

As such, the coup happened just at a time when rapprochement was taking place and Turkey had officially apologised for shooting down Russian jet. This rapprochement and Turkish participation in Russian project would certainly neutralize the Western gas projects and enable Russia to establish its own strategic superiority—a situation that would have far reaching consequences of both economic and military nature.

With Turkey depending for almost 50 per cent of its gas needs on Russia, an alliance between them is natural. Apart from it, Ankara is aware that Russia can be of decisive help in preventing the creation of a Kurdistan enclave on its borders, which is a hugely consequential issues for Turkey’s national security.

That Turkey is gravitating to Russia certainly implies that the West would no longer be in a position to ‘trap’ it into doing something it did in November 2015 when it shot down Russian jet. Although Turkey would still remain a member of NATO, the West might no longer be able to materialize its economic and strategic interests in the Middle East and beyond without Turkey playing a pivotal role in it. Hence, Erdogan’s message to the West, “mind your own business” while Turkey minds its own and prepares for a big leap forward towards Russia.

ISIS has released a new video, showing approximately 1400 children that they have kidnapped from non-Muslims and that they are training to become suicide bombers. Some of them are as young as five years old:

New estimates suggest that over 1,400 yazidi children are being held by the Islamic State and are being trained to be jihadi fighters or trained to carry out suicide attacks.

The Directorate of Yezidi Abductees Affairs in Duhok, a city in northern Iraq,announced on Wednesday that there are believed to be 3,770 yazidis still held captive by IS (also known as ISIS or ISIL), regional news outlets are reporting.

Hussein Kuru, who heads abductees affairs office and traces abducted Yazidis in the Duhok province, said at a press conference that as many as 2,640 abducted yazidis of both sexes have been freed from IS by the Kurdish Regional Government and its peshmerga forces.

But among those 3,770 believed to still be held by IS, Kuru said that 1,400 are minors who are being brainwashed by the barbaric extremist group to carry out suicide attacks or join its military ranks.

“IS militants are reportedly training 1,400 Yazidi children to carry out military activities and suicide attacks,” Kuru said. (source)

Islam has always been kidnapping children and abusing them to serve the perverse ends of Islam. In Ottoman Turkey, this was called the devsirme system, or the “blood tax,” whereby the Ottomans kidnapped Christian children (usually boys), castrated them, and forced them to serve in the Ottoman military, often times in the capacity of a janissary, which would be the equivalent of a special forces soldier today.

Like what we have said before, ISIS is really not all that shocking. They simply do what Muslims in the past have done, based on the model of Muhammad and his followers. What makes it such a surprise to people is that, unlike many in the West, ISIS actually practices what it preaches.

Over the past two years the German government has allowed well over a million refugees from around the world, to seek asylum within their borders. Ironically, these refugees have made Germany so dangerous,that some of their own citizens are seeking asylum elsewhere.
On New Year’s Eve 2015, the Griesbach family hopped in their VW camper van, and drove to Moscow. Upon arrival, they asked the Russian government for asylum, because they feel that their homeland is no longer safe due to the influx of migrants. According to their father, “We don’t feel like Germany is a safe place for us, or to bring up children.”

However, that isn’t the only reason why they left. “People believe Germany is a democracy but it’s not. It’s morally corrupt and people don’t care about anything like punctuality or crime anymore. There is no society.”The family is also worried about how Germany’s culture sexualizes children, and how the government enforces strict vaccination laws.  They ultimately feared that the German government would take their children. “The child protection services are so quick to take children away from their parents. They get paid to do it, and it’s almost like child trafficking. We were worried it would happen to us.”

 Two recent sexual assaults by Muslims in this community of about 50,000 people have made national headlines and raised a wider question: why are the refugees in Twin Falls in the first place?

On June 2, there was the horrifying alleged video recorded gang rape of a developmentally challenged five-year-old American girl at the hands of three refugee boys that created shockwaves after the media and local politicians attempted to cover up the story and stifle local activists.
Then just this past weekend, Mohammed Hussein Ibraheim Eldai – who was previously lionized by the media – was charged with the alleged sexual assault of a 33-year-old mentally disabled woman who fled her house screaming and crying after he molested and then attempted to have sex with her. 
Idaho is among the states with the largest population of refugees per American, according to the Wall Street Journal.
The state has been bringing in refugees for decades, but local activists, including Julie Ruf, grew concerned as they noticed that the rising percentage of Muslims among the refugees. 
WikiLeaks Offers 20K Reward for Info on Murdered DNC Staffer

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Many of us think Syria and the Ukraine were really mostly about the oil/gas pipelines to Europe. If Russia and Turkey hook up, it will make both of these relatively non events.

Just amazing how the Lord is arranging this and its playing out.