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World On 'Collision Course' For WWIII, Ukrainian Forces On High Alert On Border With Crimea, Christians Forced To Hide Bibles Amid Migrant Muslim Death Threats,

World On Collision Course for WW III In the South China Sea 

The events in the South China sea are heating up and are threatening to bring chaos and war to the South China Sea. The major players in the territorial dispute are China, Vietnam and the United States. At issue are the Spratly Islands in which China has constructed artificial Islands and militarized them as they lay claim to the area. This is a dispute that has both the US and Vietnam up in arms.

China’s rapidly growing perimeter which will protect Chinese invasion forces when they attack Taiwan. This is what many military experts believe China is doing. They are threatening to cut off the major trade route associated with the TPP, that they were left out of. However, the major concern is that the Chinese appear to be forming a strike force capable of attacking Taiwan in fulfillment of the Communist Chinese “One China Policy”.

Vietnam, Malaysia and most of all, the Philippines are impacted by aggressive Chinese action in the region in which the Chinese are constructing militarized islands which are serving as an impediment to free trade. The areas of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam could provide the Chinese war machine with virtually unlimited supplies of oil, rubber and other raw materials needed to maintain a sustainable Chinese war effort if China is able to dominate the region. IF these nations cut off Chinese oil, the Chinese may feel compelled to take what they need as did the Japanese, for the same reason, just prior to World War II.

The Vietnamese deny the presence of rocket launchers. However, Reuters cited three unnamed sources confirming this report.

Vietnam has quietly farmed several of its islands in the disputed South China Sea with long-range mobile rocket launchers which are capable of striking China’s runways and military installations across the vital trade route, according to Western officials.
Please note, from the map above, Vietnam has placed rocket launchers in the Spratly Islands.  This is the precise area where the Chinese constructed militarized, artificial Islands.
Previously, the US Navy has briefed the media, the public and its Asian allies on America’s intent to challenge the territorial waters of the artificially created Chinese Islands which threatens the freedom of the seas in the region. IS this a case of the immovable object meeting the irresistible force? It would appear that the world is on a collision course for World War III, from several different angles.

When President Obama visited Vietnam this summer, he pledged military support for the Vietnamese, both from the U.S., and from the United Nations.  Entangled alliances is precisely what led to World War I.  And with the discovery of the Vietnamese rocket launchers in the Spratly Islands, it is also reminiscent of the Cuban Missile Crisis. However, as militataristic as the Chinese have been, I do not see them forming a blockade around the area in dispute. 

The Chinese will undoubted take a much more aggressive stance and this could become the catalyst for World War III.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has instructed all military units near Crimea and the eastern Ukrainian Donbass region to be at the highest level of combat readiness.

Poroshenko announced the order after a military meeting on Thursday. 
The Ukrainian security forces at the border with Crimea are ready "for any turn of events," the aide to the Ukrainian border service, Oleg Slobodyan, told journalists at the briefing.

He added that "any tasks are carried out in collaboration with the military and the national police," as quoted by RIA Novosti.
Poroshenko said he has ordered Ukraine's foreign minister to initiate phone conversations with Russia's President Putin, as well as the German, French, and US leaders, and the president of the European Council, Donald Tusk.

The UN Security Council discussed the escalating tensions between Ukraine and Russia at Kiev’s request on Thursday.
It comes after Russia’s security service said yesterday it had foiled a terrorist attack in Crimea plotted by Kiev.

Russian envoy Vitaly Churkin, who declared himself satisfied with the meeting, said Russia presented all the relevant information to other members of the UNSC.

On Wednesday Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) said it had found a group of infiltrators in Crimea, near the Ukrainian border. The infiltrators were preparing to target Crimea infrastructure, the agency said. Explosive devices and ammunition were also discovered at the scene.

A network of agents from Ukraine’s chief intelligence directorate has been uncovered in Crimea, according to the FSB.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has called on its partners to put pressure on Ukraine and warn the country against taking dangerous steps in Crimea that could lead to “negative consequences,” a statement available on the ministry’s website says.

“Attempts to swing the situation in Russian Crimea are doomed to failure. We are to establish stability and security in the Republic of Crimea,” the statement reads.

The death of the Russian servicemen in clashes over the weekend “will not be left without consequences,” the ministry promised in the statement.

The U.S. Air Force is struggling to fill a shortage of 700 fighter pilots by the end of the year, even as the U.S. battles in three air wars against the Islamic State group in Iraq, Syria and Libya.
Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James also told Pentagon reporters Wednesday that she is planning to pay drone pilots a $35,000 a year retention bonus to encourage them to stay in the service.

The 35,000 a year retention bonus would be an increase over $25,000 bonus the service has been allowed to provide. And all drone pilots would be eligible once their service contract is up.
She added that Air Force needs the authority to increase bonuses for all pilots in order to address the shortage.
The Air Force has grappled with pilot retention for some time, particularly as airlines look to hire them, promising higher salaries and benefits. James said the pilot shortage could grow to 1,000 in a couple years.
'The airlines are forecast to be hiring a lot more,' she said, adding that the Air Force also needs to increase its training of new pilots.
She and Gen. David Goldfein, Air Force Chief of Staff, said they want to improve pilots' quality of life and their military service conditions, including training and housing.
'It is a crisis,' said Goldfein. 'Air superiority is not an American birthright, it's actually something you have to fight for.'

Bundestag member Erika Steinbach and Iranian-born pastor Mahin Mousapour called for much stronger sanctions for Muslims who abuse Christians in Germany at a press conference on Monday.

Highlighting the fact Christians suffer violence, harassment, and death threats in migrant lodgings, Ms. Mousapour criticised Germany for granting Islam “too much respect”.  Declaring anti-Christian hate attacks an affront to German values, politician Erika Steinbach advocated the government deport migrants who insult or attack Christians.
At the press conference Ms. Mousapour, who converted to Christianity more than 25 years ago, reported that Christians face various forms of persecution in migrant housing.
Ms Mousapour warned that Christians living in migrant housing are told they are “impure as a dog” and deserved death for rejecting Islam.
“Toys of Christian children are being destroyed, Christian asylum seekers are told not only to wash their dishes after eating but also that they must clean the entire kitchen as it would otherwise be ‘unclean’. Many Muslim asylum seekers call all Christians unclean. Church services are held in secret, bibles and crucifixes have to be hidden,” she explained.
Ms Mousapour, pastor of the Evangelical Free Church, disclosed that even converts who no longer live in migrant housing attract Muslims’ ire, and recounted her experience of being threatened at knifepoint on the street.
The Christian Democratic Union (CDU) politician called the anti-Christian hate crimes “horrific attacks on our fundamental values and our Constitution.
“This kind of crime weighs on me more heavily than shoplifting. If we do nothing about it we will lose our foundations in this country,” she added.
During the Islamic month of fasting, migrant shelters in Germany catered to Muslim eating schedules, with Christians receiving only leftovers. The timing saw Christians disturbed by Muslims eating and reciting surahs before sunrise and then staying up very late for dinner.

When was the last time you heard an open-borders globalist referred to as “right-wing”?
I’m drawing blanks, too.
The transnational corporate and media elites who seek to smash borders and force 7.4 billion fundamentally incompatible human cattle together into a single inescapable One World Ranch claim that their motive is a lofty one—they seek to end perpetual conflict between nations.
That’s nice, but anyone with two unmedicated brain cells to rub together realizes that the end result of this daffy rainbow scheme would be perpetual conflict within what were formerly nations. It’s all unfolding with alarming speed before your lyin’ eyes at this very moment.

The leftist global elites—and there is no other kind of global elite—use the peasants like inanimate chess pieces in order to work out their own sick and warped guilt complexes. They live in all-white neighborhoods while smearing as “racists” the poor whites who have no choice but to live alongside a black underclass that is openly encouraged to resent them. They chatter and chirp about gun control while surrounding themselves with armed bodyguards. And they push a world-without-borders scheme while making sure they’re safely ensconced behind high walls and electronic gates.

“I hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as others,” burped curly-haired mega-zillionaire Mark Zuckerberg earlier this year in an obvious swipe at Donald Trump. You may have heard of Zuckerberg before—he built a wall around his home in Palo Alto, CA and tore down four houses surrounding it. His personal security team protects that home around the clock. About a month after slamming Trump for wanting to build a wall along our southern border, Zuckerberg built another wall around his house in Kauai, reportedly blocking an ocean view for the less wealthy and less famous residents surrounding him.

In March, Pope Francis delivered a speech in St. Peter’s Square urging the world’s leaders to fling their doors open and receive the “humble” migrants who seek a better life and sure don’t mean no trouble:

But not only is Vatican City surrounded by huge walls, the Catholic faithful who heard the Pontiff’s speech had to pass through metal detectors merely for the privilege of huddling beneath him. And I’d wager that the grand total of impoverished believers who were invited to sleep and eat at the Vatican was precisely zero. (I’m still bitter from being denied entrance into St. Peter’s Basilica on a 100-degree summer day in 1985 merely for the crime of wearing a tanktop.)

When the nation of Israel finishes constructing its border wall with Jordan, it will have entombed itself completely within walls. A 2014 headline in The New Observer asked, “Netanyahu Demands Jews-Only State—So Why do America’s Jews Support Open Borders for the US?” That’s a great question that leads to another great question: Why have I never seen that question asked in a major American newspaper or on a TV program?

Thankfully, someone has figured out why all these rapes are taking place in Sweden. Börje Svensson, a psychotherapist and “an expert on sexual criminals”, was interviewed in one of the biggest Swedish newspapers recently about Sweden’s rape epidemic. His conclusion? The good, hot, summer weather.
Providing the perfect reason that absolves the Swedish establishment of all responsibility, Svensson described how we have been a bit unlucky with the weather this year. Hopefully we will have a colder summer next year and sexual crimes will then be an old memory linked to that one hot Swedish summer. If by any chance, there are still rapes during a colder summer, our experts will simply find another scapegoat rather than looking straight at the imported criminals. Perhaps fewer flies, or high ocean levels. Say hello to the mental hospital named Sweden everyone.

 The victim’s mother heard her 33-year-old daughter “screaming and crying” as the mentally disabled daughter ran home Saturday afternoon after allegedly being trapped and sexually assaulted by refugee Mohammed Hussein Eldai.

That’s just one of the heartbreaking details in a police report obtained exclusively by Breitbart News that sheds new light on this latest alleged refugee sex attack to hit this small southern Idaho city.
Just as many Americans have begun to learn about the shocking early June attack on a five-year-old girl by three Muslim refugee boys who orally and anally penetrated the girl before urinating on her, this new assault by Mohammed Hussein Eldai doesn’t fit the narrative about the benefits of diversity that the media and politicians try to spin.
In fact, as Breitbart News reported exclusively yesterday, Mohammed Hussein Eldai was actually featured by Twin Falls TV station KMVT in one of those feel-good reports in June.
As you’ll see in this police report, Mohammed Hussein Eldai is not exactly the poster boy for Islam or for refugees that the local media wanted him to be.

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