Monday, August 29, 2016

The Coming Nuclear Holocaust And The Book Of Revelation

If you spend any time studying Revelation 6, where we observe the sequence of events starting with war, then famine and pestilence causing a fourth of the earth to perish by "sword, famine and plague", and Revelation 8, where we see a third of the earth burned up, and a third of the trees and grasses, a third of sea life dead, and a third of the daylight gone. In Revelation 9, we see that a third of mankind is killed. These events sound like massive carnage - the kind of carnage that nuclear war could create. Sooner or later these weapons of mass destruction will be unleashed and life on planet earth is going to be very very difficult:

The Coming Nuclear Holocaust

“And every living thing in the sea died.” (Revelation 16:3).

The Worst Nuclear Disaster So Far

In March of 2011 a 9.0 magnitude earthquake rumbled off the coast of Japan generating a tsunami which swept the coast and destroyed the Fukushima Nuclear Plant. Three reactors melted down. A radioactive cloud exploded into the atmosphere sending flakes from the inside of the reactor towards the United States and Europe. The world’s worst nuclear disaster had begun.
Every day since the meltdowns, 3 to 400 tons of toxic water containing Cesium-137, have poured into the Pacific Ocean. The amount of radiation spewing out from Fukushima recently increased by 7500 percent! It has been computed that by the year 2020, radiation will have destroyed all sea life in the Pacific and millions will starve! (For more information on this subject see Fukushima Truthand Is Fukushima God’s Judgment?
Unbelievable as this Hebrew prophecy once might have seemed, it is now coming to pass. But this is merely one prophecy in a long list of terrifying events found in the Book of Revelation. At this very moment, our earth teeters on the edge of — thermonuclear war.
In 1962, our planet rushed to the brink of a global holocaust. Kennedy’s challenge to the Soviets was clear and everyone knew the danger was real. Americans worried and protested but most important of all–they prayed. Russia realized their missiles had been discovered and with Kennedy’s firm resolve against them, they knew they had to back down. So Russia agreed to remove its missles and the crisis was averted.
Now these same two superpowers are facing off again. This time, the US government’s brinksmanship is being hidden from its citizens under a swirl of propaganda issued by the White House. Most Americans are oblivious to what is really happening and very few are truly alarmed.
President Barack Obama has openly challenged Russia. The CIA engineered a coup d’Etat in the Ukraine, (right on Russia’s doorstep), toppling a pro-Russian, democratically elected government in favor of a pro-western group of Fascists. The US then slapped heavy economic sanctions against Russia, blaming it for the break-away of the eastern Ukrainian province. Obama accused Russia of invading Ukraine which is ridiculous; if Russian troops had invaded, the civil war would have ened within hours.

Now it has become clear that the White House conspired with Saudi Arabia to force the price of crude oil down, further crushing the Russian economy. But this move has also devastated the US oil fracking industry and pushed world markets dangerously close to a financial depression.

Because the civil war in the Ukraine is not going well for its Fascist government, Obama has announced it will funnel in billions of munitions. The Russians have warned that further American involvement will be seen as an escalation towards war. America’s European allies are waking up to the stupidity of Washington’s present course of action and are lobbying Obama to defuse the situation.

Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev just stated the West’s push against Russia may lead to a tragic end. He described one Russian missile called: “Satan.” It has 100 warheads on top, and he claimed it is like having a hundred Chernobyls. Few in the West comprehend the destruction that Russia can unleash.

According to the State Department, Russia now has more ICBM warheads deployed than we do at 1,643. Putin also has a massive advantage of tactical nuclear weapons: 820 for the US and NATO combined to well over 5,000 for the Russians.

Our navy calls Russian’s newest subsmarines “black holes” because we cannot track them. They now have the ability to approach our coastlines undetected; they could launch an overwhelming first strike of nuclear cruise missles, wiping out our entire arsenal before we even realize we’re at war. The Russians have practiced launching all 16 of their nuclear missiles in 224 seconds; imagine what a couple hundred subs could unleash in a matter of 4 minutes!

And if Russian does launch a first strike, its impressive anti-ballistic missle system would likely intercept the limited number of rockets that we do manage in response. Their S-500 missle, when fully implemented and combined with their new A-100 AWACS aircraft, can attack and shoot down up to 10 supersonic targets at heights of 40 kilometers.

Recently, Russian strategic nuclear bombers have started buzzing Europe and the coast of Alaska. They have patrolled the western Atlantic, the eastern Pacific, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. Unlike America, Russia is actively preparing for a nuclear war.
But Obama and the American government seem lost in a reckless power trip, savoring their international game of Russian roulette. Wars are often ignited by a miscalculation on the part of some foolish politician. With massive nuclear weaponry on both sides, there is no margin for error. A confrontation of ICBMs will probably not leave any clear winner, just a smoldering planet with nuclear polluition everywhere.

What Does Revelation Predict?

The Book of Revelation describes — in first century language — what could be nuclear war unleashed upon mankind. Revelation 6 declares there will be a great earthquake; the sun will be blackened, the moon will become like blood, stars will fall to the earth and the planet will be shaken by a great wind. The sky will split apart like a scroll when it is rolled up, and mountains and islands will be moved out of their places. These predictions sound ominously descriptive of atomic warfare.
Revelation 8:7 says: a third of the earth will be burned up with the trees and grass burned. 8:11 says: a third of the waters will turn bitter and cause many to die. 8:12 says a third of the sun, moon, and stars will be struck turning them dark.
There will be a massive slaughter of human beings in most populated areas, hit by the initial blast waves, fireballs, thermal pulses, mass fires followed by intensive radiation sickness. There will be pollution of the ecosphere with oxides of nitrogen, a significant decrease in photosynthesis, cancer and mutations rising around the world, global epidemics unleashed upon a weakened human race and poisoning from increased ultraviolet light. The globe will be darkened for years by toxic radioactive dust in a “nuclear winter” killing much of the plant and animal life on the planet.
Revelation 9:18 summarizes that the fire and the smoke and the brimstone will kill fully a third of mankind. Based upon today’s population, that means over 2 billion will die!
Bible prophecy mentions many nations, including Libya, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Ethiopia, and others clearly identified, but it does not identify the United States of America. It could be that the US is not mentioned because it will be wiped out in a nuclear war.
If such a war does happen between the US and Russia, it is highly likely Russia will survive. Why? Because the prophet Ezekiel (in chapters 38 & 39), declared that Russia will eventually invade Israel. In today’s current alignment of world power, that would be impossible because America would oppose that attack. But if America is destroyed, Russia will be free to pursue its own agenda and will eventually invade the Middle East — where God will supernaturally send fire from heaven to destroy their armies.

Be Alert to the Danger

As you are careful to watch the political gamesmanship going on, don’t let yourself be lulled into sleep because so little information is being broadcast by the State supporting corporate media. Instead, keep an eye fixed on alternative media sources to find out what’s really going on.
It might also be a wise idea to study a Bible, especially the Book of Revelation, to see exactly what God has already predicted will happen. Man will inflict upon himself most of the destruction that comes upon the earth. But God clearly warns that as mankind turns away from Him and begin to slaughter both Christians and the Jews — He will send His wrath upon the earth.
No matter where you live in these last days, the best long-term solution for your own safety and security — especially when World War 3 and a nuclear holocaust strikes our planet — will be found in knowing the God who controls the universe and the future. Ultimately, there is no real security, in this era, apart from trusting in Jesus Christ. No one can escape the reality that He’s promised to come back once again to earth. I encourage you to watch our video about How to Become a Christian while you still have time.

The Normalcy Bias
The Normalcy Bias is a psychological state people enter into when faced with a slow but impending crisis that could shatter their lives. We tell ourselves that since nothing like this has ever happened, that it never will happen. This state of mind causes people to ignore the reality of approaching disasters, underestimating and minimizing the risks until it is too late.
Before the Nazis took power, there were half a million Jews in Germany. When anti-Semitic persecution began, only 100,000 Jews fled. For the rest, the Normalcy Bias kicked in and they assumed the situation couldn’t get any worse. But they were wrong.
This same psychological response also happened in the days before the flood. Even though Noah continually preached that the world would be destroyed if it didn’t repent, no one grasped the seriousness of their situation.
Jesus said “…before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage… they did not understand until the flood came and took them all away.” –Matthew 24: 37-39
The same thing also happened in Sodom. Jesus said they were eating, drinking, buying, selling, planting, and building, “…but on the day that Lot went out from Sodom it rained fire and brimstone… and destroyed them all.” Luke 17:28-29
Jesus then predicted: “It will be just the same on the day that the Son of Man is revealed.” Luke 17:30
The Normalcy Bias will impact mankind at the end of the age before the Lord returns.
This means that if you want to save yourself from destruction, you must eliminate your spiritual blindness. If you refuse to open your eyes, you will be fooled. You won’t comprehend what’s coming until its too late.
“Oh, how deaf and blind you are toward me! Why won’t you listen? Why do you refuse to see?” –Isaiah 42:18
Mankind is deaf and blind towards God. We refuse to hear and to see what He’s trying to tell us. If you want to be saved from the judgment that awaits you, you need to listen to Him. What you need most is a change of your opinion about the nature of sin.  (SOURCE )


D. Pearson said...

I hear those very same words from some of my acquaintances. "That every generation, since the beginning of time thinks they will be the last, and it never happens". These are so called Christians. Wow ! What do you suppose the lost think about? Revelation puts it in clear perspective! We are that generation. I feel it. The day's spoke of are today. Yet even Christians are oblivious to what's coming. I believe the upcoming presidential election will propel us rapidly towards that which revelation clearly says.
I'm just curious of how much we will endure before God comes for us?
I wonder if a combination of the rapture and a nuclear attack against the US will be the reason we aren't mentioned in the end times? Whatever it takes, I'm just ready to go. I'm ready to go now!
as bad as it's gotten to be, is nothing compared to what's coming. This country has mocked God and spit in his face so many times over the past 4 years that it's sickening. As mean and as ready to fight as I am, I'm on my knees praying that we won't be here much longer. What else can this world do to top what's already been done? It's time we prayed long and hard for our Lord to come for us.

Scott said...

I love that logic...First of all - get them to describe, historically, who exactly these people were....Its really not even accurate....If they are referencing the early church - they were (correctly) looking for the rapture....If they are talking secular history, there have been some random cults along the way but hardly any mass movement in the church like we have today...Its really more of a straw-man argument...They have probably HEARD that there have been people in the past looking for the end of the age, but in reality there has never been a big movement in this direction - certainly not like today.

Who know what we will have to endure. My feeling is - if things get really bad on a worldwide basis (that is key) - then we are no longer in the days of Noah...If the US collapses, it will affect the whole world...My feeling is, if things get really bad, it won;t be long before the gathering up...I don;t see us having to endure something for very long

foretastes said...

“If things get really bad on a worldwide basis (that is key) - then we are no longer in the days of Noah.” <<< Excellent point, Scott. Sudden destruction has to happen, well, suddenly.

Dutch Treat said...

Several years ago at Sight&Sound Theater I saw Noah- the musical; and the other day I watched the DVD of it. The resemblance between his day and our is almost eerie. People were going about their business as if nothing would ever happen, with all warnings going unheeded. Then suddenly the rains and Great Flood came. It won't be long now. Keep looking up! For our redemption is nigh. The one difference I see is that in Noah's day it was over. Today if you survive the Rapture ( careening planes and cars), at least you get another chance.