Thursday, May 5, 2016

San Andreas 'Locked, Loaded' For Big Quake

San Andreas fault 'locked, loaded and ready to roll' with big earthquake, expert says

Southern California’s section of the San Andreas fault is “locked, loaded and ready to roll,” a leading earthquake scientist said Wednesday at the National Earthquake Conference in Long Beach.
The San Andreas fault is one of California’s most dangerous, and is the state’s longest fault. Yet for Southern California, the last big earthquake to strike the southern San Andreas was in 1857, when a magnitude 7.9 earthquake ruptured an astonishing 185 miles between Monterey County and the San Gabriel Mountains near Los Angeles.
It has been quiet since then — too quiet, said Thomas Jordan, director of the Southern California Earthquake Center.

“The springs on the San Andreas system have been wound very, very tight. And the southern San Andreas fault, in particular, looks like it’s locked, loaded and ready to go,” Jordan said in the opening keynote talk.
Other sections of the San Andreas fault also are far overdue for a big quake. Further southeast of the Cajon Pass, such as in San Bernardino County, the fault has not moved substantially since an earthquake in 1812, and further southeast toward the Salton Sea, it has been relatively quiet since about 1680 to 1690.
Here’s the problem: Scientists have observed that based on the movement of tectonic plates, with the Pacific plate moving northwest of the North American plate, earthquakes should be relieving about 16 feet of accumulated plate movement every 100 years. Yet the San Andreas has not relieved stress that has been building up for more than a century.

Jordan said it’s important that California focus on becoming resilient to a potential huge earthquake, one as strong as a magnitude 8. He praised Los Angeles’ plan to require earthquake retrofits on apartment and concrete buildings, pushed into law by Mayor Eric Garcetti.

A 2008 U.S. Geological Survey report warned that a magnitude 7.8 earthquake on the southern San Andreas fault would cause more than 1,800 deaths, 50,000 injuries, $200 billion in damage and severe, long-lasting disruptions. Among the predicted problems: The sewer system could be out of commission for six months.

Such an earthquake could cause shaking for nearly two minutes, with the strongest shaking in the Coachella Valley, Inland Empire and Antelope Valley, but it also could send pockets of strong shaking into areas where sediments trap shaking waves, such as the San Gabriel Valley and East Los Angeles.

Even though the San Andreas fault does not go directly into Los Angeles — it is 30 miles away from downtown — the city is expected to be heavily shaken by a large earthquake on that fault. For instance, simulations of a possible magnitude-7.8 San Andreas fault that begins at the Salton Sea and spreads west toward the San Gabriel mountains show seismic shaking waves "bent into the Los Angeles area," Jordan said. One video shows strong ground shaking stretching from northern San Diego County to Barstow. 

"You can see that this area of influence by the shaking has now expanded out to huge proportions," Jordan said. "You see that big directivity pulse out in front, as that energy is being shoved down that fault, that directivity pulse leads energy into seismic waves that excite the sedimentary basins, like the San Fernando Valley and the Los Angeles basin," and through San Bernardino, Jordan said. 
"You'll notice large shaking in the Los Angeles region persisting for long periods of time," Jordan said.

(Perry Stone) Early this morning I saw another detailed tsunami dream that was so vivid and detailed that it disturbed me greatly. On the West Coast, a major split occurred in the ocean causing the Pacific’s waves to rise high in all directions. I saw dangerous waves coming in the distance and yelled, “Get to the mountains!”

As we began rushing to a high place I could see the waves hit the coasts and rush violently into the streets of cities. The scene shifted and I found myself in a house on a high mountain. The people were quite wealthy and there were reports on the news of the horrific damage and destruction. I can still see the waves in my minds eye.
This is the second West Coast dream of a tsunami I have seen. I often hesitate even sharing this on Facebook as the response is often so verbally critical and negative, reminding me of the same reaction Jeremiah received when warning the Jews of the Babylonia invasion, and one feels it is best left unsaid. However, the Lord also said that if the watchman sees the coming danger and does not sound an alarm, He will hold the watchman accountable for his silence.
Prayer and preparation are two major resources and I also suggest hearing from the Lord on an individual level to determine His will and direction for each person. In any dream or vision I never hear or see a date, indicating the timing of these events. They could be near or far away. However, I believe numerous individuals are seeing the same. If you have experienced a dream of a tsunami, please post and let’s see if there are parallels with the individual dreams of others. Believer’s are sensing an urgency to pray.


Sharon said...

I've been watching this guys weekly earthquake report where he lists areas that should have quakes in the next 7 days. His is crazy accurate and fascinating to listen to!

Mrs.C said...

Sharon, run from that guy. He is a fake, a sensationalist, and by no means a Christian. He hooks people in by promoting fear, while he makes money with every click on his site. How'd that "death star" hiding behind the moon work out? Oh thats right, when he ran outta time on that one, the excuse was that the government blew it up without any of us knowing about it. Right...smh we were all supposed to be dead three years ago according to that fake story at the time. How'd that "volcanoes erupting in the California desert" work out. Problem with that one was,just as I know the desert area he was talking about, many others did too, and actually drove out there only to discover he assertions were fake. There are just an example of his fake sensational stuff. When he was caught in lies, and confronted by the public, suddenly he comes up with yet another sensational story of his friend being killed, and in full promotional paranoia, claims he was next as an excuse to disappear for awhile. But, amazingly, wow, he's back? when in truth, he never went away. Ya, he's a master of deception, with his presentations partially taken from real sites like NASA. Just like that site "allnewspipeline" takes real photos of UN tanks that were taken in Africa, and tries to pass them off as UN tanks in specific U.S. locations to feed their fake stories. Or the National Guard helping revamp a golf course, and they take those pics and state that the government is setting up to take over all of us. It goes on, and on...smh God does not give us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind. We know the days we are living in, and God specifically says "fear not" for a reason...Trust in Him, not ourselves...

Sharon said...

Wow, Mrs. C! I've only been listening to his forecasts for a few weeks and had no idea about any of this other stuff! I was making lists of where he said there would be quakes and sure enough, there were. Thanks for the heads up :)

ally said...

Sharon, I can't click on the link, but if it's Michael Janitch/Dutchsinse, he is highly accurate. Especially in earthquake predictions and he is a believer also, but his focus is on earthchanges both manmade and natural.
The government has tried to dissuade him many times. He lives in St. Louis area. I discovered him years ago when he predicted the Joplin tornados by watching the H.A.A.R.P. rings. He saved some lives that day.
I don't usually talk about him here but he is a good guy who is warning people the best he can.
If it's somebody else, sorry, lol. But if it's Dutch, he is on our team.

Mrs.C said...

Have to respectfully disagree. :)Dutchsinse is a fake, who's only concern is to garner as many "subscriptions" as he can, while attempting to feed his ego.
While HAAP is real, it is easily, factually proven not to be creating these so called "rings" that this Dutch promotes with his pseudo fake "science". These REAL Science folks, explain in detail, and show in detail, how Dutch manipulates information to agree with his false info.From 2011...

"Dutchsinse’s Fraudulent Fear-Mongering Exposed?"
"For quite some time now dutchsinse and his agenda had plagued this site and fed in to the fears of many people who have no knowledge of the technology behind Doppler radar systems. He posted video after video convincing people that what he termed as 'HAARP rings' were VLF and ULF broadcasts that were designed to intentionally steer thunderstorms wherever the operator desired. He's even gone as far as asking for donations to fund his 'research' from the people that have fallen for his fear-mongering agenda.
Do we want to feed our fears? … or do we want to know the truth? Is this guy dutchsinse feeding into your fears to forward his own agenda, whether it be purely to feed his own ego or line his pockets with your cash?"'s-fraudulent-fear-mongering-exposed-758678.html


DUTCHSINSE HAARP debunked Mirrored

GG2013 said...

Hi All-

I respectfully agree with the POV that we must watch the many diversions the evil one is throwing our way, especially in these last hours. I too was referred to him by a lost and unsaved friend, but as Mrs. C points out, his glory goes to himself and not God, nor to further the kingdom. We studied these types of last day teachings of the world in church. In a nutshell, we are all guilty of stinking thinking.

We all as humans get too lazy to take authority over using the word of God to enhance the kingdom and our lives, because 'religion' made it look like a prosperous thinking is all encompassing to serve the 'name it and claim it' false prosperity teachings. That couldn't be further from the truth, why? Because the devil makes us stop doing in self doubt so we don't take authority to do Gods work. We should never be serving self. God gave us his word and his purpose for our lives. How can it be wrong if we put on the suit of armour and stand with and for God? We need it now more than ever.

It seems we are standing with man, while we just coast and wait. Why isn't anyone defending that (general statement-not just here)!?! It's time to wake up the church for the glory of God! He has so many children to reach through us. As obstructed vessels, distracted in thought, which master are we serving? :). Be well..God Bless!! Protect your mind and thoughts. For out of it flows...what? :)


ally said...

Mrs. C, wow, what can I say? I don't want to come against you in any way. I love you.
But his earthquake predictions are right on. The state of Ca. Opened an office on vulcanism due to the information Mr. Janitch presented. He has accurately predicted and exposed everything from tornados to geoengineering (chemtrails). He backs up everything with links you can go to and verify yourself. He has exposed the USGS for not reporting earthquakes and for downgrading them on a regular basis.
He is not a preacher or a teacher of the word. And he may not be the most polished what you think a Christian should be like guy but he does love the Lord and I've seen him put out the Jesus message so.....
You can believe what ever troll loving sites you want too. But I'm sticking with Dutch. He has proven himself to me over numerous years. I have found him to be dependable and trustworthy and highly accurate. That's my experience. And in this current world, that's a hard thing to find. Plus he is able to make difficult science easily understandable for a layperson.
His fracking/earthquake connection is now being recognized all over the world by authorities as being correct. (Too bad Oklahoma didn't listen before they became the "new" earthquake capital of the world) :(
Love ya sister!

Scott said...

FWIW- I had heard some of the same kinds of things that Mrs C did, (its been so long I can't recalll the details) - but I kind of stopped going to that site - but like everything else, that doesn't mean that 100% of what he does is wrong or inaccurate. It was interesting, but there were some things that turned me away; I wish I could recall the details but that was a couple of years ago

GG2013 said...

Hi Ally-

Please don't feel like it's an attack on you or him personally. When I saw the posting, I took it as how we need to watch what we are chasing. With this lost friend, following him, they were talking about people selling all their goods and moving into some deep seated areas being treated like a camp. People spreading fear and selling off their stuff because this popular site said so. Things never came to pass and look how many broken people are confused even more.

I hope this makes better sense. Now if he was working for God, he would have had a balanced approach showing what the world is saying and saying let's see what Gods word says about these things. That's the critical part that is missing. If we don't follow it through with Gods word and meaning on any topic, then all we are doing is forwarding links, spreading confusion and leaving people basking in fear and panic because they will be missing the solution which is God. We are not to cause our brothers or sisters to stumble.

I truly believe God knew that we humans would start falling for such things and falling away from him with the temptations of the news and people around us. He always gives us a choice. I believe what Mrs.C. is saying (though I am speculating here) is we must watch what we are chasing as it's not what God said it would be.

We know his finished work, we just need to get through the storms coming soon and following another lost person isn't the way. If we forwarded people links more on what God says and what he offers, can you imagine with all the Christians in the world, just how powerful we would be as witnesses? :).

We are listening to so many sources, but is that healthy without checking it against what Gods word says and asks of us? If our houses were getting robbed as an example, we would get up and take authority over our lives daily and not continue to put our family or friends lives at risk by doing nothing. Everyone is always searching, but where will we land? On the side of the Angels or the side of the evil one.

Be well!! God Bless!!


Sharon said...

Hi all,

I didn't mean to cause fighting among anyone! I heard about this guy 3 weeks ago and have watched 3 earthquake forecasts. I am not fearful of anything he says. It isn't causing me to live any differently, I just think it's interesting, that's all. I don't take anything he or anyone else says as gospel. Even some of the stuff posted here is a questionable source (WND). I still appreciate Scott posting everything he does and the time he puts in to it and I come here daily to read this page. I would never watch or listen to anyone, regardless of who they are, and suddenly live in fear. Anyway, I hope everyone can get along! Happy Sunday :)