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Syrian War: Ready To 'Spill Over'?, Medical Implications Of Fukushima Disaster, NATO Inches Closer To Russia

This first article from the Jerusalem Post presents an interesting analysis from the Middle East. The bottom line is, sooner or later things are going to spill over into Israel. Of course, we know this from prophecy: 

 Last Wednesday, during the middle of the tranquil Passover vacation, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot headed north. The military had imposed a temporary closure on the West Bank, and all was quiet on the Gazan and Lebanese fronts. Eisenkot took the opportunity to visit the 91st Division, which secures the Galilee, and toured Mount Dov (Shaba Farms), which looks out over Lebanon and Syria.

Of all the sectors the IDF monitors carefully, it is Syria that is the most unpredictable and explosive, and which carries the biggest potential for a sudden escalation. Additionally, due to Hezbollah’s attempts to traffic weapons from Syria to Lebanon, and its ongoing fight against anti-Assad rebel groups, events in Syria have a direct impact on the Lebanese front.

Just over the Israeli border, in southern Syria, a myriad of heavily armed radical Sunni and Shi’ite factions continue to battle it out, in a zerosum game of kill or be killed.

Al-Qaida wages war on other Sunni jihadists in ISIS, and both are engaged in a fight to the death against the Alawite regime in Damascus and its Shi’ite backers – Hezbollah and Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps. Above them, fighter jets belonging to international coalitions carry out air strikes in crowded skies, and Israel, according to foreign reports, periodically targets weapons-smuggling runs seeking to bring strategic arms to Hezbollah’s depots in Lebanon.

The sectarian warfare that has torn Syria to pieces is unlikely to recede any time soon, and international efforts toward a cease-fire – however well intentioned – appear tragically ill-fated.

Syria, along with Libya, Yemen and Iraq, represents the breakdown of the 20th-century Middle East order. This chain reaction of implosions looks permanent, bringing along with it a high possibility of affecting additional countries over time.

In the new Middle East, it is apparent that sub-state jihadist organizations, not state armies, are the most immediate threat to Israeli security. The old borders have lost meaning. ISIS and al-Qaida in Syria and Sinai, Hezbollah in Syria and Lebanon, and Hamas in Gaza all qualify as modern exemplars of transnational foes.

Israel, like the pragmatic Sunni states that have so far weathered the Arab winter, is preparing for the day that terrorists combating one another in Syria direct their guns and missiles toward new targets.

What is known is that three times more noble gases escaped from the Fukushima accident than at Chernobyl. These gases, xenon, krypton and argon are inhaled into the lungs, are absorbed and deposited in fatty tissue of the body.
They are very high energy gamma emitters – like X rays, and they can therefore cause lung cancer, and cancers of other organs of the body.
It is also been estimated that about the same amount of cesium was released from Fukushima as at Chernobyl.
So based on the number of mortalities and illnesses in the countries around Chernobyl which were not as densely populated as Japan, and considering the very high density of the Japanese population, one would have to assume that similar morbidities and mortalities would occur in Japan over the coming decades.

The situation at the Fukushima Daichi plant gets worse by the day. 400 tons of very radioactive water have been discharged to the Pacific ocean on a daily basis ever since the accident causing fish to concentrate the radioactive elements in their flesh and bones. Some fish have been found to carry extremely high radiation levels – 12,400 Bc/K when the limit for food in Japan is 100 Bc/k. Of course no radiation is safe and the more radioactive food that is eaten the more these elements accumulate in bodily organs increasing the radiation dose. Some fresh water fish have also been found to be very radioactive, for instance 2657 Bc/k in a fish from the Mono River in NW Fukushima.

An earthquake beneath unit 3 could also cause the building to collapse onto the molten core releasing huge amounts of radiation. Another earthquake could rupture over 1000 fragile metal tanks now holding thousands of tons of highly radioactive water which would drain into the Pacific Ocean.

13% of the Japanese mainland is now contaminated with radioactive elements which will last for hundreds to thousands of years and will be concentrated in the food. Ten million people live in highly radioactive areas, so much so that the government has raised the accepted dose from 1 mS per year to 20 mS per year (which is the equivalent of 1000 chest X rays /year) – nuclear workers are allowed 50mS per year. Children are 10 to 20 times more sensitive to radiation effects than adults. Thousands of children are now locked inside, they wear masks and they are eating radioactive food and experiencing increased obesity as they get virtually no exercise.

Dr Timothy Mousseau, an evolutionary biologist has been examining the birds and insects in the exclusion zones of Chernobyl and Fukushima. 40% of the male swallows are sterile or have abnormal sperm, many have tumors, crooked wings and other congenital abnormalities and mutations, many have cataracts and the insects are similarly deformed.
What happens to animals and insects happens to us, but because many generations appear in a year we then can postulate what will happen to future generations of humans as mutations are passed down to our descendants.

With anti-establishmentarians on the rise in the US & Europe, it appears the neocons and their NATO proxy aren't wasting any time and are stepping up not just the words, but their deeds, against a so-called "resurgent Russia." NATO's European Command (EUCOM) "needs to change," blasts General Philip Breedlove, urging the military to get back to the business of war planning, a skill lost during the post-Cold War era saying his objective is to send a signal of deterrence to Russia. That signal was heard loud and clear as NATO is deploying an additional four battalions of 4,000 troops to the Russian border in Poland and the three Baltic States, according to a report citing US Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work.
"We have to be ready for a situation where we don't have Russia as a partner," warns EUCOM  Gen. Philip Breedlove, adding that the military here needs to get back to the business of war planning, a skill lost during the post-Cold War era and one needed again in the face of a resurgent Russia. As reports,
Moscow has been unhappy with the NATO military buildup at Russia’s borders for some time now; and with this latest move, The Russians, as expected, are displeased...

“NATO military infrastructure is inching closer and closer to Russia’s borders. But when Russia takes action to ensure its security, we are told that Russia is engaging in dangerous maneuvers near NATO borders. In fact, NATO borders are getting closer to Russia, not the opposite,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told Sweden’s Dagens Nyheter daily.

Poland and the Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have regularly pressed NATO headquarters to beef up the alliance’s presence on their territory.

According to the 1997 NATO-Russia Founding Act, the permanent presence of large NATO formations at the Russian border is prohibited. Yet some voices in Brussels are saying that since the NATO troops stationed next to Russia are going to rotate, this kind of military buildup cannot be regarded as a permanent presence.

Russia’s Defense Ministry says it’s ready for a tit-for-tat response to any NATO military activity near Russia’s borders. 

As Russia’s envoy to NATO Aleksandr Grushko put it, there are no “passive observes” in the Russian armed forces and Moscow would definitely compensate militarily for an “absolutely unjustified military presence.”


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