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IAF Retaliates Against Hamas With Strikes In Gaza, Jihad On Christian Churches, Soros Behind Violent Trump Protests

IAF retaliates on Hamas targets after rockets were launched into Israel - Arab-Israeli Conflict

In response to the rocket fire launched towards Israel late Wednesday night, the Israeli Air Force attacked two locations that were part of Hamas' terror infrastructure in the Gaza Strip.

The IDF spokesperson released a statement in which they promised to continue to work in order to maintain quiet in the Gaza border communities in Israel.

The rockets launched from the Gaza strip landed inside Israeli territory on Wednesday night.

The rockets landed in open territory and no red alert siren was sounded.

There were no reports of injuries or damage in the incident.

The siren sounded in the Eshkol Regional Council, whose spokesman said earlier that residents reported hearing explosions.

The siren came some ten days after a flare up of violence on the Gaza border which saw Hamas operatives target Israeli soldiers in several mortar attacks, followed by Israeli reprisals with tank fire and air strikes.

The tensions began after the IDF discovered a second Hamas attack tunnel snaking into Israeli territory from Gaza in the last month.

The Israeli air force attacked two Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip Wednesday night, hours after terrorists in the Strip fired a rocket into Israel from the territory.

Palestinian media reported that a second rocket fired towards Israel exploded inside Gaza territory.
Walla News said a small group with ties to the Islamic State, the Omar Hadid Brigade, claimed responsibility for the attack.
The IDF said in a statement that it held Gaza’s Hamas rulers responsible for keeping the peace in Gaza.
Tensions have risen along the border recently after Israel’s discovery and destruction of two attack tunnels dug by Hamas inside Israeli territory. The operations to destroy the second tunnel sparked some clashes with Hamas, who fired mortars at the troops. A few IDF engineering vehicles were damaged in the attacks, but no Israeli soldiers were injured.

Al-Hayat daily published an article written by Saudi legal expert Katib al-Shammari claiming the U.S. planned the 9/11 attacks to kickstart the global war on terror.
As part of a long-standing U.S. policy he dubbed “victory by means of archives”, Al-Shammari claims the U.S. government  strategically holds information and action plans as bargaining chips to leverage powers in the Middle East. He claims the 9/11 attacks are a prime example of this, saying the US used the World Trade Center terror event to kickstart a “global war on terror”, selectively blaming whoever suited its needs at the time and changing the enemy once the latter was defeated.
Laid out in chronological order al-Shammari said first was Al-Qaeda, second the Taliban, third Saddam Hussein, and now Saudi Arabia is being blamed to forward the Pentagon’s militaristic agenda.

A Christian church in Egypt was recently torched to the ground.  According to a statement by the Coptic Christian diocese in Minya, Upper Egypt: “The Virgin Mary Church in Ismailiyah, which is about four miles north of Minya, was exposed to an attack by some extremists who set fire to and completely destroyed it around 2 a.m., Thursday morning, May 12.” A video shows the structure burning as Christians scurry to throw pails of water on it.
The Virgin Mary Church in Ismailiyah, pictured as it burns on May 12, 2016.
The church consisted of a large tent that had been consecrated and contained all the material of a “normal” church — an altar, icons, and crosses — and was led by Fr. Jonathan Adel. The Christians of the region had been meeting there for all regular church services, functions, and celebrations; authorities had agreed to its existence and use as a church.
The Coptic statement, written by Bishop Macarious, closed with: “May God protect the Church and preserve Egypt and Egyptians from all adversity.”

Why were these Christians meeting in a large “church tent” in the first place? Because the church they had built in 2009 was sealed off by authorities after local Muslims protested and rioted.
The Virgin Mary Church is not the first congregation in Egypt to be denied a church building, forced to worship in a tent, often to be attacked again. According to a 2010 report, “Since March 16, 2010, after the demolition of the old church [as in Minya], the Bishop and the congregation have been celebrating mass in a linen tent erected on the courtyard where the new church is planned, under the summer heat exceeding 113 degrees Fahrenheit.”

After waiting 44 years, the Christians of Nag Shenouda were issued the necessary permits to build a church. Because of this, local Muslims rioted and burned down the church tent they had been using. Then, when a Christian allowed some of the congregation to use his home, a Muslim mob attacked it. Denied a place to worship, the determined Christians of Nag Shenouda celebrated Easter 2015 in the middle of the street.

Sometimes when the mob does not torch the church tents, the authorities do it themselves: Egyptian police destroyed the tent structure of St. Joseph Church, in another village in Minya, under the pretext that it was built without a license.
As usual, this chain of events — Christian minorities having their churches closed and being forced to meet in tents, only to be persecuted again by police or mobs — is not an “aberration” limited to the experiences of Egypt’s Christians but occurs across the world, wherever Christians live under Muslim rule:

  • Kenya (November, 2015): After rioting Muslims burned down two church buildings, the congregations were forced to erect church tents, some of which were flooded by strong rains, which carried away five people.
  • Indonesia (January 2015): Authorities in the Sharia-governed province of Aceh began to remove tents built by Christians for worship after their churches were torn down by authorities responding to Muslim violence against churches that left one dead and thousands Christians displaced. At least two church tents were torn down. Earlier, in 2012, the St. Johannes Baptista church tent was sealed off by authorities. The congregation had been using it since 2006 as a temporary location, as they had not received a church permit since they applied in 2000.
  • Sudan (June 2014): After authorities in North Khartoum demolished another church building that had stood since 1983, the pastor said “We will have to pray in a makeshift tent [along the road] next Sunday.”
  • Pakistan (September 2012): Soon after a madrassa (Islamic school) was opened near where churchless Christians held their tent services, Muslim students began harassing the Christians. They shot bullets at their homes, shouted, “convert to Islam or leave this neighborhood,” and sexually harassed Christian girls as they left after services.

Protesters gathered outside of a rally in Albuquerque last night to demonstrate against GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.  They threw rocks and bottles at police, as they tried to storm the convention center by knocking down barricades.   Several officers were hurt.

The agitators carried signs that read “Trump is the face of white supremacy” and “fascist not welcome on native land”. 

But the signs weren’t handwritten on poster board. They appeared to be pre-produced. On the bottom, they said “”.

"PSL” is an acronym for “Party for Socialism and Liberation”, which is funded by George Soros, according to The Conservative Treehouse.   They believe capitalism “is the source of the main problems confronting humanity today”, as stated on their website.

Other Soros’ supported groups were present, included “The Red Nation”.

Soros also puts money into Priorities USA Action, which supports Hillary Clinton.  The Super Pac has raised $8.6 million and plans to use some of the money to pay for negative ads against Trump.  Some if its high dollar donors include Haim Saban, co-owner of Univision, Alex Soros, and David E. Shaw, former hedge fund manager and current chief scientist of the medical research firm D.E. Shaw Research.

This is part of an ongoing plot to start violence at Trump rallies, and make it appear spontaneous.  The protests that popped up in March were also funded by Soros’ money, as reported byTRUNEWS.

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