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ISIS Calls For Attacks During Ramadan, Pope's Jihad On Christianity

ISIS calls for attacks on America during Ramadan

The spokesman appeared to mock the United States, which is leading a coalition of countries in an air war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, for failing to definitively defeat the group, boasting that even "20,000 air strikes" by the coalition had not destroyed ISIS.

Adnani also called for attacks on the United States and Europe during the holy month of Ramadan, which starts in early June this year, an appeal he made at the same time last year when urging supporters to seek "martyrdom".

He similarly called for Muslims to carry out attacks in France, Australia, Canada and Belgium, a call which came after the targeting of France's Charlie Hebdo magazine in January of last year.
On Friday, flyers apparently dropped by the coalition on Raqa city in northern Syria urged residents to leave the city, perhaps ahead of an offensive by anti-ISIS forces to recapture it, reported AFP.

Al-Baghdadi, like his spokesman, has called on Muslims to attack the Western world, and in one incident threatened attacks on Israel.

In classic relativistic fashion, Jorge claims that:

It is true that the idea of conquest is inherent in the soul of Islam. However, it is also possible to interpret the objective in Matthew’s Gospel, where Jesus sends his disciples to all nations, in terms of the same idea of conquest.

Only someone who is either very ignorant or hostile to Christianity can make such a claim.  To state the obvious: Yes, both Christianity and Islam seek to win converts.  However, Jesus’ call to his disciples to “go forth and make disciples of all nations” in Matthew’s Gospel was understood and practiced peacefully.  Disciples preached, people converted.  No violence, no coercion.  In fact, it was Christians—chief among them disciples and evangelists—who were persecuted and killed simply for preaching Christ, first by the pagan Roman empire, later (and still) by Islam.

Conversely, Muhammad said, “I have been sent with the sword between my hands to ensure that no one but Allah is worshipped—Allah who put my livelihood under the shadow of my spear and who inflicts humiliation and scorn on those who disobey my commandments (The Al Qaeda Reader, p.12).”  The Koran is replete with commands to do violence on those who refuse to submit to Islam—and yes, in ways that far transcend comparison with Old Testament violence.

Unlike the spread of Christianity, Islam spread through the sword.  This is a simple, historic fact, acknowledged by more sober European leaders: the overwhelming majority of territory that today constitutes the “Muslim world” was seized from non-Muslims by great violence and bloodshed.  Two-thirds of Christendom—the Mideast and North Africa—was to be swallowed up by Islam a century after its founding.  
The making of martyrs is the only similarity that Christianity and Islam share when it comes to how they spread: while Christians were martyred for their faith, Muslims martyred whoever refused their faith.  

According to Jorge, “when I hear talk of the Christian roots of Europe, I sometimes dread the tone, which can seem triumphalist or even vengeful. It then takes on colonialist overtones.”

One expects such ahistorical multicultural drivel from a clueless atheist—not the “pope.”  A quick education for Jorge: the “Christian roots of Europe” is a fact.  For centuries, after the aforementioned Islamic conquests of the Middle East, the original heartland of Christianity, Europe became the heart and standard bearer of the Christian faith.  That’s why it was called “Christendom.”  How can the supposed vicar, or representative, of Christ, “dread” this fact, denouncing it as “triumphalist or even vengeful”? 

Apparently for Jorge, Europeans may express their Christian roots and faith—but only by being “welcome” doormats:

Yes, Europe has Christian roots and it is Christianity’s responsibility to water those roots. But this must be done in a spirit of service as in the washing of the feet. Christianity’s duty to Europe is one of service….  Christianity’s contribution to a culture is that of Christ in the washing of the feet.
So according to the head of the Catholic church, the entire purpose and message of Christianity is the “washing of feet”—or, in this context, taking in millions of Muslim migrants, many of whom are openly hostile to Christianity.  

Yes, Christ served and washed his disciples’ feet and preached mercy and compassion—but that was hardily the sole or even primary purpose of his mission.  He offered an entire worldview founded on profound theological assertions.  When people erred by profaning the temple, he didn’t “turn the other cheek” (let alone wash their feet).  He whipped them.  He didn’t preach naivety—open your doors to those who have a long history of and still seek to subjugate you—but to be “wise as serpents.”    He spoke of everlasting hell and torments—indeed, more so than anyone else in the entire Bible.  That’s why all Christian denominations have traditionally held that being Christian far transcends “the washing of feet.”  
But for Jorge, the only aspects of Christianity worth expressing are those that benefit Muslim migrants, some of whom hate and persecute Christians in Europe.

When asked if Europe has the capacity to continue accepting so many migrants, Jorge said: "[T]he deeper question is why there are so many migrants now."  Like a true apologist for Islam, he went on to cite anything and everything – arms manufacturers; hunger; and, parroting the Obama administration, unemployment – as causes for upheavals in the Middle East, while ignoring the elephant in the room: Islamic culture, which engenders dysfunctional, intolerant, violent, authoritarian, and tribal societies.  Simply look to the birthplace of Islam, where Islamic law is strictly upheld: Saudi Arabia is wealthier than most Western nations and has none of the problems cited by Jorge, yet it too is barbaric, corrupt, backwards, and hostile to all who do not profess Islam.  Why?

In the same Gospel of Matthew that Jorge cited to conflate the mission of Jesus's disciples with the mission of Muhammad's jihadis, Christ declares, "Beware of false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them."

If ever there was a person whom this admonition seems to pertain to – a man who holds the authoritative office of "representative of Christ," but who empowers the historic (and ongoing) enemy of Christianity, while urging Europeans to suppress their Christian heritage and express their faith exclusively by the "washing of feet," or by lying down before Muslims – surely Jorge Mario Bergoglio fits the bill.   

Following numerous violations of last summer's landmark comprehensive nuclear agreement, as Iran repeatedly test fired ballistic missile rockets in direct contravention of the treaty terms, a curious tangent emerged last week when a senior Iranian military commander claimed that U.S. officials had been "appeasing" the Iranian regime, and quietly encouraging the Islamic Republic to keep its illicit ballistic missile tests a secret so as not to raise concerns in the region, according to Persian language comments.
As the Free Beacon reported, Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Aerospace and Missile Force, said in recent remarks that the Obama administration does not want Iran to publicize its ongoing missile tests, which have raised questions about the Islamic Republic’s commitment to last summer’s comprehensive nuclear agreement. 
“At this time, the Americans are telling [us]: ‘Don’t talk about missile affairs, and if you conduct a test or maneuver, don’t mention it,’” Hajizadeh was quoted as saying during a recent Persian-language speech that was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute.
“If we agree to this, they will advance another step, and say: ‘Don’t conduct [a missile test] at this time, and also don’t do it in the Persian Gulf region.’ After that, they will tell us: ‘Why do you need your missiles to have a range of 2,000 km anyway?’ Hajizadeh reportedly said.
In other words, far from giving the US a right of first refusal on Iranian military activity, the Obama administration had effectively lost all control over what the National Guard would do, and its only recourse was to hope Iran keeps quiet.

It’s another case of the silence of the shams, as the usual suspects for decrying discrimination clam up when Islam is involved.  Reuters reports:

 A group of 51 Muslim states has blocked 11 gay and transgender organizations from attending a high-level meeting at the United Nations next month on ending AIDS, sparking a protest by the United States, Canada and the European Union.

Egypt wrote to the president of the 193-member General Assembly on behalf of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to object to the participation of the 11 groups. It did not give a reason in the letter, which Reuters saw.
Samantha Power, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, wrote to General Assembly President Mogens Lykketoft and said the groups appeared to have been blocked for involvement in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocacy.

The diplomats have had their say, but where are all the members of the outrage industry? Apparently focused on bathrooms. Or is it merely that the enemy of their enemy (Western Civilization) is their friend?

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