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Franklin Graham: Handwriting On The Wall?, Banking Collapse Coming, TTIP Trojan Horse

Franklin Graham: Is the Handwriting on the Wall for America?

Never before have I seen such a sharp rift in the moral and spiritual fabric of our country. The cross of Christ has become the deep divide between a growing segment of our population that no longer fears God and those who follow Christ as Lord and Savior.
In this secular age, the influence of biblical principles and values has diminishing impact on education, government and politics. More young people than ever before claim no religious affiliation at all. We Christians are not just simply tolerated—we are under constant, unrelenting assault for our beliefs and practices.
The cross of Christ is the dividing line between the righteous and the unrighteous, between the deceitfully dark powers of evil and the liberating light of the gospel, between the virtues of godly living and the unfettered lusts of corrupt, debased passions. The wisdom and power of the cross appears as more and more foolishness to those who suppress the truth and rebel against its claims.
Not long before Daniel was cast into the lion's den by the Persian King Darius, he was called into the presence of the last Babylonian king, Belshazzar, after the king witnessed the fingers of a human hand writing on the wall in his palace. This sudden, divine event occurred as the king and his court were reveling in debauchery and idolatry, drinking wine from the golden vessels that had been carried away by the Babylonians from the Jerusalem temple.
As the king saw a hand writing on the wall of plaster, he instantly was alarmed and frightened. Daniel interpreted the meaning of the strange inscription Belshazzar had seen, telling him that his kingdom was about to come to an end, that he had been weighed in God's divine balance and found wanting, and that his vast kingdom would be handed over to a new world power, the Medes and Persians.
That very night, Belshazzar was killed, and the Medes and Persians entered Babylon.
I wonder if the handwriting is now on the wall for America. Has God decided that our idolatry, immorality and godlessness have become such a stench in His nostrils that we as a people will experience a harsh form of divine judgment? Have our iniquities grown so foul and vast that we will reap the bitter harvest of our wickedness and rebellion against Almighty God?
I don't know the answer to that, but I do believe that God is able to restore and heal us if we repent of our sins—personal and corporate—and turn to Him in humility and reverence. The Bible tells us that the Lord is patient toward us, "not willing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance" 
(2 Pet. 3:9).
We are a people and nation in imminent danger. We mock God, ridicule His Word and 
His ways, and flaunt gross 
Only Almighty God can deliver us, and it is our fervent prayer as we go across America in the months to come, that He will hear our prayers and heal our land.
He is our only hope. 

In the story linked to at the top of the Drudge Report this morning, we see that Barack Obama has a dire warning for graduates of Howard University; profound changes lie ahead for our society and economy. Have we not already been witnessing 'profound changes' in the past 8 years of the intentional destruction of America under the Obama regime? Obama also argues that America is a better place than it was when he (allegedly) graduated back in 1983 from Columbia University and better off now than when he took office..."but that's a longer story".

If what we've been witnessing so far under Obama (as outlined in the stories and videos linked below of only RECENT financialstories) ISN'T 'profound change', we shudder to think what Mr. Obama REALLY means by the 'profound change' he recently warned of that lies ahead. A look all across the alternative media will give us a glimpse of what Obama likely really is referring to. In fact, as we learn below, the Federal Reserve may have just signaled the next banking system collapse.  

The six headlines linked to on the top of the Drudge Report Friday help to tell us what the mainstream media continues to ignore while pushing lies of false recovery, from +160,000 new jobs created in April which was the fewest in 7 months with 94,044,000 Americans STILL not participating while AT LEAST 25,460,000 foreigners ARE working here in the country. We're also told that economic growth has slowed sharply with even JCPenney recently taking emergency measures to stay afloat.

Are all of these 'signs of recovery' or more signs of the 'profound change' that Mr. Obama warns of coming? 

An even more disturbing set of numbers comes to us from Zero Hedge where we learn that prime aged workers (those between 25 and 54) has tumbled by 280,000 jobs while workers 55 and over has surged to new, all-time highs, proving that Americans are unable to retire even well into their 50's. Meanwhile, more disturbing numbers show that since 2014, the US has added 450,000 the service field of waiters/waitresses/bartenders...while during the same period of time, NO manufacturing jobs have been added as seen in the graphic below.  

As we see in the screenshot of the US Debt Clock below, our nation is now more than $19 TRILLION dollars in debt, an average of $59,000+ per each US citizen and over $160,000 per each taxpayer. If China or our other creditors suddenly came calling, would you have that $160,000 to immediately hand over to them for the poor decisions government continues to make in your name? Are YOU better off now than you were in 1983 or prior to Obama taking office?  

As Peter Schiff argues in the 1st video below, it's time that China and other US creditor's 'take a haircut' because the likelihood of the US EVER paying all of this debt back is slim to none and slim already slipped out the back window. 

Schiff tells us that Trump is absolutely correct about debt and that other nations, our creditors, are going to have to quickly come to grips with the fact that they'll never be repaid all the money that they are owed. We also see in the 3rd video below from Gary Franchi and the Next News Network that the US government is once again investing American tax dollars in a way that most Americans likely won't approve of, to create a monument to homosexuals as outlined more below. 

That an economic catastrophe is imminent should be at the very forefront of mainstream news. But instead of heeding the warnings, the propaganda has gone so deep that even President Obama says that those who say there is something wrong are peddling fiction.
But the reality is that even they know what’s coming.
The following exchange between SGT and guest Bill Holter is all you really need to know:

SGT Report: This is a big one. This is General Mark Milley. He’s the U.S. Army Chief of Staff and he was giving the keynote address to the ROTC Centennial Symposium on April 22nd, 2016.

“You’re going to be leading the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines in that world. You’ll be dealing with terrorists, you’ll be dealing with hybrid armies, you’ll be dealing with little green men, you’ll be dealing with tribes, you’ll be dealing with national leaders and local leaders.”
I want your impression of what he just said… This is General Mark Milley, the U.S. Army Chief of Staff!
Hybrid armies? And tribes? And terrorism?
That sounds like economic collapse and the total breakdown of U.S. society as we know it.
Bill Holter: It does make you think… what exactly is he talking about? What does he know that we don’t? Obviously he has information that we don’t have.
For him to throw that list out, that opens up all kinds of potentials and it tells me they know.
They know it’s coming.
… You can see it from a financial standpoint… you need to make a leap from the financial standpoint.. when that collapses what happens?
Once the financial markets collapse, it’s every man for himself and our way of life is gone and will never return in our lifetime.
The warnings are everywhere and the U.S. Army Chief of Staff just gave us another one. The government has been simulating economic collapse and civil unrest scenarios for nearly a decade. They started immediately following the Collapse of 2008.
Because they know it’s unfixable.

EU member states are increasingly growing critical of the ramifications of the TTIP for the 508 million European citizens that greedy, corrupt, and relatively regulation-free US corporations are eyeing as potential consumers. In an interview with the French newspaper Sud Ouest, French Trade Minister Matthias Fekl, a critic of the TTIP, said after the disclosure of the TTIP papers, «Europe is offering a lot and we are getting very little in return. This is unacceptable». Fekl added, «It is a deal that – in the state it is in today – would be a bad deal». Fekl and other European officials are concerned that Europe’s health and environmental regulations will be the first casualties if American corporations are permitted to run roughshod over existing European environmental, food safety, and public health protections.
Fekl also dislikes the fact that the United States wants to place trade disputes before private arbitration panels and not through the court system.
French officials, including Fekl and Prime Minister Manuel Valls, are warning that France may terminate its free trade negotiations with Washington over the current problems with the TTIP and American stubbornness.
No one has been more supportive of the TTIP than the Wall Street-installed Barack Obama. The reason why the Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump and Democratic presidential upstart Bernie Sanders achieved so much success in upending the hierarchies of their respective political parties is that the American public – right, left, and center – have rejected the free trade deals backed by Obama. The anti-free trade public, a clear majority of Americans, have soured on establishment Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and all of the Republican candidates, including Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Jeb Bush, and others who have benefitted from the financial backing by pro-TTIP mega-corporations like Goldman Sachs and Monsanto and corporate political action committees.
One of the main targets of the United States government in its secret negotiations with the EU on the TTIP are the EU Consumer Centers, that protect a half billion European citizens, as well as animals, from harmful chemicals and other substances in food and other products. For example, the United States is perfectly fine with lead and 1296 other known carcinogens being in cosmetics. The EU prohibits such poisonous substances in cosmetics. The EU prohibits the use of animals in testing cosmetics. The United States does not. It is significant that the TTIP documents reveal that the chemical industry has served as consultants to TTIP negotiators.

Obama, a creature of Wall Street, has used his position of president to warn the United Kingdom that if it votes to exit the EU in the upcoming «Brexit» referendum, it will go to the back of the line in negotiating a separate free trade deal with the United States. Obama also made similar threats against Scotland prior to its referendum on independence in 2014.

The documents show that the European Union was a creature of the CIA. 
As I have previously written, Washington believes that it is easier to control one government, the EU, than to control many separate European governments. As Washington has a long term investment in orchestrating the European Union, Washington is totally opposed to any country exiting the arrangement. That is why President Obama recently went to London to tell his lapdog, the British Prime Minister, that there could be no British exit.
Like other European nations, the British people were never allowed to vote on whether they were in favor of their country ceasing to exist and them becoming Europeans. British history would become the history of a bygone people like the Romans and Babylonians.
The oppressive nature of unaccountable EU laws and regulations and the EU requirement to accept massive numbers of third world immigrants have created a popular demand for a British vote on whether to remain a sovereign country or to dissolve and submit to Brussels and its dictatorial edicts. The vote is scheduled for June 23.
Washington’s position is that the British people must not be permitted to decide against the EU, because such a decision is not in Washington’s interest.
The prime minister’s job is to scare the British people with alleged dire consequences of “going it alone.” The claim is that “little England” cannot stand alone. The British people are being told that isolation will spell their end, and their country will become a backwater bypassed by progress. Everything great will happen elsewhere, and they will be left out.
If the fear campaign does not succeed and the British vote to exit the EU, the open question is whether Washington will permit the British government to accept the democratic outcome.
Alternatively, the British government will deceive the British people, as it routinely does, and declare that Britain has negotiated concessions from Brussels that dispose of the problems that concern the British people.
Washington’s position shows that Washington is a firm believer that only Washington’s interests are important. If other peoples wish to retain national sovereignty, they are simply being selfish. Moreover, they are out of compliance with Washington, which means they can be declared a “threat to American national security.” The British people are not to be permitted to make decisions that do not comply with Washington’s interest. My prediction is that the British people will either be deceived or overridden.

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