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Persecution Growing

The persecution in America (unlike the Middle East where decapitations are the norm) is often insidious but it is becoming more and more open by the day. We shouldn't be the least bit surprised,  especially given where we are, on the timeline of this generation. This story is symbolic in so many ways:

"Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. 12 Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you."

(Matthew 5:10-11)

First, let me thank Tim Brown for offering this opportunity to tell this staggering and ongoing story on this site. At the heart of this tale is Kathy Amidon's current, terrific Christian/conservative, 3D stereoscopic motion picture project. In the interest of full disclosure, I am involved with the project, which you can view at The rest is an absolutely dizzying collection of unethical and often illegal moves by leftist activists - apparently some highly placed - in an obvious attempt to force Kathy's project into a state of total failure. They have been successful in censoring her Twitter feed, taking down her GoFundMe page and various other social media attacks.

It seems Kathy has earned "payback" from the left for merely being a model citizen. She has a spotless record, is extremely well-liked by her friends and family, works hard and involves herself in her civic duties. Particularly, Kathy led a 17-month internet campaign with her group, the Tea Party Fire Ants, which resulted in U.S. House Representative Frank Wolf's resolution for a Benghazi Select Committee becoming an actual committee. With her campaign, Kathy took the number of co-sponsors for the resolution from an anemic 35 to almost-precedent-setting 191 out of an available total of 224 U.S. Republican House members.

The Benghazi Select Committee is currently at the heart of Hillary Clinton's email scandal, for which Clinton may be indicted. If Clinton's presidential ambitions are ruined by that scandal, it will be Kathy Amidon who was the unlikely, regular-citizen linchpin who inadvertently turned Hillary's presidential fortunes to dust and the left-wing activists know it. Previous Speaker of the House John Boehner repeatedly said that he did not want a Benghazi Select Committee, but was forced to establish one because of the number of mostly-Amidon-collected co-sponsors supporting it, at which point Boehner, coincidentally or not, also resigned before his term was up. No one but Kathy was running a campaign specifically targeted to get the Benghazi Select Committee co-sponsors.

Fast forward to today: Kathy is organizing another first: the creation of Bravery; On Wings Like Eagles, a Christian movie like none ever seen in the history of cinema, and trust me, I know the history of cinema. It's another astounding feat for Kathy Amidon, Miss Regular U.S. Citizen Deluxe.

The censorship and criminal harassment toward Kathy regarding "Bravery; On Wings Like Eagles" has been so bad, antagonists like Kristen (Snow) White have earned what few in the world have managed to attain, though numbers are growing: a criminal complaint from law enforcement demanding that White appear in court on the charge of internet criminal harassment (undelivered because as the paperwork shows, her local sheriff was unable to locate her at her address).

Twitter is plainly willfully enabling and organizing this harassment and has thus forfeited their immunity under the law as an Internet Content Provider. It is no coincidence that people like White appear friendly with Twitter's Del Harvey, and their remarks strongly suggest that they are an actual part of Harvey's trolling group, masquerading as a child welfare "vigilante" organization, called "Perverted Justice." That's right, Miss Del Harvey, aka Allison Shea, Twitter's trust and safety chief, is one of the top people in what many, including top media, have categorized as an internet "vigilante" group who are out not to protect, but rather to destroy people.

Harvey's, and Xavier Von Ercks', "PeeJay" is best known to some for trolling gay Texas Councilman Louis Conradt to the point that he violently killed himself by putting a bullet through his head - on NBC television, no less, at which point NBC ended their working relationship with Perverted Justice. It is also on record that prosecutors often do not prosecute Perverted Justice victims for "intended" child abuse and some past PeeJay members have accused Perverted Justice of merely trolling wannabe child molesters as an excuse to satisfy a collective sadistic appetite to destroy complete strangers anonymously on the internet. It should be strongly noted that Harvey's group Perverted Justice and Twitter trolls manifestly use precisely the same techniques and methods: anonymously gain the confidence of the target victim, gather information on the target victim and then systematically destroy that the target victim. In fact, Perverted Justice has volunteered the specifics of exactly that behavior and proudly took credit for it, repeatedly.

Significantly, NBC settled out-of-court on a $100 million lawsuit by Conradt's sister, for an undisclosed amount. Perverted Justice, however, merely danced away from this horrific tragedy and despite significant media condemnation for the Conradt's death, Del Harvey and her Perverted Justice clan danced right into the loving arms of the Twitter Corporation, which obviously enthusiastically embraced her methods. Incredibly, Perverted Justice was the only "job" reference Del Harvey ever had before being hired by Twitter to head Twitter Trust and "Safety."
The relationship between Harvey and Twitter suggests that Twitter's aim from the start was never neutral, but that Twitter designed Twitter from the ground up to be maliciously destructive. After all, why hire a 'vigilante troll" with nothing but vigilante troll experience unless you want your company to do the work of vigilante trolls? Basic logic. You don't hire a musician with no experience in painting pictures to paint pictures.  You don't hire a clever and proven serial murderer to work in a hospital unless you secretly desire dead patients. It follows, then, that you don't hire someone whose idea of "safety" and whose only "work experience" is to lurk, stalk and troll to destroy complete strangers, unless lurking, stalking and trolling complete strangers to destroy them is what you want him or her to do for you in your Twitter safety department. If you have another explanation for Twitter hiring Del Harvey, please offer it. Twitter has never explained why they hired never-been-to-college, professional "vigilante" troll Del Harvey instead of one of the 370,000 local potential job applicants with college degrees in the Silicon Valley/Bay Area. Twitter is obviously all about using their administrative social media powers to destroy targeted individuals for political purposes, not to enable freedom of speech.

However, the trouble at Twitter doesn't stop at trolling. You may have heard of "shadowbanning," reported by Milo Yiannopoulos at Breitbart and others. Twitter has been shadowbanning Kathy's Bravery Movie project quite severely. Tweets by Kathy about Bravery Movie on Kathy's page, as seen from Kathy's Twitter account by Kathy, show up. However, log in via a different account, not Kathy's, like the rest of the world, and you see only one Bravery movie tweet and no more. This is called 'shadowbanning" and the intention, in this instance, is to allow Kathy to believe she is being seen by the world when posting many times about Bravery Movie when she is being seen by almost no one at all. (We expect those invisible tweets to magically re-appear upon publication of this piece. Such "miracles" have been witnessed, before.

Circumstantially, bear in mind that almost the entire Twitter executive staff is extremely political and close to the Obama administration. Indeed, Katie Stanton even worked in Twitter in the job title she held for Obama. Further, one day Twitter brought in their entire team together to hear Hillary Clinton speak at Twitter, as they had with leftists Madeline Albright and Nancy Pelosi. But no political conservatives as of this writing have been brought in by the Twitter corporation, a corporation which obviously feels a need to gather their very large staff into one room and force them to listen to one-sided viewpoints from opinionated politicians. They used to do this in the murderous, communist Soviet Union. That kind of one-sided, "we are paying you to listen at your job" behavior by companies is called indoctrination," and it's a very bad thing to do. 
For the record, it should be noted that the Twitter trolls and Twitter itself seem to believe that they are protected by the immunity granted in section 230 of a bill called the Communications Decency Act, which protects internet content providers from the content posted by their users. But more and more very highly placed experts agree that by censoring accounts, such as Kathy's, Twitter long ago gave up its protection and can now be held responsible as co-publishers of the criminal harassment. Therefore, Twitter is apparently now open to literally millions of very pricey lawsuits and criminal charges.

It isn't just Twitter censoring and working deliberately against Kathy's Bravery Movie, however. It appears that someone working inside in YouTube is doing likewise. Since the Bravery trailer starts playing automatically upon entering the Bravery Movie website, and since the embedded views from the website are included on the YouTube view counter, the number of website hits and the number of YouTube views must be approximately the same - it cannot work any other way, unless tampered with.

...but the 2-D trailer embedded at the top of the Bravery website, which must reflect approximately those same 5000 views, at least,  has less than 250 YouTube views as of this writing. This is impossible unless someone working within YouTube is being cute, and potentially criminal, and that person must be identified and fired immediately.

That kind of tampering is also not protected by the Communications Decency Act, since by affecting YouTube views, that person or those people within YouTube censoring the views are deliberately creating a false editorial impression of a lack of public interest in Bravery, which is also actionable. Almost as bad, the Bravery Movie YouTube account comments are also being shadowbanned, in exactly the same manner as is being witnessed on Twitter.

But the very worst and most outrageous example of apparent censorship committed against Kathy and the Bravery Movie was committed by the crowdfunding site GofundMe. GoFundme has now surpassed KickStarter as the most-used and popular crowdfunding campaign website in the world, so you would probably expect a degree of starched-suit professionalism for appearance sake, at least. However, On April 2, 2016, an amazingly brash and disgusting thing happened:  Moments before Kathy's previously-advertised over-the-air radio appearance, broadcast in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia on the Kingdom Pursuits radio show....

.... in which Kathy's appearance was arranged specifically for fundraising for the Bravery Movie, GoFundMe took down her Bravery Movie GoFundMe page, leaving a big internet hole where listeners could have and should have otherwise been able to click and donate.
When Kathy logged into her GoFundMe bravery Movie account immediately after the show, however, she saw this...

Not even the slightest implication of raising money for a legal action has ever been on the Bravery Movie website or the Bravery Movie GoFundMe page. Everyone saw the takedown - even the radio host was forced to pull down the GoFundMe link immediately off the radio station promotion for the show when he saw that the Bravery GoFundMe page was down.

The Bravery GoFundMe page was restored by GoFundMe a few hours after the radio broadcast was over, with a disgustingly cheery message that all was well and good. Except that denying someone their constitutional rights is not so good. And interfering, with obvious malicious intent, with other people's money and donations is obviously not entirely legal.

What we believe might well have happened is this: The radio show advertisement was seen by a Twitter troll, contacted leftist GoFundMe and said something like, "Don't let this 'wingnut' raise all that money or she'll sue us!" Misunderstanding the specifics, though sympathetic to the political intent, the GoFundMe operative censor took down the Bravery Movie GoFundMe page during the radio fundraising broadcast, citing 'raising money for legal action" as the reason for the takedown. It's either that or GoFundMe misunderstood nothing at all and took the page down due entirely due to malicious intent. The timing is ridiculous.

Additionally, the radio show's internet feed experienced an extremely unusual "technical problem," causing the first half of the show not to be heard over the internet. It is plain that the activist left does not merely hate Kathy, but, like Breitbart and a notable few others before her, she has instilled absolute loathing terror into the leftists at the thought of what she could do fully-funded.
All that happened in just the last few weeks.
In conclusion, to the good Christian conservative readers here, I have a heartfelt request and a suggestion while issues get sorted out.

In the meantime, please visit and support Kathy's www.BraveryMovie.comYOUR DONATION IS YOUR VOTE! It's your message to your countrymen: "American Patriots won't let the bad guys win."   KATHY NEEDS YOUR HELP, NOW. Don't let her down after all she has done for your country. YOU can do it.

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