Sunday, September 16, 2012

What Does The Bible Teach About God's Promises To Israel?

Below is a link from Joel Rosenberg's site which has two video links from his Epicenter Conference and they are definitely worth watching. The quote below contains these links.

The second night of the 2012 Epicenter Conference looked at two critical and important issues from two renowned Bible scholars.

* Dr. Norm Geisler spoke on “The Old Testament Scriptures, What They Say About Israel.”

* Dr. Michael Rydelnik spoke on “The New Testament Scriptures, What They Say About Israel.”

* Then I moderated a Q&A session with Drs. Geisler and Rydelnik.

I found both messages and the Q&A session absolutely fascinating, and I pray you find it’s helpful, as well.


Ally said...

Thanks Scott! Nice hearing from Deb :) that was an awesome surprise!
I know you haven't had much time today. Gracious,look at this crazy world we are living in! I'm gonna ask Jesus one day how he bent the time space continuum in order for you to do all this everyday. It will have to wait til we are on the other side though cuz physics is not my strongest suite. Lol.
I haven't ben posting much. Trying to learn to control my tongue more. As you can see, not there yet!!!
Remember Scott-the trolls and psychos and fakers and those possessed by a religious spirit all show up when you are really on target and disturbing the underworld of darkness! So when you see them :) it means ya dud good! Lol! So keep hitting the mark and splitting the bullseye arrow and we will keep slogging thru the floatsam and jettsom.
Love ya brother!
You know its pretty bad the slackest one here can clearly see whats going on (and thats me) but maybe it because I am quite familiar with how old pointy tail plays the game. And I spot him pretty quickly. Unless it involves a man, thsts trying to date me. Lol! (really Scott-mr. Devil had won that hand tooo many times) now I just make the sign if the cross and run away as fast as I can. Retreat is a valid element of battel occassionally.
Once again, thanks! I love you guys here !
Get ready to rrrrrrrumble! In prayer guys, in prayer, not with each other.

Scott said...

Ally - always good to hear from ya!
Gave me a good laugh with "unless it involves a man", Heh :)

I know what you mean too, as far as the other stuff you mentioned. I was in the corporate world for decades -I grew pretty thick skin over that period :)

Sharon said...

In looking at the IRIS earthquake report, today was a silent day for earthquakes. This is surprising to me as it has been so active for the past several weeks.

Praying for Israel and our brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world! Maranatha!

Susan said...

Perhaps a strong "contraction" in the next couple of days?! (Lord willing, in a not too populated part of the world!). Not setting dates, but I wonder when the last trumpet sounds if there will be a "whole lot of shak'in going on?"

Expected Imminently said...

Norman Geisler is an excellent expositor on the Sword of the Spirit; he is really worth his salt. I have just been given his book on ‘Christian Apologetics’ for my birthday from my lovely goddaughter.

We could do with Norms expertise on Logic here, such an important part of Biblical reasoning. It would be fascinating to hear him dissect Ally’s comments as she would brand him with a ‘religious spirit’ right away! By the way, where is that explanation in the Bible, I am struggling to find ANY reference to her form of so called ‘spiritual warfare’at all? Quotes and Bible verses would be helpful.

Scott said...

What's the point in taking the good comments that we have here, so far, and taking a shot at Ally? I don't understand that

Expected Imminently said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Scott said...

I'm going to say this one more time - JUST STOP IT. Stop stirring dissent and controversy. LET IT GO. I'm asking you nicely one more time. I have been reading your recent comments and your agenda is obvious, and I really want this to stop. Why continue to keep stirring the pot when we are SO close to His coming? The signs are all consolidating now - and we should be looking for His return and preparing for that, and all you seem to be doing is stirring controversy and trying to pit individuals against each other. And I am going to say this one more time. STOP IT NOW.

David said...

Lets just remember, we are supposedly all grown folks here. They are just words, opinions, from people who don't know you from Adam. Really, does it matter?

Anonymous said...


According to Jude it does.



David said...

I'm a retired cop and combat vet. I've had to kill in both. Believe me. Nothing really offends me. After all I've been through, its all downhill (I'm sure I just jenksed myself) however I understand the passion.

My issue is with the situation in the middle east. Alot is unfolding very quickly....

Anonymous said...


Your first sentence caused me to pause and ponder what that must be like. I can't imagine the various emotions one must feel, after experiencing something like that. I pray for God's blessing upon you (Galatians 5:22,23).

I have been watching for the Lord's return for close to 25 years now. It almost seems surreal that here we are, perhaps one heartbeat away from being face to face with our Redeemer, our Lord, our Mighty King!!

Yes, things are unfolding so very quickly; Keep looking up!


David said...

I can tell you this for sure Robert, my tour of duty may be over but the battle still rages on. Every night, just like clock work . The embassy attacks, I don't for a minute believe were the result of some cheesy YouTube video. I seriously believe we are on the brink of WWIII. My only relief comes from the sound of the trumpet. Israel will not be restrained much longer.

Scott said...

Just for the record - And I don't even know for sure who specifically I am addressing. Its very easy for me to see when one individual comes on this section and posts as different people, and its pretty bizarre and creepy. I'm not sure what the motivation is - but to pose as different people so there is the facade of "agreement"...Really? That seems really strange to me and I'm uncertain as to why someone would spend their time that way.

Having said that - lets look at some examples above of attempts to stir controversy.

One post above mentioned Mrs C...I looked and didn't see where she had posted on this thread. If not - then what would be the purpose of bring her into this, if not to stir controversy?

Also - Robert - I have never seen "trolls" Psychotic" etc used before - why create strawmen arguments that don't exist, over topics that are completely irrelevant to this thread?

Theoretically, you wouldn't have known what I deleted, yet you come on to this thread, and start with some irrelevant arguments over something that you didn't even see (Sue's deleted post) - that seems REAL strange to me. You are creating strawmen arguments over something that you never even saw? Strange.

Frankly, I'm really tired of 1-2 people (yes, 1-2) coming on this blog to stir up trouble and I have put up with this WAY too long.

The attack (which I deleted) on Ally was extremely inappropriate and offensive and unfit for this board. That is why I deleted it Robert and I will continue to do so

I'm not having this anymore - its done. Over. I'm monitoring this now - and when I am out for more than 2-3 hours I will have the moderation on.

I don't know why you do this, but I will say its the strangest thing I have ever seen.

Scott said...

The above was more of a response to the previous thread - But I'm going to have to moderate comments for a while and may set up a registration in the future for the comments section

David said...


You lost me on that last one brother. It went over my head, so I don't guess you were referring to me?. Where abouts (non specifically) are you in NC. I'm near Charlotte.

Anonymous said...


Again, I refer you to comment from #1 to answer your question.

And again, I also sign every post with Robert.

Why did you delete the lyrics I posted to David?


Scott said...

Oh, sorry - I was cleaning up the thread and must have mistakenly deleted that one - my apologies.