Saturday, September 15, 2012

More Headlines From The Epicenter: "Mideast In Flames" [Updated]

The news pertinent to biblical prophecy are dominating the headlines on a world-wide basis and most people of the world have no idea of the significance of these current events. This prophecy watcher can clearly see that there has never been a time like this: We are on the brink of many big events prophetically:

First up - Joel Rosenberg puts things in perspective:

The Middle East and North Africa are in flames at this hour. Anti-American violence is rapidly spreading throughout the region — in Egypt, in Libya, in Tunisia, in Lebanon, in Yemen. An Israeli Arab official is warning of “Armageddon.” The region seems just days or weeks away from a major war between Israel and Iran. U.S.-Israeli relations haved reached an all-time low, with a prominent Washington Post columnist warning of“the abandonment” of Israel by the Obama administration. Meanwhile, fears of al Qaeda terrorism have shut down the University of Texas. As I said during my “State of the Epicenter” address on Wednesday night, yet again “the eyes of the nations are riveted on Israel and Jerusalem, the epicenter of the momentous events that are shaking our world and shaping our future.” You can click here to watch the video of that message. You can click here to read the prepared text of that message.

Please pray for all the people of the epicenter right now. Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Please pray for wisdom for our leaders. Please pray for the persecuted and endangered followers of Christ in the Middle East and North Africa. Please pray for victims in the region, and their families and friends. Please pray for the Church to be bold and courageous in showing the love of Jesus Christ and sharing the good news of God’s love and forgiveness and eternal peace through faith in Jesus Christ.

The most germane quote comes from the article "Brahimi Says Syria Crisis Is Global Threat", as follows:

"We discussed the Syrian crisis and I repeat, this crisis is very dangerous," Brahimi told reporters after he met Assad for an hour at the presidential palace. "This crisis is deteriorating and represents a danger to the Syrian people, to the region, and to the whole world."


ChristineInCleveland said...

Makes you wonder if attacks on the United States can be far behind....?

Mrs.C said...

Bomb Threats Lead to Evacuations at University of Texas, North Dakota State University"
September 14, 2012

"Tens of thousands of people streamed off university campuses in Texas and North Dakota on Friday after telephoned bomb threats prompted officials to warn students and faculty to get away as quickly as possible. Both campuses eventually were deemed safe and reopened by early afternoon, as authorities worked to determine whether the threats were related.

The University of Texas received a call about 8:35 a.m. local time from a man claiming to be with Al Qaida who said he had placed bombs all over the 50,000-student Austin campus, according to University of Texas spokeswoman Rhonda Weldon. He claimed the bombs would go off in 90 minutes and all buildings were evacuated at 9:50 a.m. as a precaution, Weldon said."

Mrs.C said...

Breaking - two more killed today

"Man Believed to be Afghan Police Officer Kills 2 NATO Troops, Officials Say"

"Attack on Base in Afghanistan Kills 2 Marines, Destroys 2 Jets"

Iran has been cowardly killing our brave Men and Women in the Military for years...

Scott said...

I think this may spread through Europe first - I expect to see the same in France and more of this in the UK (things have already started in the UK).

I believe we'll see terrorism in the U.S. if the Israel-Iran thing becomes a reality - maybe before that but who knows.

I believe all of these things will go down fairly rapidly now

Hubae said...

Maranatha.......Lord come quickly!!!!

Gwenny said...

These two things probably don't have anything to do with each other. The first Presidential debate is October 3rd in Denver Colorado. I can't help but think about the Russians training in Fort Carson in Colorado back in the spring of this year. Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

preparation for attacking Israel

WVBORN56 said...

As the birth pains increase in frequency and intensity my excitement grows. Just as a birth of a baby is wonderful, being raptured and seeing jesus face to face is even more amazing! Come Lord Jesus your bride is waiting!

Where are we meeting again? :)

GG said...

Hi WV :)

The ye ol' Tree of Life with a later feast at the Caver's home :)

Looking forward to finally meeting everyone and their families. How exciting from young to old, the many generations of us all--together at last :)

God Bless!!


Expected Imminently said...

Hello Scott
Australia has had ‘demonstrations’, and Camp Bastion in Afghanistan has been attacked, but nothing here in the UK to my knowledge.

Home Office: The current threat level is set separately for Northern Ireland and Great Britain:
In Northern Ireland it is Severe - this means that a terrorist attack is highly likely.

In Great Britain it is Substantial - this means that a terrorist attack is a strong possibility.

The five levels are:

• critical - an attack is expected imminently
• severe - an attack is highly likely
• substantial - an attack is a strong possibility
• moderate - an attack is possible but not likely
• low - an attack is unlikely

Scott said...

Tree of Life - :)

See ya there!

Dylan said...

Last night I prayed that the Lord keep me spiritually vigilant at this time, with the lack of common sense in the political spectrum. Well, after reading this blog this morning I am definitely more energized and feeling more vigilant in watching for his return. Thank you Scott for keeping us up to date. Maranatha! Don't be discouraged, our redemption is near.

Hubae said...

I am soooo excited, I get chills when I think that we could all be meeting at the Tree of Life very soon and seeing the actual face of JESUS!!!!! I hope we get to meet soon!!!!! Maranatha......Lord come quickly!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What about the Al-Qaida attack on US-led peace keeping mission in Sanai that Debka-file is reporting? 80 trucks stormed the camp. Mission was there to uphold the 1979 peace treaty between Egypt and Israel. Why isn't this being reported elsewhere?

Kem said...

But we certainly couldn't cancel dinner with the Libyan ambassador, that would have been rude.

mary said...

I'm feeling a strong desire to witness to people today and from now on.I went online and ordered a bunch of Bible tracts to put in various place wherever I go. It just amazes me that most of the world does not have a clue how this is so prophetic. Maranatha!

Scott said...

Hope Of The World

Mike said...

Awesome....."Calling us love You forever......All we need is You...."

The time is close.....very close....I can feel it.

Gwenny said...

That was wonderful Scott. It will be wonderful when we can all sing praises to his holy name. I look forward to seeing each of you there. I have such an ache and a longing inside to go home! See you there! Love and Prayers Everyone!!!!

Caver said...

Just got time for a fast "drive by" post to yell "HI" to everybody and "WOW" to the headlines.

Gotta just chuckle, this is so much like Stephen's stock market when the market is going up. Every low is higher than the last low, and every high sets a new record. its time to stop pulling the wool over everybody's eyes. No way can one man work full time, be a hubby and a daddy, do anything on his own and still have time to do all this research and posting. You are so appreciated Brother.

OK, gotta run again. Everybody got the schedule down?
1. First is the Feast (we're all saving us'all a seat together)
2. First full free day, meeting under the Tree of Life.
3. First Friday after the Meet-Up, Pot Luck at our Mansion. Dress is sandals and white robe.

Gotta run. Keep it down to a dull roar now, Ya hear?

Sharon said...

E.I., I'm praying to our great God for protection of you and your family with the rising terrorist threats, while also praying for Israel and God's children throughout the world.

Blessings! Maranatha!

Mike said...

Caver....are flip flops and khaki shorts under the robe permitted?

This is my RSVP...


Mrs.C said...

According to MI5 – appears to be nothing new, the level hasnt appeared to change in over a year
July 2011

Threat level history

11 July 2011
•Threat level from international terrorism for the UK is lowered to SUBSTANTIAL
•Threat from Northern Ireland-related terrorism remains SEVERE (NI) and SUBSTANTIAL (GB)
•Home Office press release

Mrs.C said...

Brother Mike, :)

Mrs.C said...

Lots of singing, Prayers, people at the Kotel right now. :) Its just after midnight in Jerusalem, and the Shofars are a blowen! :)

Dutch Treat said...

Scott, if that song sounded great, wait til the real thing. You aint heard nothin yet. Caver, is Chick-Fil-A catering your meal? Mike, the dress code in heaven will be no different than here on earth. It's whatever the Boss says; and after what my Boss did for me at Calvary, I'll be more than glad to wear whatever he wants.

Caver said...

Mike, whatever ya wear under dat robe is your business....I ain't gonna do no underthingie checkie.

Dutch, that works for me. If the Boss has a dress code, he's got it, and I ain't gonna give no lip either.

Shucks....just got a feeling it won't be long till we Feasting.

Come Lord Jesus, your bride is more than ready.

Mike said...

Thats very encouraging Caver that you're not gonna pull a TSA on me....;)

Something tells me the Father's dress code will be more comfortable than we can imagine!

I'm with ya, I think we are in the home stretch of the home stretch.....

BTW....Happy Rosh Hashanah to all (starts sundown on Sunday in Jerusalem)

Expected Imminently said...

Thank you for your kindness to pray for us Sharon.

As the alerts aren’t any higher than last year, I am not unduly troubled by ‘rumblings’. As we live only a few short miles from the ‘doughnut’ (MI5 building) there is always someone ‘trying it on’.

We are on amber alert for a severe weather warning – excess rain over the next month. What else is new! The rain has been bucketing down this ‘summer’ We all have a great tan, not from the sun, it’s rust! :-D

Praise The Lord anyway – IN EVERYTHING give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.1Thess:5:18)

CAver said...

Wow...its 1:45 am in Jerusalem and the crowd completely fills the Western Wall square and the sounds are very clear on the cam.

I thought they turned it off for their day of worship but I guess things still rolled for this holiday.

Just Wow. Very impressive.

Mrs.C said...

Yes inedeed Brother Mike,
Rosh Hashanah begins tomorrow at sunset :) Check out the Kotel (Western Wall). Thousands are there right now in the wee hours of the morning, for Prayer, Song, and blowing Shofars. When Rosh Hashanah begins, it is even more intense over the days at the Kotel. Thousands singing and Praying in unison. Its awesome!

God Bless!

Caver said...

Mike, thanks for the chuckle.....
Suspect there's whole new wardrobe that works on Glorified bodies.

Oh yea, have it on good authority there is no such thing as calories in the Chocolate cake in Heaven either.

Gonna be ready to "Fly"

GG said...

Thanks Mrs. C :)

I have that site up right now. So is this the same time last year you suggested this to us? I remember the sound of the shofars.

God Bless!!


momof2 said...

Awesome caver! That means I can finally be off this horrible diet ....chocolate cake sound REALLY good right now!!!
Sue...that was too funny!

Mrs.C said...

Hi Dear Sister GG, :)
So good to see you :) Yes, its the same time. Will keep an eye out, for the massive Service they have at night. They usually have a giant Menorah. Rabbi's recite Prayers and the thousands of people respond in perfect unison. They also sing in unison, and the Shofars blow according to the Service. They blow the Shofars in a powerful way, that too in unison, not the way we hear tonight just random here and there. Each note is significant, and has meaning. This is where we hear the "Last Trumpet" that we all know of! It is awesome if we can catch the service!

God Bless You Dear Sis!

Mrs.C said...

Why is the Shofar Blown?

Ten reasons for sounding the shofar on Rosh Hashanah.
1.the shofar acknowledges God as King
2.the shofar stirs the conscience
3.the shofar reminds Jews of God's revelation at Sinai
4.the shofar reminds Jews of the Prophets' warnings
5.the shofar reminds Jews of the destruction of the Temple
6.the shofar reminds Jews of the ram Abraham sacrificed in place of his son Isaac
7.the shofar reminds Jews to feel humble before God
8.the shofar reminds Jews of the Day of Final Judgment
9.the shofar foreshadows the proclamation of freedom when the exiled will return to Israel
10.the shofar foreshadows the inauguration of God's reign of righteousness throughout the world

There are four different types of shofar notes:
1.tekiah - 3-second sustained note
2.shevarim - three 1-second notes rising in tone
3.teruah - series of short, staccato notes extending over a period of about 3 seconds
4.tekiah gedolah - the final blast in a set which lasts as long as the shofar blower can blow

When is the Shofar Blown?

The shofar is blown immediately after the haftara is read (30 blasts). During the cantor's repetition of the Amidah of Musaf, an additional 30 blasts of the shofar are sounded. At the conclusion of the prayer service, 40 extra blasts are sounded to make a total of 100 shofar blasts. It is customary for the final blast to be prolonged (Tekia Gedola).

The "final blast" is the "Last Trumpet"!

Anonymous said...

And yet, Stephen has DECIDED really
not to post any more here since his
posts ALWAYS get deleted. DESPITE
all the expectations for the rapture
on this blog........




STEPHEN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

JD Siegel said...

Mrs. C, can you give us the link to your information on the reasons for the shofar blasts?
Thank you.

Mrs.C said...

Hi Dear Brother Stephen, :)
Grateful to God that your ok dear Brother, despite all that has been criminally perpetrated against you for so long. I understand your deep struggles dear Brother that are so difficult for you to control sometimes, especially when others know this and intentionally push you. God has His Loving arms wrapped around you dear Brother, and I know you love and hold on to Him. I Praise God for the love you have for Jesus, and He loves you greatly too! You are much loved by many dear Brother :)
God Bless & Keep You Ever So Close!

Mrs.C said...

Hi Brother/Sister JD, :)
This is the same information about the Shofar Ive posted in the recent years at this time of the Rosh Hashanah observances.
Where did you get the idea it was liked?

God Bless!

Mrs.C said...

Ooopss thats "linked" although it was much "liked" by Brother Scott and all :) Too early in the morn'n lol

JD Siegel said...

Mrs C,
Thank you, and its sister.
You know a lot about the Jewish hagim.
Are you Jewish?