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"Absolutely Uncertain": Genesis 12:3 Judgment Coming To America?

Face it - God wasn't kidding around when He issued the declaration of Genesis 12:3 as He informed Abram and told him of Israel's future:

"I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you;
I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing.

I will bless those who bless you and whoever curses you I will curse."

That was not a conditional statement. It was a declaration that was given to all generations for all time and there were no exceptions given. I repeat - no exceptions given. That includes the U.S. 

One can read the facts in a number of publications:

Book DescriptionApril 8, 2008God s everlasting promise to bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel is still in effect today.  Throughout its history, America has been in a unique position to bless the Jewish people, and has experienced many blessings as a result.  In more recent years, however, America has failed to consistently stand by Israel and suffered dramatic disasters.
In this interesting and thorough book, McTernan traces the history of the Jewish people in America and how America s spectacular rise to power was tied to blessing the Jews.  He examines America s integral role in fulfilling God s plan for the rebirth of the Jewish nation, and details the times when our nation defaulted on this call.  Through a step-by-step analysis of political events, McTernan gives conclusive proof that God s judgment on those who curse Israel is still active.  In every case where America has failed Israel, it has faced dramatic consequences within 24 hours.

And this:

With that as a backdrop, the following video is a must see, and it has already gone viral with over 700,000 hits. Could this video serve as a warning?

A roughly 20-minute YouTube video analyzing President Obama’s relationship with Israel, narrated by a 23-year-old former Obama supporter, has gone viral.  In just three days, the little-reported on video “Absolutely Uncertain” has logged roughly 650,000 hits.Irina, the 23-year-old “Jewish New Yorker” who narrates much of the documentary, explains that she has always seen American-Israeli relations as a cornerstone of American politics, reaching into both parties.
On Obama’s promises that Iran will be stopped and the Middle East is becoming more “democratic,” the young woman simply says: “I’m not sure I believe it anymore.”

Featuring interviews with leading international journalists and politicians, the movie intersperses Irina’s growing awareness of American politics and realities across the Middle East with contemporary news clips and quotes from the president himself.“It didn’t seem like the president did a good job handling the revolutions of the Arab Spring,” Irina says at one point in the film.  “Instead of becoming more open and democratic, it feels like the Middle East is becoming even more extreme than before– a real danger to Israel.”
Irina also discusses President Obama’s seemingly tenuous relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, the ever-changing Democrat position on Jerusalem, Obama’s position that Israel should return to its “indefensible” 1967 borders, and most importantly, Iran.

Alternating with a clip of Obama saying he has Israel’s “back,” Irina says: “When I stop to think about the situation and the possible outcomes, it really scares me.  Rather than doing what we can to make Israel safer, we have allowed Iran’s nuclear program to inch toward the point of no return.”“I’m just not sure the president really does have Israel’s back, and I know I’m not alone.”Harvard’s Alan Dershowitz and others then weigh in: “The great fear…is that a second Obama term could be more dangerous for Israel than the first Obama term.”Irina continues: “Israel may soon find itself fighting for its very survival once again.  And while I am proud that Israel is strong enough to defend itself, I’m extremely disappointed that President Obama has managed to put Israel in an even more difficult situation than it needs to be.”

Also see:

On Friday, TheBlaze reported that the MTA changed its guidelines on what advertising it will accept from now on after losing in court to Geller and her group, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, thus being forced to display the ads which read: “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.”Specifically, the MTA has set a new litmus test for ads and will no longer display those which the MTA “reasonably foresees would incite or provoke violence or other immediate breach of the peace, and so harm, disrupt, or interfere with safe, efficient, and orderly transit operations.”

Speakers throughout the day condemned abortion, gay marriage and what the Associated Press described as “population control” as practiced by Planned Parenthood.Christian rock music filled the historic mall as speakers challenged the crowd to overcome their sins and pray for the country’s leaders.“Jesus, we pray for America,” one man tweeted.  “She was founded on the principles of God. She has been a force for good in this world. Use us still.”The rally was held outside of Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed.  Pennsylvania is also where evangelist George Whitefield preached during the first Great Awakening, the 18th-century religious revival that spread through the American colonies.

We're all aware that America is nowhere to be found in the detailed descriptions of the Tribulation as given in Revelation 6-18, where we see all major world powers described. This has always been a topic of discussion among prophecy watchers, with speculation ranging from the Rapture of the Church  effectively taking America out of the picture vs other potential scenarios (EMP attack, terrorism, being 'folded up into the 10 kings' form of world government, etc.)

But perhaps God enacts His warning of Genesis 12:3 before the Tribulation (it will happen if we continue our current course - its just a matter of time). 

It will happen if America continues to set the stage for Israel's demise - its a guarantee from God. 

So the question then becomes: Will America support Israel -  in an era when Israel faces its largest threats since her regathering in 1948, or will America abandon Israel? 

The evidence thus far strongly appears that America is not only abandoning Israel, but is actually assisting in Israel's destruction by supporting her enemies - enemies who are sworn to eliminate Israel from this planet. 

So far, it isn't looking good for America. 

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Caver said...

Lots of folk say that this doesn't apply to America....its Old Testament when obedience was under the law, not grace.

I don't agree....this was a blanket statement and history has proven conclusively that good things follow those that bless Israel and bad things and ultimate catastrophe and failure follow those that curse Israel. This extended to well before the formation of the state of Israel...look at England and other countries that were forming, refining, and trying to implement the Balfour Declaration leading to a home land for the Jew.