Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fordo Sabotage Bought Netanyahu More Time On Iran Strike

Fordo Sabotage Enabled Netanyahu To Move Iran Red Line To Spring 2013

This informative article is packed with interesting information:

The sabotage of the Fordo uranium enrichment facility’s power lines on Aug. 17 gave Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu extra leeway to move his original red line for Iran from late September 2012 – now – to the spring or early summer of 2013. The disruption of the underground enrichment plant's power supply caused several of the advanced IR-1 and IR-4 centrifuges producing the 20-percent grade uranium to burst into flames. Work was temporarily halted and the accumulation of 240 kilos for Iran’s first nuclear bomb slowed down by at least six months...
Hence Netanyahu’s new red line timeline of “late spring, early summer” - before which preventive action is imperative - in his speech to the UN General Assembly Thursday, Sept. 27.

Our military sources report that the advantage gained is already proving short-lived. Iran has pounced back fast with two aggressive counter-moves on Israel’s doorstep:

1. Thousands of elite Al Qods Brigades officers and men are being airlifted into Lebanon and Syria and deployed opposite Israeli borders (as DEBKAfile has reported);

2. Shortly before the Israeli Prime Minister rose to speak in New York, Syrian President Bashar Assad again removed chemical weapons out of storage. Some were almost certainly passed to the incoming Iranian units. The weapons’ movements were accounted for as a precaution for “greater security,” but in practice they will be ready for use against Israel when the order is handed down from Tehran.

Friday, Sept. 28, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta was specifically asked by a reporter if it was believed that “Iran’s Revolutionary Guards or Syrian rebels had been able to get possession of any of the chemical weapons” which the secretary had just disclosed were on the move. He left the door open, saying only that he had “no firm information to confirm this.” That sort of question never comes out of thin air.

It was also the second time in three weeks that the defense secretary mentioned the movements of Syrian chemical weapons out of storage. This time, he said, ‘‘There has been intelligence that there have been some moves that have taken place. Where exactly that’s taken place, we don’t know.” But he did not rule out the possibility that they were being made ready for use.

Syrian chemical weapons movements out of storage, the presence of crack Iranian fighting units on Israel’s borders and Tehran’s determination to keep Assad in power “whatever it takes” hung in menacing silence over Netanyahu’s powerful cartoon presentation of the Iranian nuclear peril.

Both Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak have repeatedly stated that the transfer of chemical weapons to Hizballah would necessitate Israeli military action.The IDF’s large-scale military call-up and firing exercise on the Golan of Sept. 19 failed to deter the Iranian military buildup opposite Israeli northern borders in Syria and Lebanon. The Iranian airlift continues and US intelligence has not denied that some al Qods arrivals may now be armed with chemical weapons.

The Iranian threat to Israel is therefore far from static; it is gaining substance and menace, keeping two IDF divisions on call in northern Israel after the exercise was over.
Netanyahu’s red line for preventing Iran achieving a 240-kilo enriched uranium stockpile does not cover an Iranian preemptive attack on the Jewish state before then – as threatened explicitly by the Iranian missiles Corps chief Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizade on Sept. 24.
Neither had Israeli officials anything to say about the Hamas leaders’ trips to Beirut and Tehran this month to sign military accords with the Revolutionary Guards and Hizballah pledging the Palestinian extremists’ participation in an attack on Israel.The red line on the cartoon bomb which Netanyahu held up so effectively at the UN Thursday covered only one segment of the peril Tehran poses for the Jewish state. A more immediate danger lurks in the north.

The obvious fear here is the strong possibility that Iranian troops now have access to these chemical weapons and Israel would represent an inviting target for their use. This could be another step in the progress towards the Isaiah 17 scenario, and definitely worth watching closely. 

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hartdawg said...

I don't know how terribly off base this thought/concern i have is but here it is, if Netanyahu does NOT strike before the election, our current regime will take all the credit saying he was able to stop that stubborn Netanyahu from starting a war and that hideous slimy monster we call a president will be hailed as a hero and win the election while iran races towards the finish line with the bomb.

Caver said...

Hartdawg, you could be right but I don't think so. I believe the polls are showing that the majority are on to this thing that calls himself our fearless leader.

But they're quiet about it....not like the ones whose eyes are still shut. And I believe there's a huge quiet personal awakening going on.

Just look at the get the Obammy lead, they are having to heavily distort the sampling population. Some of the more reputable polls are actually showing Romney/Ryan in a small but growing lead.

Guess the Pretender-n-Chief could steal enough votes or some last minute theatrics but I think we're being set up for riots.

Unless something happens, a sizable portion of the population will be convinced the election was stolen setting the stage for all kinds of nasty events.

Really, this just has the "feel" of spiritual to me. It has for a while. Some have clarity and see things clearly....and the number is growing. Others are almost under a hypnotic trance ... blinded, drunk on the kool aid.

In my simple mind, it just boils down to Good verses evil. You are on one side of the fence of the other, the gap is being driven wider, and there are fewer and fewer still anywhere close to the fence.

hartdawg said...

Caver...i want to call you a conspiracy theory nut job, a total sensationalist wingnut out in left (or is that right?) field:) but you and i both know you're most likely right (about stolen election and rioting) tho i wish you weren't

hartdawg said...

....i spose all of us on this site are conspiracy theorist out there in RIGHT field .....after all we interpret prophecy literally. scott you should be ashamed for starting a right winged site.

Mike said...

I wear my tin foil hat proudly, and stand tall when I do! I am of the same thought process as Caver on this (on a lot of things actually!). You can see the major MSM slant on this election everywhere....but the fact is, the Obummer camp is preparing for something to interrupt this whole thing when its needed.

I will be very, very amazed if the next 38 days go by and elections take place without something big occurring. (Excuse me while I straighten out the point on my hat)


And Hartdawg....LOL....Scott should be ashamed...... :) How dare us.....

Caver said...

Hart, thanks for the laugh:) I really needed that giggle.

Now, as for Scott....never thought of it that way. Geepers, DHS probably has him on top of the Right Wing Hard Core Bible Thumping, Gun Toting, Hate Speech Spouting, Gay Bashing, Non Inclusive Conspiracy Tea Party Nut Job terrorist.

Hope he don't try getting on a plane bigger than two rubber bands soon....We might be in Heaven with Jesus and wiping our chops after the feast before we see these post make it to the public viewing area.

Caver walks away, shaking head, still chuckling....with the dog wonder what's wrong with the pack leader.

Caver said...

West Virginia....Yo, WV....what's going on up there in them there mountains? Did both teams forget to bring their defense for the game? Did ya have a kickoff and a basketball game break out with those crazy Texans? Did ya have the NFL replacement refs? Did both teams start with a full bag of marbles?


You guys need to come on down and join the ACC, they know how to play basketball. But not with a football!!!!

Ally said...

Lol! For a while it might have been easier to be a crazy conspiracy theorist nut job than to realize all this stuff horribly evil stuff is very true! take Monsanto-straight up SATAN every bit of it!
Frankly if he didn't come soon, there wouldn't be anything or anyone left to take. Except those days were shortened.....Really how much longer can it be? Just looking at the condition this planet is in now, much lesd the spiritual state of the world, whoa!

Scott said...

Heh :)

Don't be surprised if they take me away (Fema camp? Psych ward? Worse?) - If there are no posts for a while, you'll know they got me (as I'm nervously looking towards the windows........

Gary said...

I don't know...I was all excited that the rapture would be soon, now it seems futher away because of this sabotage?

Scott said...


The funny thing is - I can recall 10-20-30 years ago, the prevailing school of thought was that the Rapture would trigger everything else to quickly fall into place (ie the final stepping stones into the Tribulation). Now - we've seen so much transpire, and we're so close to the beginning of the Tribulation, we subconsciously begin to feel like the Rapture won't happen until a few hours before the Tribulation.....But that isn't the case at all - as an imminent event, the Rapture could occur at any second.

And - actually, that original school of thought was correct - when the rapture does happen, many end times events will occur quickly. The financial collapse, the wars, etc....The AC will see his opportunity, the 10 kings will probably emerge rather quickly (or access vastly more power if they had already been formed) - regardless of where we are in prophecy when the rapture takes place - things will dramatically escalate from that point.

WVBORN56 said...

Caver we were at the game and the wife and I came home exhausted. What a game for the ages. You are right no defense or were the offenses just that good. I don't know but our QB is now the front runner for the Heisman if we are still here by the end of the season. If not Geno is a Christian and will be joining us in the rapture! :)