Friday, September 28, 2012

In The News: Friday

First, some follow-up to the UN actions this week:

In what will likely be his last visit to a UN General Assembly, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad once again vented outrageous statements against Israel on Wednesday.
During a breakfast meeting with reporters and editors earlier this week, Ahmadinejad rejected the Jewish people’s ties to the Land of Israel.

“They have no roots there in history,” he said, going on to claim that Jews had been around the region for only 60 or 70 years, in contrast to the Iranians, whose civilization has existed for thousands of years.

Ahmadinejad said that Israel would be “eliminated.” He attacked Western freedom of speech; he alluded to his past practice of denying the Holocaust; and he bragged that Western opposition to Iran’s nuclear program would not intimidate Iran

Some might see Ahmadinejad’s defiant mood as proof that a combination of sanctions and diplomacy have failed to halt the Islamic Republic’s stubborn march toward nuclear weapon capability. Indeed, Iran’s success in adding thousands of centrifuges to its underground facility in Qom – and the seemingly unstoppable growth of its uranium stockpile – adds credence to the claim that the West is not doing enough.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu drew a torrent of ridicule Thursday when he unveiled before the General Assembly of the United Nations a cartoon bomb and drew a red line on it with a marker he pulled from his pocket. Instead, Netanyahu was speaking over Obama’s head, directly to the president’s employer and boss: the American voter.
Netanyahu has argued that the timing for his public calls for an American “red line” on Iran is unconnected to the US “electoral calendar,” but rather is driven by the Iranian “nuclear calendar.” Iran, he argued before the General Assembly, will be able to build a nuclear weapon by next year.

“The relevant question is not when Iran will get the bomb. The relevant question is at what stage can we no longer stop Iran from getting the bomb,” Netanyahu concluded.
Netanyahu’s speech was aired, at least in part, on US cable networks. While pundits mocked, millions of Americans heard a simple, clear argument that Iran was quickly reaching a point when its nuclear program would be beyond the reach of Western intervention.
Netanyahu is hoping to convince the American voter that Iran is as immediate a threat as he believes it to be. And through the voter, maybe even Obama himself.

More from the UN:

At The UN, Abbas's Rhetoric Offers A Taste Of The Legal Campaign To Come

In the initial responses to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s address to the United Nations General Assembly Thursday, most pundits zeroed in on language dealing with the possibility of rekindling negotiations with Israel.
But Abbas did not take the UN podium — to general applause that interrupted his speech several times — in order to return to negotiations. Rather, he used his speech before the United Nations to offer a condemnation of Israel and Israeli policies that sounded more like a legal brief before the International Criminal Court than a diplomatic address or negotiating position.

And that’s no accident.
Abbas described Israel’s “illegal” policies in language taken directly from the texts and discourse of international law. The “occupying power” — a legal term repeated multiple times in the speech — has employed severe “illegal measures” against the Palestinian population, including hindering economic development and pursuing a policy of “racist settlement.”

In addition to “inciting religious conflict,” Israel “refuses to end the occupation and refuses to allow the Palestinian people to attain their rights and freedom and rejects the independence of the State of Palestine.”
In stark contrast, the Palestinians were presented in Abbas’s speech as patient and, above all, law-abiding

“What we have also done [in the April decision] is to leave the door open, and to say that if Palestine is able to pass over that hurdle [of statehood] — of course, under the [UN] General Assembly — then we will revisit what the ICC can do,” Bensouda said Friday in an event at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington.
Indeed, she suggested that the ICC would not need to wait for another Palestinian request to begin investigating Israel. The original 2009 Palestinian Authority request to join the Rome Statute is enough to give the ICC jurisdiction to investigate the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at its discretion.

With the Palestinians insistent on bringing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict before the International Criminal Court, a sympathetic General Assembly that rose to its feet for a standing ovation as Abbas left the podium Thursday, and an ICC with more than a passing interest in expanding its scope of investigation to new regions and issues, Abbas’s speech should be taken as a sign of things to come.

Morsi, In UN Debut, Demands Palestinian Rights

Doesn't he have enough trouble in Egypt right now, rather than worrying about "Palestine"? No - because ultimately, it always comes back to Israel:

Morsi, an Islamist and key figure in the once-banned Muslim Brotherhood, said in the UN General Assembly on Wednesday that the first issue for the world body should be certifying the rights of the Palestinian people.

Marching towards the Tribulation:

Exclusive: As The UN Opens Its General Assembly Session, It Is Already Thinking Up New Global Taxes

The United Nations is at it again:  finding new and “innovative” ways to create global taxes that would transfer hundreds of billions, and even trillions, of dollars from the rich nations of the world — especially the U.S. — to poorer ones, in line with U.N.-directed economic, social and environmental development.

These latest global tax proposals have received various forms of endorsement at U.N. meetings over the spring and summer, and will be entered into the record during the 67th  U.N. General Assembly session, which began this week. The agenda for the entire session, lasting through December, is scheduled to be finalized on Friday.
The U.N. clearly hopes it can find a way to move ahead. “ Politically, tapping revenue from global resources and raising taxes internationally to address global problems are much more difficult than taxing for purely domestic purposes,” admits an ECOSOC document produced last April. But, it summarizes,  “the time has come to confront the challenge.”
The global taxation idea was echoed this week by Jeffrey Sachs, head of Columbia University’s Earth Institute and also a U.N. Assistant Secretary General. Sachs was recently named by U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to head a new intellectual lobbying group of experts called the Sustainable Development Solutions Network.  It “will work closely with United Nations agencies, multilateral financing institutions and other international organizations,” according to the Earth Institute website.
On Monday, the controversial economist, a vociferous supporter of the Occupy Wall Street movement, called on President Obama to implement a carbon tax that in turn could be used to finance bonds, paying for investments to combat “climate change” -- one of the major focuses of the new solutions network

Greece, Spain Up For More Austerity Despite Violence

Outbursts of violence in both Greece and Spain are not preventing the respective governments from pushing ahead with the further austerity measures asked for by international lenders.
After weeks of haggling, the three-party coalition in Greece on Thursday (27 September) announced a "basic agreement" on €11.5 billion worth of spending cuts needed for the next tranche of bailout money to be disbursed.
Popular anger against the cuts turned violent on Wednesday as over 50,000 gathered in Syntagma square with riot police firing tear gas on protesters. A general strike also paralysed transportation into and throughout the country, as well as hospitals and schools.
Similar violence erupted in Spain ahead of a fresh set of spending cuts the government was set to approve later on Thursday.
"The violent images from Spain and Greece prove that this violent austerity inevitably leads to social tension," Greek leftist leader Alexis Tsipras said Thursday during a press conference in the European Parliament in Brussels.

U.S. Fiscal Cliff 'Single Biggest Threat' To Global Economy

The rating agency said tax hikes and spending cuts totalling US$600-billion scheduled to take effect at the beginning of 2013 could shave more than  5% off the United States’ GDP on an annualized basis.
“The scale and speed of this fiscal tightening would be likely to push the U.S. economy into an unnecessary and avoidable recession,” Fitch said.

“While it is not our base case, the dramatic fiscal tightening implied by the fiscal cliff could tip the U.S. and possibly the global economy into recession. At the very least it would be likely to halve the rate of global growth in 2013,” Fitch said.

Feldstein: The Federal Reserve Has Embarked On A Very Dangerous Strategy

Harvard economics professor Martin Feldstein goes after the Federal Reserve and its new asset-buying strategy in an op-ed for the Financial Times.
"The Federal Reserve has now embarked on a very dangerous strategy, buying $40bn of mortgage-backed securities each month for an indefinite number of years," he writes
Like many critics of the Fed, Feldstein argues that this is the path to inflation and bubbles.

Justice Department's Warrantless Spying Increased 600 Percent In Decade

AT&T, the nation’s second-largest mobile carrier, told Congress that it had received 63,100 subpoenas — no judicial oversight required — for customer information in 2007. That more than doubled to 131,400 last year. By contrast, AT&T reported 36,900 court orders for subscriber data in 2007. That number grew to 49,700 court orders last year, a weak growth rate compared to the doubling of subpoenas in the same period.
Not surprisingly, the number of people affected by such orders has jumped as well – consider the below chart on the number of people who the DoJ got information about using trap-and-traces and pen registers.
All of this only concerns disclosed monitoring. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, in ongoing litigation, claims the National Security Agency, with the help of the nation’s telecoms, is hijacking all electronic communications.
The Justice Department, meanwhile, filed the latest pen register and trap-and-trace reports for 2010 and 2011 with Congress, which the law requires. But the Justice Department refused to release the numbers publicly and did so only after the ACLU sued.

Bizarre TSA 'Freeze' Security Drill Caught On Camera

The TSA’s bizarre new policy where it orders travelers who have already passed security to “freeze” on command has been caught on camera, with the clip illustrating once more how the federal agency has implemented a series of ludicrous policies that seemingly have no other purpose than to act as an obedience test for the traveling public.

One TSA screener is heard to say, “stay right where you are,” at a man who is walking through the airport, as the other static travelers look on in bewilderment.
“Note that the TSA “guard” is offering no explanation, only giving harsh threats and orders to stay still. Note that there was NO event or threat taking place of any kind,” he adds.

As we have previously highlighted, the “freeze” policy, which has been experienced by numerous travelers across the country, is known as Code Bravo Sierra or simply Code Bravo by the TSA.
New York Times columnist Joe Sharkey described how he was caught up in the policy on two separate occasions last year while traveling through airports in Atlanta and Los Angeles.
“Passengers are not required to ‘freeze’ in place like statues,” TSA spokeswoman Kristin Lee admitted.

As’s James Babb describes, this is nothing more than “obedience training.” The American people and travelers in general are being ‘broken in’ to accept their subservience in what represents the human equivalent of horse training.
“There is literally no other purpose to this “drill” than to reinforce the notion in travelers’ heads that this is a “security state”, and that you may be told to stop dead in your tracks by a TSA “voice of authority” at any time. Legally, TSA has NO RIGHT TO STOP YOU… but it’s hard to imagine that defending your rights by walking away would end well in a (phony) tense situation if there happens to be an armed police officer nearby,” concludes the You Tube user who uploaded the video.
This absurd policy has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with security. Would a terrorist really be so dumb as to make himself stand out from the crowd by refusing to freeze and making himself look conspicuous?

It makes no sense whatsoever, until you realize that this is just another “layer” of pointless TSA security theater. It’s about reinforcing the notion that people are mandated to obey every order made by someone in uniform no matter how asinine.

A Third Of Public Fears Police Use Of Drones In U.S. For Surveillance

More than a third of Americans worry their privacy will suffer if drones like those used to spy on U.S. enemies overseas become the latest police tool for tracking suspected criminals at home, according to an Associated Press-National Constitution Center poll.
Congress has directed the Federal Aviation Administration to come up with safety regulations that will clear the way for routine domestic use of unmanned aircraft within the next three years. The government is under pressure from a wide range of interests to open U.S. skies to drones. Oil companies want them to monitor pipelines. Environmentalists want them to count sea lions on remote islands. Farmers want them to fly over crops with sensors that can detect which fields are wet and which need watering. They’re already being used to help fight forest fires. And the list goes on.

But privacy advocates caution that drones equipped with powerful cameras, including the latest infrared cameras that can “see” through walls, listening devices and other information-gathering technology raise the specter of a surveillance society in which the activities of ordinary citizens are monitored and recorded by the authorities.

Also see:

Scientists Scramble To Understand A New Virus Similar To The One That Caused SARS


Mrs.C said...

WOW! Still processing all of this :) First up, we have the coward-in-chief. New info yesterday that Fox reported. This evil administration KNEW within 24 hours that it was terrorists that attacked and killed the Ambassador and others in Libya. The hired ex-Navy Seals, were in fact not killed at the location of the Ambassador, BUT, killed at an Annex location away from where the Ambassador was. There were TWO coordinated terrorists attacks that the evil Ovomit wont even admit are even TERRORISTS! Finally, the evil administration is continuing to say there is an “on going investigation”, conducted by the FBI! First, why the FBI? This is not a “crime”, it is a TERRORIST attack. Second, the FACTS are that THERE IS NO FBI AGENTS ON THE GROUND IN LIYBIA YET so how can it be an “ongoing investigation”!
The FBI stated it was too dangerous for their men! That is why a CNN journalist (I say that lightly), was able to walk into the burnt out building and obtain the Ambassadors diary. So, why then is this evil administration continuing to LIE! about Libya?

As stated, still processing Bibi’s speech. I had to laugh, and still laugh at the bomb display he used! What a direct insult to the Kenyan-in-chief, and the majority of nations in the assembly that he knows are clearly anti-Israel, anti-Semitic. As Bibi pointed out, how they didn’t leave the assembly, but sat and listened to Imanutjobinadinnerjacket spew his evil! Bibi could have used any kind of graph to convey his points, but instead, he used the drawing of a bomb that looked like it came from “Acme Supplied” on a Road Runner cartoon! By using that cartoon like bomb display, he emphasized the idiocy and pure ignorance of the people in the assembly he was addressing, AND that includes the coward-in-chief of this country! In other words, he was saying, let me spell it out for you at an Elementary level! Obummer had Susan Rice LEAVE the assembly for lunch with Hillary, instead of staying at the assembly and showing support for Bibi’s speech to
The “Red Line”, that was specifically directed at obummer. Bibi was saying to obummer, you wont draw a “red line” you na├»ve idiot, I will, here it is. Bibi also kept Israel’s enemies on there toes, because they still don’t have a clue when or if Israel will attack. Still thinking about this whole thing. But what is noteworthy, and interesting, is what was being said in Israel when Bibi was giving his speech. We had the Foreign Ministry leaking a document saying that “sanctions” weren’t working to stop Iran. Then MOST telling of all, we had Defense Minister Barak THIS
“In a veiled reference to the Iranian threat, the defense minister said that ISRAEL COULD ONLY RELY ON ITSELF during testy times, as it did during the 1948 War of Independence, the 1967 Six Day War, the Yom Kippur War, and subsequent wars. The lesson holds true today as it did in those times, Barak added.” (caps added by me)
There we have it. “Sanctions” arent working in time to stop any threat, and Israel KNOWS they are on their own regarding military support. Bibi after YEARS of being humiliated, having to grovel to the anti-Semitic nations in the world, now has said enough, and drew his own “red line”. JMHO 
LOOK UP! LOOK UP! Our Redemption draweth nigh! Praise Him forever!

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Romans 13:1-7

Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God. Therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God; and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves. For rulers are not a cause of fear for good behavior, but for evil. Do you want to have no fear of authority? Do what is good and you will have praise from the same; for it is a minister of God to you for good. But if you do what is evil, be afraid; for it does not bear the sword for nothing; for it is a minister of God, an avenger who brings wrath on the one who practices evil. Therefore it is necessary to be in subjection, not only because of wrath, but also for conscience’ sake. For because of this you also pay taxes, for rulers are servants of God, devoting themselves to this very thing. Render to all what is due them: tax to whom tax is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honor to whom honor.

Ephesians 4:29 Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, so that it will give grace to those who hear.

Romans 12:19 Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”

Scott said...

This is one of the most mis-interpreted scriptures in the bible IMO.


I wonder why God sent Elijah to confront Ahab? That wasn't exactly submissive to the authority of the way was it?

What about Jeremiah? Did you see how he spoke to the Israeli leaders of the say? Hmmmm again.Not exactly submissive to their authority

Let see. Didn't Jesus say to sell the cloak and buy a sword? Hmmmm yet again.

What about John the Baptist? Ever read how he spoke to the 'authroity' of that day? Hmmm again.

Perhaps this is more nuanced that you imply?

So anyone speaking out regarding the non-support of ISrael - should dutifully sit quietly while the conditions are set for Israel's destruction?

Ever read Genesis 12:3?

The post above looks hauntingly like the blather that we hear coming from the liberal churches who are calling for abandoning support for Israel.

Anonymous said...

Ever the pot stirrer. The current church is so out of order.
Should I say good about a guy like Barry that is destroying our country
Smells of self righousness

Mrs.C said...

Hi Brother Scott, :)
Yes indeed, it does sound like the "blather" from the liberal churches. But it also is the same subject injected into another previous comment section.
Sunday, September 16, 2012
British And U.S. Naval Power Massing In The Gulf As Israel Prepares Iran Strike

1. The “anon” is not “anon” as we already know. The bait is set, it will drag out on and on just like all the rest of the fake anons/names. Yup, the same Pharisaical dribble attempting to insert into your blog, and make it all about themselves, not the excitement and hope of discussing and sharing Gods Prophetic Word. Sadly, it is someone/persons who needs serious help. Such a coincidence that the end of the “anon” post is signed the same way as who? “S” ie “sue” and that can go on and on also…it is very sad

“S” ie Sue said
'Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord, I will repay' I leave you in His capable hands.
September 11, 2012 9:57 AM

We're witnessing Gods Word coming true before us, and time is so short for such intentional sewed strife and distractions by others. But then again, that is just the confirmation that the Lord is Blessing you Brother, and the enemy cant stand it!

God Bless You & Yours!

James N Nashville said...

I agree with Mrs C.

Scott I was talking with a person I had just met the other day and he brought up the death our ambassador in Libya. He said the following..."I think we got off easy with just the death of our ambassador. Can you imagine if we had marines their as well. We could have started an even bigger incident". As you can imagine I was speechless. My heart broke hearing his words. Then it hit me that this weak pathetic outlook was prophecy being fulfilled write before my very eyes. God's word tell us that love grows cold in the last days. Just hearing a person say we should be thankful and feel lucky that it was just our ambassador tells me that fear and ignorance, which is outside of a relationship with Christ, is now and will be the norm until we return with Christ ushering in the millennial kingdom. There was so much I wanted to say to this guy but that moment I felt was intended for me to fully understand what God's word says about this last generation and what it will be like going in to 7 year tribulation. You know what I mean. It seems to me, that for those of us who are looking up, revelations like this are being given to us in every aspect of our day so we can be ready. Sometimes I feel like God is talking to me so much through revelations like this, that he wants me to really focus more than ever before on obedience. The revelations feel physically heavy and piercing to the core as it did with the guy I mentioned above. His view and his lack of love in his misunderstanding of the murder of our ambassador left me deeply shocked and sad for all of those who might have this same opinion and what they will go through in the last days. I would like hear your thoughts on this.

Love ya Brother!

James N Nashville

Mrs.C said... once again is back to hiding behind attempted presentation of multiple anons - or one person actually talking to themselves...the fake cheerleaders are next up...and it goes on and on...

Waterer said...

Revelation both in Scripture and exposure of the many fulfillments are heavy indeed. I echo that feeling and concern to stay alert and OBEDIENT.
We live in a noisy world of words that are often so confusing that in exhaustion we just give up trying to understand what is going on.
I am especially grateful for Scott's work here to keep us focused.
I posted a question at the end of the last post, I hope someone will enlighten me on.. Caver?

JD Siegel said...

Well put Mrs. C!

Ally said...

Wow, gee guys, the easy way to do this is just to block her or ignore her. She is strife and division and under the control of a religious spirit. Which she has no desire to be freed from because 1. She loses all of her power some level she f feels righteous and thinks she is the only one who can correctly interpret anything.
I have watched people like her divide churches, destroy lives, wreek havoc etc. in case you haven't noticed the absence of certain old regulars who clearly know and love the Lord well, guess who drove them away?
Its very frustrating for me as a less strong Christian to be constantly buffetted by this jerk, for lack of a better term. It baffles me as to why it is allowed to continue as it also baffles me that people I consider to be much more mature Christians are unable to recognize her religious spirit. Really, I'd cast it out myself but 7 more would come back and make it worse. (weird sidenote here. Do you know that witches and satanists actually go to churches when they know a really strong man of God is coming to specifically have their demon or demons cast out for this reason? They get their original one back plus 7 more and become 7 times more powerful)
Anyway I'm getting tired of not only the distraction but of the defense also. You cant change her, reason with her etc. She has wounded so many people here, pulled people away from the faith and driven away faithful.
I only go to one other blog. I'm pretty sure she has followed me there. And there are some pretty wild thinkers there. Lol. But she didn't last there long. The entire group of followers individually figured it out (the fake numerous names, you cant anon there and the blog dmin makes you give your email to post but its not shown) the whole crew is so scripturally sound she cant trick them. And even though there is some discussion/division over certain verses etc. we all know what is really important and that makes us of one accord!
This is the first place I go after morning prayers and I check it several times aday. I'm doing the 40 day prayer fast rpent dealand am trying to keep distractions low. Interesting timing for this lump of leaven to show itself again. So I probably am going to stop coming here for awhile. Love you guys so much! Will continue to pray for you and the blog. Keep me in your prayers too. Maranatha!

Ally said...

Hi James! And Waterer too :)
Yes it is heavy. And sad. But really the man was right, we did get off easy. And it was only the hand of God that let us off that easy.
In the natural we sent a homosexual to represent the US in a nation which we helped to overthrow and install the Muslim Brotherhood as the new power. Then allowed the mb govt of Egypt to send their mb people into Lybia (film in arabic of Lybian people trying to kill these infiltratiors where you can clearly here them say "dont shoot us, we have been sent by Morsi") along with allowing egypt to show on tv the whole innocence of muslimsfilm subtitled of course.
Oh and it gets better. Read Whalid Shobat's most recent article. His cousin was involved with this movie deal. Guess who really funded it and made it? Woops-the mb themselves. So yes we are very fortunate that muslims here aren't whooping up some jihad in our streets right now. Truly, truly fortunate! Thank you Jesus! Because the only thing holding back total insanity right now are praying Christians, big strong angels and the Lord himself7

Mrs.C said...

Hi Brother James, :)
Always so good to see you Brother, and I hope all is well with you and yours. :)
Forgive me, I know you were addressing Brother Scott, but I just had to thank you for your words. You articulated exactly how I and others are feeling, and also experiencing the same thing!
We are witnessing of preview of things to come for those that will enter the Trib. So many events/experiences that they can be a little overwhelming sometimes.
At the same time, it is an absolute privilege and honor, that the Lord God Almighty, who knows each one of us, allowed us to be born into this the edge of all time. He loves us so much, and has great confidence in each one of us to allow us such a privilege!
The Lord is pouring out His Holy Spirit in a mighty way in these Last Days! Glory be to Him forever!
Thank you again Brother for sharing your experiences and thoughts...

God Bless!

GG said...

Hi Ally-

FWIW, take it at face value that blocking this so called person(s) is not going to help. We know even as we type today they are multiples on the board. Some act nice for a bit, some act passive, some act aggressive, some are men posing as women and vice versa.

For anon will plead ignorance and state this was a question. I don't see the humbleness of asking a question unless I am missing it. It got lobbed out there to sew strife and now it is happening all over again. We have seen these same scriptures flying around here without a sound discussion or a sincerely seeking heart.

This 'group' who has a very restless nature knows what they are doing. For now we will take this thistle to a point that they rub with and learn our lessons. In the meantime, the very thing or scripture they state should be followed by them since Scott is the owner of this blog. That my friend puts the final authority on him to handle and question as he pleases.

I will say no more on this, but this is a very disturbed person who needs some help. To take the Lords work and Gods word and play games while sitting comfy behind the keyboard and proclaim repentance is making a mockery out of Gods ministry in these last days. Play the bema seat card until we go home but I cannot imagine you who are guilty of this are being showered with blessings right now. Your ongoing agitation clearly proves you are stuck and you should be working on that release with the Lord with the help of the Holy Spirit instead of picking on Gods word and the very loving ministry he has provided you with as a way for your hardened heart in these last days.

This is not a joke, while or shall I say...whilst you cook up feast of clamoring to confuse others, you are hurting newcomers and chasing them off. I can't imagine you are off the hook for 'helping' the lost in these last days and hours. I am sorry all, I am very frustrated while I wait this out but this person(s) knows exactly what I am referring too and I will patiently wait on the Lord.

Scott has as much patience and compassion like Bibi in my eyes because we are clearly looking at darkness in the face through here and you will be dealt with accordingly by the Lord. Shame on you for making this your end game and not serving God.

Now we watch the victim role play out. I know I am not saying this to be factious in nature, I am saying please get help and leave the innocent alone through this ministry. Scott has work to do to spread the news and we will support him to release those things that try to corrupt that. Seek first the Kingdom of God...

God Bless!!


Ally said...

Sue-i surely would not want to be in your shoes on judgement day! Wether you do this for fun or a 3 figure income with federal benefits wont make a lick of difference to God! So to the abyss you go.

Scott said...


What part of "please stop doing this" do you not understand? I've asked you countless times, but you refuse to listen - so I have to assume you simply don't understand. Please let me know what you don't understand so that I can re-phrase it - because apparently you don't understand those words. Many thanks.

Scott said...

Oh, and I am not referring to the one post above that I left up - but the countless ones (several dozen) that I have deleted during the past week or so.

GG said...


Since I have been involved with this, I am happy to answer this one question for you and your 'crew'. There is no spying nor has there been on ISP addresses.

Due to you and your 'crews' constant instance to inject false teachings along with other web sites and blogs you referred us to as well as 'they', you my friend opened the door. From there EVERYTHING is posted on many roads. This is a case of you should have thought before posting, referring or speaking.

No one has done anything illegal. What I will gladly remind you and the 'crew' of is this, you can change your ISP provides, you can change your systems, however; should things need to get submitted to any authorities for any on going online harassments or live threatening issues, they can easily Supeona all records from past and present ISP provides both near and far to prosecute.

So it is very wise to the 'crew' and all to let's say ...
cease and desist so to speak before, what started out as a cute online game shall become your biggest nightmare on top of dealing with what the Lord has in mind pertaining to all this ongoing hurt. This goes out to 'all' involved and I will not let you falsely accuse Scott of anything when all these findings for you 'all' have been by your own 'Authoring' and the mighty 'Pen' so to speak. One would have to ask themselves in the end was it with it?

May God work that heart of you 'all' and a new all of you await on the other side of this non-sense.

God Bless!!



GG said...

Sorry my iPad is picking up alternate words.

Scott said...

OK, I hate to pile on, but I'll say one more thing before moving on.

The post above that I am leaving up - represents something appropriate (well, at least on the surface - of course we know this is just the first step in the 'baiting' and subsequent games). Disagreement and discussions of the scriptures are important in our walk and something we should be doing. What I am deleting is the following:

- personal attacks
- games
- personal agendas
- "attacks' on strawmen arguments for the purpose of pushing an agenda which is not prophecy related (same reason I delete all spam)
- dissension
- judgements of other people

The above will be deleted every time.

This site is described on the right hand column. This site is intended for the purpose of watching the prophetic signs of this last generation. We also desire to have like minded people (ie all people who are watching the prophetic signs) to gather and watch together while awaiting Jesus' coming.

This isn't an apostasy site - I am sure there are many of those for you to play with. But that isn't our focus.

This is the last time I am saying anything on this topic.

Its sad that you can't comply with my repeated requests. I tolerated this forever, to the detriment of this blog, and then I tried to be very very nice and ask that you stop. You constantly ignored those pleas.

Now I will just go back to monitoring - But thats ok - its worth it to have the harmony most of us have grown to enjoy in the last 2 weeks as moderating has taken place.

Isn't there at least a small part of you that desires harmony?

Didn't Jesus say "Blessed are the peacemakers?"

Perhaps you feel that you have been 'called' to monitor boards and tell people when they are 'wrong'. Thats fine, but again, I would suggest sites that are focused on apologetics and that line of biblical study, as it would seem more appropriate.

Scott said...


I left that up because it was reasonable as I said. The follow-up was as well - I inadvertently deleted that when I was doing the others - that was also legit IMO.

The dialogue above doesn't apply to you.

Scott said...

Looking at those scriptures you quoted - its all a matter of context. Of course we are called to be good citizens as Christian representatives. And if we are called to pay taxes etc. we are to do so (I haven't seen anyone calling for Christians to break the laws of our land, or to not pay taxes etc. If we, as Christians continually were to break the law and commit "evil" surely we would lose our witness.

However, I am not seeing anywhere in the scriptures where we are told to be silent in the face of atrocities against man, or actively seeking Israel's destruction. Quite the opposite. I have quoted such scriptures before.

Do any of these scriptures tell us to be silent in the face of human abuse, murder, oppression, destruction of Israel etc?

No. And that idea is highly consistent with what God instructed the prophets to do. (you didn't respond to that post above). In the case of Elijah and Jeremiah, the urgency was to speak against those committing atrocities against other people and/or actively attempting (or allowing) Israel/Jerusalem's destruction.

I have never seen any scriptures which silence us while in the midst of such evil.

Anonymous said...

Blessings, everyone! My husband said something the other day that really made sense. Our youngest son can argue the bark off a pine tree. In the past, my husband would be right there, chewing away, too. Things would escalate until it was almost unbearable. My husband shocked me the other day when another episode started. He told our son he loved him and then walked away. The expression on our son's face was priceless. The point here is that it's kind of hard to argue with yourself. The Bible tells us that a soft word turns away wrath. I've started skimming through each comment, and if red flags go up, I just go to the next one. Remember, people don't make us upset. We make the choice to be upset. I don't know about you all, but I've got more than enough on my plate right now.

Now, some good news. Our oldest son accepted The Lord as his Savior!!!!!!!! Hallelujah! That means all my chicks (unless some of them are bluffing me - but I'm going to keep on believing!) are going with me to New Jerusalem. I pray everyday for all of you and your family members, too. I know how heart-wrenching not knowing can be.

Seems like with good news, there always has to be some bad. I was diagnosed last week with Rheumatoid Arthritis. The good part about that is that maybe my family won't still think I'm a hypochondriac. Please be praying for me - that I will be healed and that my fear will subside. I've always been an outdoor girl who loves to garden and especially ride horses. I refuse to let ol' slewfoot take that from me!

I pray that you are all having a most blessed week-end. Scott, thanks for all that you do. You encouragers - keep it up. You have no idea how you lift the spirits of the ones who read this blog. Love you all!


Mrs.C said...

OH boy, this is not good...this was a "red line" that the coward-in-chief said would be crossing his "red line"...AND THEY DONT KNOW WHERE THEY WENT!

"Panetta: Syria Has Moved Some of Its Chemical Weapons…and We Don‘t Know Exactly What’s Happened to Them"

"President Barack Obama said in August it would be a “red line” if Syria used chemical weapons or even moved them"

Gwenny said...

Praying for you Elizabeth! I'm an outdoor girl too who loves to garden. Wonderful news about your son! Enjoyed your comment so much. It's been a wonderful fall day today. Hope each of you found something wonderful in this day the Lord made! Have a blessed weekend everyone and thank you Elizabeth for encouraging all of us!

Dutch Treat said...

I would like to add another scripture to Scott's list: Acts 4:15-22, where Peter and John defied those in authority when ordered to stop preaching about Jesus; and I'll leave it at that. Scott, I'm so sorry that you have to deal with all this nonsense everytime you take the moderation off. We so much appreciate everything you do for us; and let us know if there's anything we can do to help you out on this. Elizabeth, we are rejoicing for your son's salvation and praying for your medical situation.

Scott said...

James - many thanks for that - your thoughts are always so deep and so worth-while. Always appreciated. Looking forward to meeting you brother:)

Ally - Don't worry - she is gone forever, I promise :)
I'm done with it. Yea - we're aware of several different sites that she "visits" frequently, stirring the same dissent and controversy. Its actually sad that someone lives like that.

GG - Yep - playing the martyr as usual. To protect her I'll just keep these many posts which I have deleted -- hidden from the world :)

Dutch - thats a great point and I always forget to add that passage from Acts to this discussion. Thanks for the thoughts. I'll just moderate for a while and hopefully it will go away.

Elizabeth - thats such awesome news!!!

Caver said...

Hi KR,

I got your question from the last post. The reason Bibi didn't draw the red line at 1/3 or 1/4 is that those points were passed years ago.

Several times here I've posted the steps in development of nuclear weapons and the level of difficulty and time. The extremely time consuming and difficult process is in the rear view mirror.

The one part that is yet future and I don't have a feel for follows the purification to the final enriched concentration. Its turning the gas to a metal. Once that's done, all that is left is machining that metal to the right shape and dimensions.

Apparently the process of turning the gas to a metal is not difficult or time consuming....otherwise the universal expectations of the time line couldn't be as soon as it is.

Hope this helps!

Waterer said...

Thank you so much Caver.
I almost "get it".
So the gas to metal, is this still done in the places they can see or find? Or is this what can be done anywhere in secret?
Is the detonator part some thing that can be purchased?
Or is this the "needs to be machined" part?

Bibi made this clear except for the line part.
The reason I am curious about this is that so many here have expected this in October and now even the Jerusalem papers are saying that this would be March.
To me it seemed that it postponed urgency when I was thinking it was anyday.
I literally watch the news early every morning to see if it has happened while we were asleep.
If they move now way before March, the world will say they were premature.
Thanks again for your imput.

Scott said...

Funny you would mention the october thing - I just posted some interesting information on that very topic. Netanyahu is stating the last date possible, but something must be done "before" that date.

Its possible that he has made a deal with the US over the past week or so, changing the Oct date. This is hard core political maneuvering right now and I assume things are changing

More likely, in my opinion, is the idea that Netanyahu feels that he still needs to make the case for why he is going to attack these facilities.

For all we know, he wanted one last opportunity to speak before the UN and make his case before an attack.

Whatever happens, it will be a surprise - thats almost a guarantee.

Janet D Siegel said...

Elizabeth, thank you! I SO agree! We CHOOSE to respond to baiting. I say ignore these people and they will give up. Its the responses that feeds them. They feed off of strife, so they keep coming back. We can step over and around the stumbling blocks, we do not have to let them trip us.

Scott, that said, your words have always been gentle, wise, peaceable and full of grace. Your "behaviour" convicts me. God bless you.