Sunday, September 30, 2012

"Massive" (7.1) But Fortunately, Deep Earthquake In Columbia

Massive Deep Earthquake Felt All Over Columbia And Ecuador

Earthquake overview : A massive subduction earthquake occurred below the Colombian Andes at 11:31 local time.
Update 18:21 UTC : USGS has changed his Pager color from Green to Yellow, a move we do not like at all. This indicates that there is certainly a chance on fatalities from secondary effects like landslides and Rockfall. We do not expect any shaking fatalities as the max. shaking reported is a V MMI (moderate shaking)
Update 17:52 UTC : The massive earthquake wave is now travelling around the world and will be noticed on every seismograph worldwide. A good example is the below graph at El Hierro, Canary Islands, Spain. The wave departed at the epicenter at 16:31:34 UTC and arrived at El Hierro at 16:42. It took the earthquake wave only 11 minutes to travel this huge distance from Colombia to the Canary Islands* 2 million people are expected to have felt a moderate shaking* 14.5 million people a light shaking and 10 million people a weak shaking. These 3 shaking values are normally NOT generating any damage. Small cracks in walls and falling objects are often experienced though.


WVBORN56 said...

We had a Palestinian Christian living in East Jerusalem speak at church today. He was accompanied by our denomination VP for overseas ministries who himself had served in Israel for many years. We heard from both on reaching both Jews and Palestinians for Christ. I am sure we would disagree on some points but it was good to agree on the major elements of our faith and bond in Christ.

Just another recent observation my wife made watching TV this afternoon. Why do so many announcers in the US have British accents? My theory was that it is part of the globalization of the world and they are considered the voices of reason and expertise. It gets Americans used to the idea of taking orders from non-Americans. Any other thoughts?

Waterer said...

Dear Mrs. C.,
Can you tell me what commentary/s you use for Ezekial?
Thank you.

Mrs.C said...

Sister KR, :)
It has been a long journey over decades, and through that time I have studied with and read many of the great and not so great Prophecy teachers. Through this long period of Spiritual growth, the Lord has led me to where I am now.
I have not read commentaries in quit some time. As He would have it, it is the Bible,
Gods Holy Word, relying on His Holy Spirit. Its quite a joyous study with Him!

God Bless!

Waterer said...

Thank you Mrs C,

I generally use commentaries after I have studied to iron out wrinkles and for different views on what I have been reading.

Ezekial is especially bewildering to me because the description of judgments makes it hard to see sequencing.
I am very much enjoying Arnold Fruchtenbaums Fottsteps of the Messiah.
He lists rules for interpretation that in prophecy are incerdibly helpful.
Do you know it?It has been like a breath of fresh air.

Anonymous said...

Dear Waterer I have Footsteps ofMessiah, its really good and helpful. Some have said Arnie Frucht made up the rules, but that isn't true, they are grammar rules that God created as part of language. Arnie learned it from his old tutor and its accepted by all teachers of prophecy. Praise the Lord for giving us teachers with the Holy Spirit gift of teaching :)

Waterer said...

dear Anonymous,
It is a really good book and I am glad others have found their way to it too.
Scott recommends it and I am really glad he did.
God Bless you,