Thursday, September 13, 2012

Daily Headlines: The Status Of The World

The status of the world is on display in today's news - just like every day recently. More importantly, we are now seeing the 'rewards' of the Arab Spring, which was precipitated and funded by the U.S. We can now see how that is working out:

The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) National Terror Alert Response Center released a new terrorism threat warning entitled, “Egyptian-Iranian intelligence meeting prompts fears of a new Middle East terror axis.” According to yesterday’s release, U.S. intelligence monitored a secret meeting that confirmed the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo is working in consort with Iranian spies and “could begin covertly supporting global terrorism.”

So which is it? Is Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood the ally that Obama’s White House opened formal contracts with earlier this year, giving over $1 billion in military aid to? Or is it the group which called for protests in Egypt and Libya ending in the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, and according to DHS, is currently working to promote global terror with Iran?

While on the surface, the Arab Spring was supposedly “pro-democracy” and Egypt and Libya’s former leaders Hosni Mubarak and Muammar Gaddafi respectively were overthrown to “free” these nations’ people from oppressive dictatorships, it soon came to light that the United States helped to fund, train, and run the Al Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood that were linked to these revolutions in order to ultimately serve U.S. nation-building interests in both countries.

The U.S. has also backed Al Qaeda rebels in Syria, and our government has called multiple times for regime change there in its attempt to continue taking over the region.

As our offensive empire building continues across the Middle East, the White House is having a harder and harder time keeping its stories straight on who we support and why.

The policy that has hastened the political rise of Islamic radicalism and the attacks on diplomatic missions in Egypt and Libya in the wake of the so-called “Arab Spring” was hatched in the “ivory tower” of the Obama administration, charged talk-radio host Michael Savage today.

Savage pointed to three women in the Obama administration who helped advance the policy that ousted Libyan dictator Muammar Gadhafi and created the political vacuum in which radical jihadists attacked the U.S. Consulate today and killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and four others.

Secretary of Stare Hillary Clinton, Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice and Special Assistant to the President Samantha Power convinced Obama to go to war with Libya based not on American interests, but on a doctrine championed by leftist billionaire activist George Soros, Savage noted.

As WND has reported, “responsibility to protect” is based on the belief that sovereignty is a responsibility not a right and focuses on prevention of crimes against humanity rather than defending America’s borders.

“You’ve only seen the beginning of what’s coming,” Savage warned. “The tyranny they have unleashed in the Middle East will come home to haunt us here in this United States.”

Anti-American violence is spreading across the Middle East, with mobs rioting at US missions in Tunisia, Sudan and Morocco.

Hundreds of protesters rioted outside the U.S. embassy in Tunisia on Wednesday night. Police in the capital of Tunis were forced to fire teargas canisters at the mob when some 300 rioters stormed the American embassy compound. The rioters, however, were pushed back. Up to that point, the demonstration had been relatively peaceful, with demonstrators brandishing black and white Salafi Muslim banners.

Angry demonstrators also protested at the U.S. Embassy in Sudan, where an embassy official who requested anonymity said, “I do believe it was a few hundred. Our compound was not breached.”

Why? The regime that "we" wanted is now in power.

U.S. officials say the Pentagon is moving two warships to the Libyan coast, in the aftermath of the attack in Benghazi that killed the U.S. ambassador and three others.

Officials say one destroyer, the USS Laboon, moved to a position off the coast Wednesday, and the USS McFaul is en route and should be stationed off the coast within days. The officials say the ships, which carry Tomahawk missiles, do not have a specific mission. But they give commanders flexibility to respond to any mission ordered by the president.

The one-story villa that serves as the consulate was a burned-out wreck after the crowd armed with machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades rampaged through it. Slogans of “God is great” and “Muhammad is God’s Prophet” were scrawled across its scorched walls. Libyan civilians strolled freely in charred rooms with furniture and papers strewn everywhere.

Protesters angered by an anti-Islam film stormed the US Embassy compound in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, while in Egypt police clashed with some 200 protesters outside the US Embassy in Cairo.

Protesters also gathered in Iraq to protest the United States.

Before storming the embassy compound in Sanaa on Thursday, the demonstrators removed the embassy’s sign on the outer wall and set tires ablaze. Once inside the compound, they brought down the US flag and burned it.

The protesters were on the embassy’s grounds but did not enter the building housing the offices. They managed to smash windows and burn the security building at the entrance to the heavily-guarded compound.

Security guards opened fire, Reuters reported. There were reports of casualties on both sides. Photos on twitter showed locals looting computer equipment from the compound.

In Egypt, police fired tear gas outside the embassy, as protesters hurled firebombs, rocks and set fires. Some 20 people were reported injured in the clashes.

Wait a tick — I thought Europe was supposed to be broke? Where are they getting the cash for all of these bailouts and foreign aid? Via Reuters:

I do think encouraging economic growth and free trade is a great path for peace, but just throwing money at the problem isn’t necessarily going to solve it. The United States has been doling out foreign aid to a bunch of countries for years on end, but strangely, not all of them seem to feel all that ingratiated towards us. We’re currently giving Egypt more than $1 billion in aid, but maybe we need to reexamine that — as some House conservatives proposed today.

Just a day after we learned of the deadly attack on the US embassy in Benghazi, Libya, violence is breaking out at American diplomatic compounds across the region.

According to a CNN report, hundreds of unarmed protesters have gathered at the US Embassy in Sanaa, Yemen are trying to scale the walls outside of the complex. The CNN coverage states:

  • Approximately 1000 Yemeni security forces are outside the embassy walls
  • Yemen’s Interior Minster has warned that any violence by protesters will be met with force from Yemeni police
  • Warning shots have been fired into the air, but not at the protesters
  • Protests are expected to wane this afternoon, only to return on Friday (mass protests on Friday have been called for in Egypt and Libya as well)
As Yemeni security forces are claiming to have the situation at Sanaa under control, tensions in Egypt appear to be either holding at the same level or possibly increasing.

Many of us tried to warn Barack Obama that using militants from al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations to overthrow governments in the Middle East would not end well. The Obama administration has been so determined to get rid of some of these dictators in the Middle East that they have not even really stopped to think about who would be replacing them.

Our leaders assured us that those opposed to Mubarak and Gaddafi were "freedom fighters" that just wanted "liberty" and "democracy" in those countries. Well, of course it turns out that the folks that took control of both Egypt and Libya bear no resemblance to George Washington whatsoever.

Sadly, the last couple of days have been a huge wake up call for all of us. Radical Islamic militants stormed the U.S. embassy in Cairo, Egypt and replaced the American flag with the al-Qaeda flag. In Benghazi, Libya the U.S. consulate was attacked by a crowd equipped with guns, homemade bombs and rocket-propelled grenades. They torched the consulate, looted it, and killed the U.S. ambassador and three other U.S. officials. Apparently they are not as grateful for our help in "liberating" their homelands as the Obama administration thought they would be. Unfortunately, our politicians fundamentally misunderstand what is going on in the Middle East, and this is going to continue to lead to more policy errors.

You can find much more on the link between al-Qaeda and the rebel forces in Libya right here.

So we were shooting at them in Iraq but we supplied them with weapons and gave them air support in Libya?

What kind of nonsense is that?

The truth is that the U.S. government has absolutely no idea what it is doing in the Middle East.

And it looks like more trouble is ahead.

Iran's Armageddon cult now has Obama at its mercy. After appeasing the sadistic regime in Tehran for almost four years Obama only has to make it through the next two months without the Middle East blowing up, and he's set for life. This is the last electoral test of his career, and maybe also the first real election he's ever had to endure.

Obama's political bind puts the mullahs in charge for the next two months, rushing to an irreversible grab for nuclear weapons. Obama will not do anything to stop them, because that would mean taking a career risk. He has never taken a risk that might endanger his political career. Never.

As a result, the United States has all the capability for destroying Iranian nuclear weapons before they break out, but we won't use our might, because Obama cares about himself more than the safety of the world. Israel is a pawn in this game, but the real stakes are the Muslim Ascendancy -- world power for the rising nuclear caliphates of the Muslim Middle East: Egypt, Turkey and Iran.

Israel is the scapegoat for a rising great power struggle, in which the left has taken sides against civilization. If that seems harsh, read Paul Johnson's life of Winston Churchill or Niall Ferguson's fine book Civilization: The West and the Rest --- and you see it happening again, right in front of our eyes. The Russians, the Muslims and the Chinese read history. Liberals don't read history, because they prefer to live in delusion. It's a choice.

Thirty years ago Khomeini suckered Jimmy Carter and Zbig Brzezinski in Iran until he was ready to humiliate them. The US Embassy occupation was Khomeini's way of humiliating the United States, to show we were a paper tiger. Then Reagan took over and the US diplomats were released in record time. The mullahs are sadistic, but they backed down in the face of overwhelming power. Obama won't use the only kind of power they will recognize, so that the Saudis, who hate the mullahs, are being driven into their arms.

Today the mullahs have Obama in a Zugzwang, a double bind. He can't act against them because they've got his number by now. He can't afford not to act, because millions of sleeping US voters might finally wake up to his dangerous failures in the Middle East, not to mention our faltering economy. Rather than driving events, Obama has been cornered.

In typical Obama fashion he is blaming the victim, the people of Israel. BHO has always been on the side of Third World dictatorships. Three years after his famous speech from Al Azhar University in Cairo, swinging the United States behind the Islamist Ascendancy, the United States Embassy in Cairo has been sacked by a mob. Syria is killing its own people with the active help of Iran and Russia. All over the Muslim world hateful Islamist throwbacks are taking over. Guess who is to blame? Yes.

And while we're on it - how is the "land for peace" thing (another liberal doctrine) working out?

Today marks seven years and more than nine thousand deadly rocket attacks since nearly 10,000 Jews were ripped from their homes in Gaza.

In the time since the government of Israel officially withdrew from the region in the 2005 Disengagement from Gaza, Palestinian Authority Arab terror organizations have flourished there.

They have fired 9,393 rockets and missiles at Israeli civilians living on the other side of the border with Gaza.

In 2005, Israel expelled every Jewish family from every town in the Gush Katif region and from northern Samaria. Also withdrawn were all Israeli military forces.

In the 23 towns that had once supported vibrant communities, numerous well-equipped greenhouses were left to the Arab residents of Gaza, purchased for their new owners by generous donors who hoped they would provide a budding economy for a nascent new nation.

Instead, within hours PA Arab terrorists contemptuously trashed the buildings and built terrorist training camps upon the ruins of the towns in which they were located.

The ruins of the Jewish communities of Gaza today serve as launching pads for Arab terrorists to fire their deadly missiles at Jewish families living in southern Israel.

"Seven years ago today we disengaged from the Gaza Strip,” commented the IDF Spokesperson on Thursday in a Facebook post that featured a special poster depicting two Gaza terrorists preparing a missile to fire at Israel.

"Share to show the world Israel's true neighbors. Share this, because mainstream media won't.”

Also in the news:

The president of the European Commission called for the EU to be turned into a "federation of nation states" in a sweeping demand for countries to surrender more sovereignty and move towards full integration.

"Let's not be afraid of the words: We will need to move towards a federation of nation states. This is our political horizon. This is what must guide our work in the years to come," he said in his annual "state of the union" address.

"A democratic federation of nation states that can tackle our common problems, through the sharing of sovereignty in a way that each country and its citizens are better equipped to control their own destiny."

Barroso said that in an age of globalisation, the EU would struggle to compete unless it was prepared to pool its sovereignty and act as one.

The House on Wednesday reauthorized for five years broad electronic eavesdropping powers that legalized and expanded the George W. Bush administration’s warrantless wiretapping program.

The FISA Amendments Act, (.pdf) which is expiring at year’s end, allows the government to electronically eavesdrop on Americans’ phone calls and e-mails without a probable-cause warrant so long as one of the parties to the communication is believed outside the United States. The communications may be intercepted “to acquire foreign intelligence information.”

The government has also interpreted the law to mean that as long as the real target is al-Qaida, the government can wiretap purely domestic e-mails and phone calls without getting a warrant from a judge. That’s according to David Kris, a former top anti-terrorism attorney at the Justice Department.

Human cases of West Nile virus disease are continuing to increase.

As of Tuesday, state health departments have reported at least 2,636 cases; 118 of them fatal, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

These figures are the highest they've been through the second week of September for any year since 2003 in terms of total cases reported. Public health officials say aggressive random testing in 2003 boosted the overall figures for that year, but the number of severe cases in 2012 is the highest reported this time of year since West Nile virus was first detected in the U.S. in 1999.

"We still believe that this year's outbreak is the largest to date and certainly the most serious," said Dr. Lyle Petersen, director of the CDC's Division of Vector-Borne Infectious Diseases.

Although the exact reasons behind the severity of this year's outbreak remain unclear, experts believe unusually high temperatures may have been a contributing factor.

“President Obama has treated the Constitution’s separation of powers as if it were a matter of convenience that may be ignored when it gets in his way,” Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), a former constitutional attorney and Supreme Court clerk, said in his testimony to the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday.

“Rather than cooperating with Congress or respecting the Constitution’s separation of powers, he has in many instances chosen to go it alone and in the process has exceeded the proper bounds of executive power,” he said.

The committee held a hearing Wednesday titled, “The Obama Administration’s Abuses of Power,” which some Democrats on the committee called incendiary. For his part, Obama has made numerous executive actions, with a slogan, “We Can’t Wait,” referring to congressional action.


Caver said...

Laugh or cry? Well, ya just gotta wonder

Has the Arab Spring

turned into

The American Fall

Yea, I know. A bad play on words. Listening to the unvarnished news on Glen Beck and this is all out of the George Soros playbook on other countries and intelligence says the attacks on our embassies will spread over the Arab world. This is the result of the Arab Spring Obozo started and encouraged.

nathan said...

Well , about 7-8 months ago there was a slowdown in the news after the tumultuous year 2011 . And i stated (along with others) that this was the loosening of birth pangs before the next round of even tighter contractions . Well its hear .

Watching the news last night gave me that same feeling i had when the Arab Spring was just getting started and you watched in amazement as it spread . Its happening again but this time its against us .

Its almost a surreal feeling to see all the events unfolding at lightning speed .

On a seperate note : There has been a warning from Jesus that i've had on my mind for sometime but couldn't find it in the Bible. The verse about "many killing others thinking they are doing so in Gods favor" AKA : "ALLAH HU AKBAR" . So i opened up my Bible to search for it this morning and the very first page i turned to was John 16 (the exact verse i've been thinking of) It gave me chills . I love when that happens .

ChristineInCleveland said...

I live in a suburb of Cleveland that has the biggest mosque in the state of Ohio. It even has been investigated in the past with links to terrorist organizations. When I see women walking around my city wearing burkas, my gut kind of contracts.... And I wonder, if the word comes to attack, won't it also harm their own people here? Or will they only hit random places where the most Americans congregate, like malls or downtown buildings...? Just something nagging at the back of my mind....

annie said...

Hi Christine, Yes, of course it would hurt there own people..but the mullas dont care. People are expendable with radical muslims. My gut also tells me that because of their burkas, you sure can hide alot of explosives!! I feel if you live in a big city, they will be hit is an honor to die as a martyr...:(

Caver said...

OK, slight derailment....the prophetic implications of the following sentence is the blindness and good = evil of the last days. This is from The Blaze and a Chicago Dr. running for really need to go to the link. She delivers this so much more eloquently than the mere typed word.

"...“So, let me get this straight (this is a long sentence), we’re going to be gifted with a healthcare plan we are forced to purchase, and fined if we don’t, which purportedly covers at least ten million more people, without adding a single new doctor, but provides for 16,000 new IRS agents, written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn’t understand it, passed by a congress that didn’t read it, but exempted themselves from it, and signed by a president who smokes, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn’t pay his taxes, for which we will be taxed for four years before any benefits take effect, by a government which has already bankrupted Social Security and Medicare, all to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and financed by a country that’s broke. So what the blank could possibly go wrong?”

Scott said...

Yep - I think you have it right Caver....Sad but true

Dutch Treat said...

Caver, what's this country coming to when we can murder a baby in the womb and call it freedom of choice, yet we don't have that same choice whether we want to purchase health care or not. I think you know the answer; and if the Bible didn't predict these things, we'd all go nuts. Thanks be to God we know how it ends.

Caver said...

Amen Dutch. Amen.

Anonymous said...
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