Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Evening Update From The Epicenter

The afternoon news is starting to become as robust as the morning news. Just today we see the following:

Israeli officials were taken aback on Monday when the Obama Administration, which had previously vowed to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear weapons, insisted that it would set no deadlines for Iranian compliance with international demands.

"We're not setting deadlines," US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told reporters after being asked how Washington would respond to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's insistence that the West must do more to halt Iran's defiant nuclear program.

"Without a firm and clear red line, Iran won't stop its race for a nuclear weapon," an unnamed Israeli government official told The Times of Israel. "Words like these don't only not deter Iran, they calm it."

The official's remarks echoed Netanyahu's warning earlier this week that the lack of international determination was only encouraging Iran to continue its quest for nuclear arms.

Speaking to Israel's Arutz Sheva radio station, former Israeli ambassador to the US Zalman Shoval said it was time for Israel to realize that, "as usual, we are alone" in dealing with this new threat.

Even after the public dust-up with Washington over setting red lines for Iran, and a middle of the night telephone conversation Wednesday with US President Barack Obama, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will continue to push the world to set benchmarks for the Islamic Republic, The Jerusalem Post learned Wednesday.

The attack on an American consulate building in Libya that left the ambassador and three other Americans dead may have been a planned operation by a group linked to al-Qaeda timed to coincide with the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, sources in the US and Libya said Wednesday.

Sources in Libya told CNN that al-Qaeda operatives carried out the attack in revenge for a slain terrorist operative, using the release of an anti-Islam movie as a pretext for the chaos.

Protesters stormed the US Consulate in Benghazi late Tuesday night, setting fire to the building and killing Ambassador Chris Stevens as well as three other staffers.

The four were reportedly killed when fired at by a rocket-propelled grenade, part of a planned attack on the compound by two waves of gunmen.

According to Israel’s Channel 2 news analyst Ehud Yaari, the attack was planned to coincide with September 11, the anniversary of al-Qaeda’s attack on the US 11 years earlier, and was carried out in revenge for the killing of Abu Yahya al-Libi by US forces in June.

Hours before the attack, al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri released a video confirming Libi’s death and calling for his blood to be avenged. Yaari added that Zawahiri’s brother Mohammed, recently released from an Egyptian prison, may have had a hand in planning the attack as well.

Terrorism analyst and Act for America President Brigitte Gabriel says the attacks on the U.S. embassy in Libya and an apparent mob riot at the U.S. property in Egypt actually were coordinated, and more may be coming.

“Jihadists are organizing together and they’re communicating with one another through the Internet. They have their own websites. So basically, through their networks, we are seeing the Muslim Brotherhood rising all across the Middle East. The Muslim Brotherhood has had an active presence for the last 30 years,” she told WND today following the murder of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others in Libya.

Further, a report by the WTOP broadcast outlet agreed, explaining the news outlet’s sources were talking about other operations, including that the attacks did not “appear to be a random mob scene, but rather an opportunity that militants seized.”

“The attackers used a rocket-propelled grenade, a weapon not traditionally carried by protesters, but commonly used by terrorists,” the report. said.

An Egyptian citizen who lives in Cairo and who asked not to be named for security reasons agrees that the attack was not spontaneous.

“It was orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood and the MB youth and Salafists,” the Cairo resident told WND. “There were about 1,000 protesters during the height of the protest.”

“Planning for this attack has been going on for a while,” Shoebat added. He said an attack on an embassy on September 11 was more than a coincidence.

“They chose 9/11 to basically insult America. ‘We are all al-Qaida,’ is what was chanted. The object is to force the American government to create law to stop anyone who criticizes Islam,” Shoebat said.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak will travel to the United States next week to meet with officials about Iran.

According to a Wednesday night report on Channel 10 news, Barak will visit the US to participate in a conference hosted by former US president Bill Clinton. While there, the minister will meet with officials to discuss strategies for dealing with the Iranian nuclear program.

The report did not say with whom Barak will meet, or when the meetings were first scheduled.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Wednesday that the murderous attacks on U.S. diplomatic missions in Libya and Egypt were "criminalterrorist attacks directed against the free world and the entire Western world."

"The United States, the leader of the free world, is at the forefront of the battle against radical Islamic terrorism which did not begin today," he wrote on his Facebook page. "The fact these attacks occurred the day after the eleventh anniversary of the September 11th attacks proves that this is a long and difficult battle against people who sow death and destruction as an ideology, only the excuse changes each time."

"The rioters who attacked the U.S. embassies are people who want to impose their opinions and beliefs at any cost. Freedom of speech and thought are concepts which they hope will disappear from the world along with Western culture as a whole."

"The State of Israel shares the grief of the American people on the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the other embassy employees, and stands beside the United States in its struggle to protect the free world against terrorism," he concluded.


Caver said...

Breaking news you won't hear on Breaking News.

Was listening to GBTV as I was wrapping up the days work in the office.

We've all heard that Obama don't like going to the daily security briefings. In fact he only makes thirty some percent of them.

Well, he couldn't be bothered with such a mundane event last night. He wasn't there.

Part of the briefing was a warning of exactly what happened to our embassy and personnel. If he had been there, he could have ordered heavier security and 4 Americans would be alive tonight.

One final tid bit, that film did NOT spark reaction riots. It had been out and posted on YouTube for a while. Yesterday was selected specifically as the day of outrage because of the anniversary.

Get energized folks, we got to throw this guy out.Register & vote.

Dylan said...

Hey look what Obama ditched Netanyahu for: The Late Show With David Letterman.
Here's the link.,7340,L-4280699,00.html

Caver said...

Geepers, well priorities are priorities.

WV, guy I just saw your question on the other post. You asked about a coup, and I have no idea. Personally, I think a number will follow orders and a number will gather in bands and make a break with large amounts of weapons if they can.......if it gets that far.

Really.....I have NO idea how this is going to come down. The military does have ways of making sure everybody is in groups that make it harder for individual or small group action to break away.

Interesting times, for sure.

Mike said...

John 13: 34-35:

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

and Matthew 7:20:

"Thus, by their fruit you will recognized them."

I dont think I would be misinterpreting scripture if I were to say that I believe this would include blog comments.

May God speak to ALL who come here as professing Christians.....that we will know you....


Mike said...

Looks like that was handled by Scott....thank you! In that case, let us all heed God's words as we communicate here.....

Nathan said...

Well its spreading to Tunisia now (The arab winter has begun) . Anyone notice the pattern ? Egypt-Libya-Tunisia ? Sound familiar ? Thats the exact same order the Arab Spring started . Next stop Algeria .

So if it was Al Qaeda , think about this . We are fighting them in Afghanistan , funding them in Syria , and being attacked by them in Libya ? When did the world stop making sense ?

But at least Mursi hasn't made one mention of an apology while being invited to the White House and Israel gets snubbed . I'm sorry for the language but Obama is a prick .


Caver said...

Amen Mike. Amen

Caver said...

Echo your sentiments but in more biblical terms, at least to me, Obama is the modern day Judas.

Oh well, guess someone had to be....and he fits the bill so perfectly.

Hubae said...

Please Scott BLOCK anyone who takes the Lord's name in vain. Stephen this is can you be a professing Christian and say this not once but twice in the past few days. You really need a lot of prayer. Just a reminder Stephen God doesn't need a dam He can walk on water!

Anonymous said...

Stephen, you just took the Lord's name in vain. Its gotten to the point that between the name calling, the accusations, the ranting, the arguements,(not just from you Stephen) that its not a pleasing, Christ centered place to come....the comment section anyway. Scott, your news and information are invaluable but the comment section...not so much. I think I'll quite reading them.

Mike said...

In these last days, Satan and his minions are in overdrive. He is attacking from all sides, with everything he has. His first priority is Christians, and Christian fellowship. This is an example right here on this blog.

People, we need to not let Satan provoke us to cause dissension among the fellowship of believers, whether it be here, or in our own churches.

Point blank answer to one question posed by the above (soon to be deleted) post....when you consistently use the Lord's name in vain, and use profanity, and taunt and calls names, then you can be assured of being deleted.

I was getting quite discouraged about reading comments lately, but have decided to combat my discouragement with prayer, and positive feedback.

May the Holy Spirit be on your heart, to the person I am referring to. No need to names names, you know who I am referring to. You will be in my prayers.


Scott said...

As I've said before, I don't have the time to monitor a message board. Don't really have the desire either. Its easiest and most efficient for me to delete threads, categorically. But I don't have the time to constantly monitor the comments section, and usually when I get to it, things have started to die down and I hate to throw more gas on the fire by saying anything. And If I do say anything, I'll be accused of having 'favorites', an idea which is too silly to even discuss rationally - for all the obvious reasons. So I try to not weigh in or get involved because its a "lose-lose" for me (and this is assuming that I would have time to do so anyway).

So my options are to close down the comments section, which I really don't want to do and the fact that well over 90% of comments are interesting, germane and thought provoking. The second option would be to moderate all comments - but often by the time I get to it, the comments are pertinent to "old" news and it loses some of its punch. The third option is to hope for the best and get to it when I can - and if I see a long thread thats bad, I just delete the whole thing.

Scott said...

Plus (and I'm not trying to be 'cute' here - but I'm so focused on the current events (and I tend to get pretty focused) - I don't spend a lot of time looking beyond the tunnel vision of current events vs biblical prophecy, and then, more importantly, focusing on and preparing for His coming. Distractions from that purpose have a difficult time getting on my radar :)

JD Siegel said...

I was thinking on this Libyan ambassador's killing with his 3 staff members: if Obama does NOTHING and does not act, couldn't it cost him the election? Wouldn't the American people DEMAND action. From their president? And if he sees he is losing the election and the votes, I wonder if he wouldn't be ambitious enough to orchestrate something to give a reason to cancel the elections all together?

David said...

Hey, Scott,

How about giving some people that are responsible admin. Rights. That would help you keep the site Christian based.

David. (Fellow Tar-heel)

Scott said...

That is something I have been considering - thanks - from a fellow tar-heel :) Indeed :)

Hubae said...

Oh no not a tar heel....go!!!! Sorry Scott if y'all are from NC we may have a rivalry come basketball season!!! I too am from NC and am a die hard dukie!!!!! ;-)