Monday, September 10, 2012

Daily Headlines: The Mosaic Of War

This first article summarizes the overall situation that is rapidly emerging in the Middle East and thus the world today:

On September 28th, Obama and Netanyahu will meet at the UN. But adding insult to injury, Ahmadinejad will address the UN on Yom Kippur – Israel’s Day of Atonement and their highest holy day. What a monstrous insult to Israel.

A worldwide caliphate is forming once again with Iran at or near the center of the vortex. The Muslim Brotherhood is in control, with a great deal of help from Barack Obama while he stays true to his Muslim roots and keeps pushing taquiyya to the infidels in America. The American President is pushing diplomacy between Israel and Iran just long enough for Iran to get fully armed to wipe Israel off the face of the planet. He is clearly anti-Israel and pro-Islam. Obama spouts support for Israel while ensuring her demise and propping up her enemies. Talk about two-faced. And Netanyahu has had just about enough of Obama’s lies and deceptions.

Time is very short now and tiny Israel is going to have to decide when to fight. She will not wait for America – she can’t afford to. Her survival is at stake. As Danny Danon, the MK of Israel has said, an ally is someone who takes action. This is laid at Obama’s feet, not the American people:

Americans should also consider the very real possibility of an attack on the US. Last week, Iran stated that shortly they would be stationing their navy just outside of US waters. All the better to hit us with an EMP or 3. But, they don’t need a navy… a cargo ship would do nicely.

Then comes the warm and fuzzy news that Iran is prepared to launch terrorist attacks from South Americaagainst us. You know, that land mass we have been studiously ignoring and hoping it would just go away… Well, it didn’t. From WND:

As reported earlier this year, terror cells have been placed on high alert to attack targets in the U.S. and Europe should Iran be attacked. Hundreds of terror cells have infiltrated America and, in collaboration with Hezbollah, are awaiting orders to strike American targets.

Thousands of cells have also been placed in Latin America.

“The Quds Force has established a command and control center in both Bolivia and Venezuela,” a former Iranian official with knowledge of the regime’s terror network recently revealed. “Though it has presence in Europe and other parts of the world, it has focused on Latin America. Thousands of such cells have been placed in Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Venezuela.”

A recent report from within Nicaragua indicated that Iran has established a training base in the northern part of that country, where operatives, including Hezbollah terrorists, are being readied for an attack on U.S. and Israeli interests should a war break out with Iran.

Hassan Abassi, a former Guard commander and a current strategist, has stated that many of the cells are of Latin American origin, including from Mexico, and that several hundred targets have been identified in the U.S. for a possible attack.

Remember, we are the Great Satan and Israel is the Little Satan. Guess who is number one on the radical Islamist apocalyptic dance card?

A multitude of geopolitical tiles compose the mosaic of war… are we prepared for the fight of our lives? As the final “work of art” takes shape, and the seemingly unrelated squares of color and hue, of darkness and light, of hope and despair take their places in the greater picture, and the image begins to coalesce from a thousand apparently isolated dots, what is it we see when the rendering is complete?

Welcome to the beginning of World War III.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is expected to address the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, September 26, which also happens to be Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu recently said that he will leave for New York after the conclusion of Yom Kippur. He is scheduled to meet with President Barack Obama on September 27, although sources said the date is subject to change due to the President's campaign schedule.

Netanyahu is likely to address the General Assembly the next day.

The Prime Minister’s decision to address the U.N. came a day after Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei spoke at the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit in Tehran, calling Israelis “ferocious Zionist wolves who digest the Palestinian people.”

"In Tehran today, the representatives of 120 countries heard a blood libel against the State of Israel and were silent,” Netanyahu said at the time.

“This silence must stop. Therefore, I will go to the UN General Assembly and, in a clear voice, tell the nations of the world the truth about Iran's terrorist regime, which constitutes the greatest threat to world peace," the Prime Minister asserted.

In an article published in the Syrian Jouhaina (JP News) news website, Kafah al-Nasr pointed to Israel's threats against Iran's nuclear facilities and Zionist officials' dream of waging an attack against Iran, and stressed that Iran enjoys the capability to repel Israel's aerial threats.

As regards Iran's retaliation against Israel's potential aggression, Nasr said Iran's missile capability is much stronger than that of Israel's, and stated, "Destroying the Dimona nuclear facility in Israel is easier than destroying any Iranian (uranium) enrichment center."

"Despite all defensive measures, the Zionist regime's air defense is not able to shield Israel against missiles and can only trace just half of the incoming (Iranian) missiles and intercept only one fourth of these missiles. Thus, destruction of Dimona would be inevitable."

Nasr noted that Iran can also hit six other nuclear power plants in Israel, in addition to Dimona.

In an unusual move, a U.A.E. security official explicitly threatened Iran with military action if the Islamic Republic attacks targets in the Arab Emirates through clandestine terror squads.

Speaking on Sunday to the al-Arabiya network, the chief of Dubai's police force Dhahi Khalfan Tamim said that the U.A.E. had solid information indicating that Iranian teams have infiltrate into the emirates, saying that "the Gulf won't sit still in the face of Iranian threats.

The U.A.E. security official's comments represent unprecedentedly aggressive remarks in the history of bilateral relations between the emirates and Iran, coming amid increased tensions between Tehran and Dubai over the control of a group of islands in the Persian Gulf.

The US will not set deadlines for Iran and still considers negotiations and sanctions the best way to halt it from developing nuclear weapons, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Sunday.

The comments were sure to disappoint Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week welcomed reports that the US was considering setting out “red lines” which, if crossed by Iran, would trigger US military action.

Asked if the Obama administration will lay out sharper “red lines” for Iran or state explicitly the consequences for Tehran of its failing to negotiate a deal with world powers over its nuclear program by a certain date, Clinton told Bloomberg, “We’re not setting deadlines.”

The possibility of the US announcing its “red lines” on Iran had appeared to be playing a role in calming tensions in the last few days between Israel and the US, which have been publicly at odds in recent weeks over how best to halt the Islamic republic’s nuclear drive.

The following article is a nice reference to have around and summarizes all of the key players involved in the Iranian situation:

Speaking at the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation Summit in Vladivostok, Russia, the head of the International Monetary Fund said the US tax increases and spending cuts that come into effect in the new year, were one of the largest risks to the global economy.

She also named the eurozone crisis and medium-term public financing, as the two other greatest risk factors.

Her comments came as jitters grew over China, the global engine of growth, as it said its factories ran last month at their slowest rate for three years. It is the latest sign of a deepening slowdown in the world’s second-largest economy.

Below, we have Hal Lindsey's latest video update and it is definitely worth watching:


Mrs.C said...

Hillary comes to this "announcement", just after visiting Russia & China? Its so blatantly obvious, the disdain this WH imposter has for Israel and the Jewish People all along. What else to expect from this serpent as He works for the Enemy of God. There are many surrounding nations that are now horrified that there are no longer ANY “deadlines”! Ovimit has NEVER understood foreign policy, ESPECIALLY in the ME! This is such treachery!!!
Petraeus – Israel would endanger U.S. Troops

Dempsey – says he didn’t want to be “complicit”

Pannetta – said Israel should just “get to the d--n table”

Ovomit has Bibi disgracefully brought to the WH in a van, and makes him enter through the rear door of the WH. THEN leaves Bibi alone while he went and ate dinner!
There was also the time when Ovomit announces to the world that Israel should return to the 67 borders, sandbagging Bibi while he was traveling to Washington DC.

Now we have the Useless Nations, allowing Imanutinadinnerjacket to speak his anti-Semitic rants on of all days, Rosh Hashanah? Bibi is now in a position where they will have to act, in the ME it is a different mentality, you have to show strength to survive. Bibi now knows what he has to do.
Oh my goodness, Bibi and all of Israel needs to be lifted up in Prayer in a mighty way to God! Israel is alone, just as Gods Word said they would be…

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem” — Psalm 122:6a

Gwenny said...

Did DHS receive a large shipment of ammonium nitrate on August 31st, 2012? I must have missed those articles. Any truth to them and for what purpose?

Douglas said...

Mrs. C I could not agree with you more. Obama cannot hide his disgust for Israel, or his support for the Muslim Brotherhood. Israel is indeed surrounded by enemies, and Israel's closest ally the U.S. no longer has his back. I'm starting to wonder how reliable some of those in the Israeli government are, as the bickering continues.

Scott said...


How many times am I going to have to ask you to stop the taunting?

annie said...

Thank you for your concern on this matter Scot....I have been praying on this all day today.

Mike said...

Thank you from me also has been strain to hold my tongue, but I am committed to it. And I am with you Annie.....:)


Mrs.C said...

Brother Scott, :)
If you could please when you have a chance, delete the offending posts on another thread down below. They are the posts that "s" made intentionally to attack and set Brother Stephen off, again . "S" is on a roll again, just obessed with attacking Brother Stephen, and Caver and anyone else for that matter. The thread has 23 posts.Thanks Brother
God Bless!

Sunday Headlines:
Iran Threatens To Bring War To U.S. Shores
Sunday, September 09, 2012

Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs C

You should be ashamed of yourself for being so vindictive. YOU are a twisted trouble maker of the worst kind - you enjoy it. My comment to Stephen was totally valid and STILL he ignores Scotts request to stop while YOU encourage him.

As I find your posts extremely offensive, as do others, perhaps Scott will also be good enough to delete the offending comment above?

I am avowed and determined to stop being frightened of you. You have literally terrorised the life out of me and I didn't know I was a coward until you started spitting your venom. 'Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord, I will repay' I leave you in His capable hands.

Now get of my back and LEAVE ME ALONE and all the Anons you keep abusing by your fleshly guessing and spiteful hate attacks. Totally sick, you are.


(I’m getting there, I hope to be confident enough to soon add another letter and stop hiding from the vendetta raging on this blog. – you find that pathetic Mrs C? Well so do I, but it’s the best I can do until I seek The Lord for more of His strength to stand up to your constant bullying).

Caver said...

Ya know, I just gotta shake my head in wonderment.

What was it now, almost 3 years ago, Pastor Lindsey Williams described almost exactly what we are seeing today as our future. Before the Egyptian riots ever started I believe he made 4 predictions based on "insider" info passed to him.

1. The ME would be destabilized and the countries, in order, would be Egypt, Libya, Syria, and finally Saudi Arabia.
2. The puppet Muslim Brotherhood would be installed in power.
3. Oil would be driven to $150-$200 a barrel, and then plenty of oil would be available....and much from the US
4. The world's economy would be driven into the ground with a huge wealth transfer to those shadow figures pulling all the strings. Hard assets, like gold, silver, farm land, and food would be the only things to survive and maintain, or grow, in value.

And its all happening.

And many marvel at the evil behind the scenes.

Yet, we were told of these things over 2000 years ago in the only book that has survived this time span and still thrives....yet it and it alone is discounted.

We serve an awesome God!

Waterer said...

Who is Lindsey Williams?

Scott said...

He has a lot of informative news and information pertainin to end times events - look him up on youtube, or when I ge a chance I'll find some links to his stuff. he's been amazingly accurate in his informaton

Mrs.C said...

Hi Brother Scott, :)
Perhaps you missed it, but could you please remove "S" post a few posts up on this thread. It is Sue (as she now admits- no surprise)and she is attacking and sewing strife once again. Apparently she did like you deleting her posts were she attacked Brother Stephen.

GoD Bless You Brother!

Caver said...

Hi Miss Waterer,

Lindsey was a Baptist Pastor in the Alaskan Oil Fields very early on. To make a very long story way too short, he befriended some of the real powers behind the scenes.

Through the years, these folk have given Lindsey a heads up on what's coming down the pike....especially now that they're old and dying.

Mike said...

Just a little side note on Lindsey....the warnings and information that he has most recently revealed is information that lines up with several other very credible sources. I'm not gonna say what it is, or who the other sources are, cus that is left up to individual inquiry and discernment. But IMHO, it doesnt hurt to consider what could be a very plausible scenario in the very near future, and to be prepared. If nothing comes of it, then great, but my thought is to always be prepared....

This is where everyone needs to do their own research....and make their own conclusions.

My foil hat is snug on my head, but ya'll have to get your own....;)


Anonymous said...

Mrs C

I am admitting to NOTHING! Y

ou are spinning a web of lies and deceit and blaming me for things I have NO KNOWLEDGE of! I am away from the internet for long periods of time, and when I come back, your tirade and rampage has continued without me as you insult other bloggers left, right and centre.

I repeat, I apologised to Scott for the way I made my comments, fear made me panic, and I was stupid BUT I SAID NOTHING WRONG. Scott accepted my apology and said there was ‘no need’ for one. Yet you are determined to keep muck spreading and dig up past events, most of which are all in your imagination.

You have ignored Scott’s requests to be a ‘peacemaker’ to forgive and move on, while your one-time false expression of ‘love’ for me fell miserably at the first hurdle which proved it was human and not Divine as it should be.

This is the most un-Christian conduct I have ever witnessed, it is hate you are twisted with, born from a root of bitterness sprouting from a cold, graceless heart, but I refuse to be intimidated by you any longer.

All your temper and aggression stems from the simple fact that you have no valuable grasp of the New Testament and you feel threatened when confronted with Doctrine. You and Caver can change that by devoting time to Ecclesiology and general Doctrine while pouring over the Truth in God's WRITTEN Word, systematically, verse by verse. Calvary Chapel could help you there.

Sue (Expected Imminently)

sally said...

Sue...I think those of us that have been on here long enough know how Mrs c tends to over react and jumpp to conclusions. My sincere aadvice to you would be to just ignore her comments directed to you.....seems like everyone has moved on exccept Mrs. C. Be the bigger person and don't continue to give her the satisfaction of continueing the argument with her. God bless!

Mike said...

Like sands through the are the.....nevermind....

I love ya Sally, I love ya Sue, I love ya Mrs.C, I love ya Stephen, I love ya Scott, I love ya Caver, I love ya Ally, I love ya Annie....(I could go on, but I will leave dozens out....just insert your name here)

I dont agree with all of ya....but I love you all....and would never say a thing to upset anyone....we are all here for one purpose, to fellowship and to discuss and await the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Lets keep focused people.....:)

Which reminds me of a song by War.....Why cant we be friends, why can we be can finish it up......

Love you all...


Waterer said...

Thanks for the heads up on Lindsey Williams. I will look him up.

Am praying for a new beginning for the blog folk. All of us want so much to be bringing the Lord honor in even internet relationships. They are surprisingly difficult perhaps because of the prince of the power of the air.We do not war against flesh and blood but realms of spiritual darkness.
Surely if we were all in the same room we would insist on prayer and tender hearts for understanding.

The one prayer Jesus prayed for us that should be HUGE in our thoughts is that we would be one as He and the Father are One. That the way we love each other would show and prove to the world that we are His.

Can we not come to some agreement that gets us past this fear and fighting thing?

He is as close as the word in our mouths.. SUrely He is as close as the word in our fingertips too.

Closing out this thread ( for my part) with a hymn..
One day when heaven was filled with His glory,
one day when sin was dark as could be.
Jesus came down to be born of a virgin,
Dwelt among men, my example is He.
Living He loved me,
dying He saved me
Buried he carried my sin far away!
Rising He justified, freely forever.
one day He's coming


Mike said...

Awesome song Waterer...I LOVE that one! Also, one we just did on Sunday on the worship team.....I Can Only Imagine......

Dont have all the words in front of me, and i am too tired to type em anyway...;)

Just 'sing it amongst yourselves'....:)


Anonymous said...

Hello Sally
Good advice is always welcome and I agree with you. I had decided to do as you suggest, but I am making an old mistake by being on-line after my meds - its all a bit much and I can't sleep. Time here is 3.35 and I have to be up early, so a few kind words are needed and very welcome. I shall shut up now and say no more.

Goodnight, God bless and thanks to you and Mike, and I shall endeavour to do as Waterer requsts


annie said...

Sue, I hope you had a good nights sleep. We need our sleep so we can do a good job for our Lord the following day. Praying for you. Love you Sue. Hope to meet you someday Sue (in heaven). God bless you, and all my fellow members who love the Lord! :)

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Annie

Thank you for your kindness and especially the prayers. God bless

annie said...

It looks like our plea for the oppressive spirit to leave will not happen...I cannot understand it either. So, we need to try to rise above it, ask for God's wisdom to deal with it. And of course prayer. There are so many good people on this blog, and so knowledgeable!!! I have been uplifted by the bloggers on here. One day we can ask Jesus himself why he allowed one person to antaganize us on this blog...but I think we won't care!! All I know is Jesus is coming so very soon! I can feel his breath on my cheek! We need to focus on HIM! and HIM alone...God bless you fellow bloggers, hope to meet you so very soon! Love to all...