Wednesday, May 4, 2011

EU Wins New Powers at UN: The Rise of World Unions?

This is a significant article and it may mark the beginning of the rise of the world unions. Don't forget, we are rapidly approaching the "10 Kings phase" of biblical prophecy - the very last stage before the rise of the antichrist and the last stage in human government which will also be in existence during the Tribulation.

Many prophecy watchers believe that the various "World Unions" will end up as 10 such unions and serve as the biblical "10 Kings".

Today's news bolsters that view:

EU wins new powers at UN, transforming global body

EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy will now be able to address the United Nations no differently from US President Barack Obama, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez or Russia's Dimitri Medvedev.

In order to win the vote, the EU had to agree to changes to the global organisation that transforms the UN from an assembly of nation states into a body that also offers representation rights to regional blocs as well, including potentially the African Union, the Arab League and the South American Union.

This is a huge development - one that should be watched carefully. It certainly should not be ignored:

The EU on Tuesday was given almost all the rights in the global chamber that fully-fledged states enjoy after the General Assembly backed 180 to two a resolution giving the bloc, which until this week only maintained observer status at the UN, the union the right to speak, the right to make proposals and submit amendments, the right of reply, the right to raise points of order and the right to circulate documents.

The following bit of information is even more stunning:

There will also be additional seats put in the chamber for the EU's foreign policy chief, High Representative Catherine Ashton and her officials.

Ashton and her team have lobbied heavily over the last six months, according to her representatives, with a major offensive in the last 48 hours by the high representative herself in New York, to push through the changes after the EU was dealt a surprise defeat last September when other regional blocs voted against a similar resolution.

She declared herself "delighted" at the win, which, she said: "will in future enable EU representatives to present and promote the EU's positions in the UN."

Indeed it will.

In order to win over these refuseniks, the EU had to back an amendment to the resolution, put forward by Hungary - currently at the helm of the bloc's six-month rotating presidency - that gives these other blocs the same rights Brussels has won, should they ask for them.

Another "wow". This paves the way for the other unions to gain equal power within the UN, identical to the EU.

"Following the request on behalf of a regional organisation which has observer status in the general assembly and whose member states have agreed arrangements that allow that organisation's representatives to speak on behalf of the organisation and its member states, then the general assembly may adopt modalities for the participation of that regional organisation's representatives," read the amendment.

Talk about "road paving" - we have just seen - in a single announcement, the ability for world unions to have equal status to existing countries within the UN. This is a fascinating development.

Are we watching the rise of the 10 Kings?

Quite possibly - don't forget, the EU has already designated 10 such "unions" in the world. Not 11, not 9, but 10. How interesting: 10 World Regions

Stay tuned, this development is highly significant for a prophecy watcher!


Anonymous said...


I get such a huge smile when I read things like this. How AWESOME is our God! Things are coming so quickly, everything coming together so perfectly.

It amazes me that so many people have no clue, no one clue what is going on. Even when Christians try to tell them, explain to them, they are so blinded, so caught up in the world and their self. If they would only wake up, pay attention, come to know the Lord.

I wonder how many watchers, true watchers there are.

Thank you. You are a blessing.

DrNofog said...

I guess as our econ is killed by Soros & Co, and we lose our status as a world power, 'We the Sheeple' will hear all the "experts" and politicians tell us that we have to merge into the NAU in order to survive and compete with the other 'unions'...

hartdawg said...

hmm...I dont know, I'm skeptical of the idea of 10 global kingdoms. I'm more inclined to believe they are 10 nations out of the ancient Roman empire. perhaps 5 east cn 5 west.

Scott said...

I've been seeing that exact scenario for some time now - I believe its part of the overall plan...We shall see. But it sure seems like a convenient way to get out of the dollar completely and begin an "Amero" - which would be an interim step towards a world currency....

Anon - many thanks - and I agree - its amazing that most folks are completely blind to all of this....

Hart - I'm watching for every potential scenario. I haven't stopped watching the WEU, the Med Union etc for what could emerge from there as well...We just don't know, so I want to be on top of all possibilities.

I used to feel as you do, but lately I'm 60/40 on world unions....

Anonymous said...

This is Very Serious news indeed! look at them just sneaking on by while the worlds eye is diverted. All God said , will come to pass, REST ASSURED! Sadly we are in the nau already...just those pesky americans are slowing things down by resisting the national id with its biometric info and its trackable rfid chip. Heck, even in Mexico everybody is getting one. Scott- how rough do you think it might get here before the rapture? I want to be prepared as possible .For me this means psychologically and prayer wise as I have so little financially I am used to trusting in him for EVERYTHING already! Thanks

Anonymous said...

The 10 blocks do not include the EU so the EU would make it 11.

Expected Imminently said...

There are ten kings/horns, and the little horn a/c comes out from among them making 11.

Dylan said...

Bad news for Israel today. The unity agreement between Hamas and fatah was signed today in Cairo. Not good.

hartdawg said...

scott I'm in no way dogmatic. there seems to be a race of many scenarios for example there seems to be a race between palestinian state and psalm 83 likewise there seems to be a race between a european superpower or a global 10 reasons. from my study I believe psalm 83 will be beat out a palestinian state and I believe a revived roman empire will beat out a 10 powerblock region. I don't believe the deal between israel and hamas.

hartdawg said...

Dylan.... the unity between Fatah and Hamas is to be expected in reality it's good news for israel because they are playing right into god's hands

Scott said...

Hart - Good point about the "races" and competing scenarios - I agree completely.

Anon- On the one hand, I don't think things will get dramatically worse before the 'gathering up' - otherwise we wouldn't be in the 'days of Noah'....But some days I feel the need to have food storage etc...So I am conflicted on this.
for me, its the whole story of "prepare for the worst, hope for the best'...I wish I knew...

Caver said...

I'm of the same thought. When the MU came up I thought for sure that was the 10 kings.....and in some ways it still makes more sense. Yet, the reality of developing world events seems to weigh in favor to the modified 10 regions originally put forth by the Club of Rome back in 1953. It has now been modified a little but is the same 10 regions referenced above.

Used to be that we got all excited when we saw prophecy coming true in the smallest detail.

Then we started seeing precursors to the Trib forming.

Now we're seeing precursors to the Mid Trib and Great Trib.

Jesus, truly, He must be approaching the door.

Scott said...

Well put sir. "He must be approaching the door".....I sure hope so brother.

Anonymous said...

Scott, I too have been conflicted about bulk long term food storage....until I reflect on scripture. Every time Jesus sent His disciples out into the communities they were not instructed to carry a weeks worth of clothes, rations, water, etc. Even Jesus traveled light and at some point in his travels and in a wearied state, said that even the Son of Man had no place to lay his head.

As you are aware, my community is experiencing a flood that has been greater than any in recorded history. Yet I have shelter, food, clean clothes, and a means to communicate to others outside our region. I've also survived a business that was damaged by a hailstorm and tornado, extensive damage by a 100 year ice storm that left me without power for over a week (and a month for others), a lightning strike that blew a 4 foot hole in the wall of my bedroom and consequently struck me as well. Through all of this I've yet to be without necessities.

The Lord may direct you to store up goods, for either your family or for the tribulation saints. I can attest that I have never been without through all my trials. I've been inconvenienced, but the Lord has always been so gracious in His provisions. I've learned to trust Him and to not store out of FEAR because if I do so I am essentially not trusting that He will see me through.

Hope this helps and thank you for always being alert to the current events with prophetic implications.


PS, just wanted to add that the 2012 Olympic logo looks like the word ZION.

Scott said...

Thats awesome and inspirational gearedup - many thanks for sharing that...

But how in the world could you have had an ice storm in the midst of global warming? Didn't you get the memo?

You had lightening strike in your home? Wow....Seriously.

gearedup - I think at this point, you could survive ANYTHING...Goodness me ...I've never heard of so many hardships falling on someone, yet your faith serves as an inspiration to all - in a BIG way. Thanks again for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Ah the ice's meant to annoy Prince Charles to no end. ;-)

And now I'll wait for our English Rose, Sue, to comment. :-D

Scott, I'm standing here today only because God isn't through making me to be more like Jesus. When things get really sketchy I remember that He alone is the Author and Finisher of my life. I take great comfort in that.

Scott said...

Amen to that! well stated.

Expected Imminently said...

"And now I'll wait for our English Rose, Sue, to comment. :-D"

You can go off people, don't ya know?

IF I thought I might; I might pop down the road to Highgrove and tell him about you!!!

To err is human, to forgive is divine - so watch it! ;)