Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Creating A Terrorist State

In this day and age of "political correctness" the truth is often difficult to find. We are basically told by the MSM what is appropriate speech and what is not appropriate, based on their world view. Almost anything outside of this predetermined "group think" is conveniently dismissed as "conspiracy theory", "outside of the mainstream", "not serious", or any other derogatory comment which allows complete and immediate dismissal and as a bonus, allows the MSM to dictate the national discourse.

Thankfully, prophecy watchers don't have this "filtering grid" to deal with, as we seek the truth in terms of what does and does not align with the scriptures contained within the Holy Bible.

This article could ruffle some feathers in the "PC" community, particularly with the use of sarcasm, but a careful reading reveals the truths contained within.

Three Cheers for Terroristine

We need a terrorist state. Where the politicians are terrorists, the police are terrorists and even the men sitting at the desk when you come in to drop off a form are terrorists. There are states that support terrorists, and give safe harbor to them, but that’s not good enough. We don’t want another Pakistan or Iran.

What we want is the genuine article. Terrorists from the top down. Terrorists everywhere. A state where every branch of government and the entire country is nothing but terrorists.

And now after 20 years of negotiations, treaties, suicide bombings, mutilations, billions of dollars in vanishing into Swiss bank accounts and the death of its Egyptian born leader of AIDS—Terroristine is closer than ever to coming into being.

Only one thing stands in its way. The people whose country is in the way. Who have to be thrown out of their homes so that Terroristinians can plant their rockets on the rubble of their houses, the charred remains of their fields, and point them at their cities.

This introduction, although somewhat shocking in the presentation, still rings true. Can any of this be argued?

More below:

Trying to end terrorism by creating a terrorist state makes is like trying to put out a fire with more fire

Trying to end terrorism by creating a terrorist state makes is like trying to put out a fire with more fire. It can’t work, but we must try. So that we can say that we tried. Over and over again. We’ll keep trying until we run out of land to try with. And people to try with. Until there’s nothing left but Terroristines everywhere. Until all the world is Terroristine.

I am proud of Obama for finally standing up to the Israelis and telling them that they must ethnically cleanse hundreds of thousands of Jews, from their ancient towns, villages and cities, to make way for Terroristine. Someone had to say it. And it was either going to be Carter or Obama.

Ouch. That is indeed "biting" commentary, but again, is this not a true characterization?

By endorsing the 1967 borders, he endorsed the outcome of the Arab invasion of Israel in 1948

By endorsing the 1967 borders, he endorsed the outcome of the Arab invasion of Israel in 1948. Every time his administration condemns a Jewish house in Jerusalem, he endorses the Jordanian conquest of the city.

Why are the borders of the 1948 war, so much better than the borders of the Six Day War? Because the Terroristinians came closer to winning that war. Came closer to driving the Yahood into the sea and ululating over mile after mile of their corpses.

And what exactly happened in 1948, immediately after Israeli statehood was announced?

Farmers armed with outdated rifles. Volunteer pilots from America and Canada. Refitted cargo ships filled with half-dead men, women and children straight from the camps. Used Czech artillery. They held off the armies of seven Terroristinian nations. Farm by farm, they stood off tanks and infantry. In Jerusalem, they fought for every house. And so the Zionist entity survived. Allah curse them. They survived.

More truths, more facts:

Had they won in 1948 or 1967 or 1973, there would be no Israel and no Terroristine. The land would have become part of Syria, Egypt and Jordan.

But now there is hope for a two state solution. A state of civilization on one side and a state of terrorists on the other. Hospitals here, launching pads there. Schools here, bomb factories there. Life here, death here.

More sarcasm:

Why do we need Terroristine? Peace. There can be no peace without a terrorist state. Not a chance of it. The only way we’ll ever have peace is to give the terrorists a country of their own. A country dedicated to terrorism. Only then will the Terroristinians finally give up on all the killing, and dedicate themselves to medical research, quantum physics and the arts. It hasn’t happened yet to. But it’s bound to.

After almost two decades as an autonomous territory, spreading death and destruction, it’s time for Terroristine to finally be recognized as an independent state

After almost two decades as an autonomous territory, spreading death and destruction, it’s time for Terroristine to finally be recognized as an independent state. With contiguous borders cutting Israel in half. It is the only hope for peace in the region.

The international community is impatient. Damn impatient. They want Terroristine and they want it now. The negotiations must lead to immediate productive results. Whatever Israel has offered in the past, it isn’t enough. It must offer more and more. Whatever it takes.

There is more to this article but the point is made. Even though this commentary isn't "approved" by the MSM or their thought police, can any of the information discussed above be argued or shot down due to being inaccurate?

Actually, the amazing aspect of this entire scenario is how the above facts are completely ignored by the media, the "Quartet", the "PA", and the U.S. leadership.

Fortunately, Israel has a leader who doesn't forget these facts.

Now we turn to an "analysis" of the situation as proposed by the MSM:

Will Netanyahu's speech to Congress save his relationship with Obama or ruin it?

That title characterizes the situation, as seen through the lens of the MSM (yes, Haaretz is most definitely part of the MSM). Rather than dealing with the truth and what really matters here (such as the viability of Israel as a nation), the concern expressed by the MSM wholly consists of political ramifications.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech Tuesday before the U.S. Congress will be the formative event of his term, if not his entire political career. A statement released by his bureau promises that the speech will "garner major international attention," alluding to a surprise.

Instead of praising U.S. President Barack Obama's Middle East policy statement of last Thursday, Netanyahu attacked it.

So, according to Haaretz, PM Netanyahu should reflexly praise Obama, not on the basis of what he said, but simply because Obama made a statement - and the MSM tells us to never question President Obama. The truth spoken by Netanyahu becomes a "maneuver" according to Haaretz. How convenient.

Netanyahu continued in Washington the resolute position he presented to the Knesset last week. To his mind, the Palestinians want to destroy Israel, do not accept its right to exist and want to flood it with millions of refugees.

"To his mind"? No, actually, all one has to do is to look at almost every statement that has come from Hamas, and the fact that they resolutely refuse to accept Israel as an independent nation on their land. This fact isn't something that lurks in Mr Netanyahu's mind, rather it is a well-known public fact.

Just looking at this one simple example, one can easily see how disingenuous the MSM can be, while pushing for their agenda.

The truth is hard to find these days.

We should expect nothing else as we enter the days of massive lies and deception - a process which will worsen considerably as the world faces their entry into the Tribulation:

"The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing.

They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.

For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness."
(2 Thessalonians 2:9-12)

And this (in reference to the False Prophet):

"And he performed great and miraculous signs...Because of the signs he was given power to do on behalf of the first beast, he deceived the inhabitants of the earth." (Revelation 13:13-14)

The process has already started. The truth is hidden by the MSM in order to promote their agenda, and in this case, the agenda is directly opposed to the Nation of Israel - a process which ignores the facts and the truths of the situation.

But this is just the beginning. Once the Tribulation begins, lies and deception will be the order of the day. The MSM is just getting warmed up.


Anonymous said...

Scott-may peace be with you! May the hand of God strengthen and hold Bibi firm today. And may the Holy Spirit convict each member of Congress to stand for Israel! Be with those in Joplin,Mo. Thank you Lord Yeshua for this and the shedding of your precious blood for me and all the other sinners! Amen in love,ally

Scott said...

AMEN Ally!
Thanks so much.

I just got in- I can't wait to see what Bibi had to say!

WVBORN56 said...

"Terroristine" I loved the sarcasm used to make an excelent point and your right Scott that is not an article we will be seeing any time in the MSM. God Bless for your faithfullness!

Anonymous said...

Im going to go to the library to try and print it up. Terrorstine is deserving of much puplicity :-). -ally