Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daily Headlines

There are a lot of interesting stories "out there" today:

Anti-Christian Violence Continues in Pakistan

Anti-Christian violence continues in Pakistan and police are not pursuing the perpetrators, according to news reports. May 26 article in AsiaNews.it described the gang-rape of a Christian woman and the desecration of Christian tombs in the Pakistani city of Faisalabad. The publication called it “ordinary violence visited upon Pakistan’s Christian minority.”

Bibi: UN Statehood for PA is Like Declaring the World is Flat

If the United Nations in September declares the Palestinian Authority to be a state, it might as well decide the world is flat, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee Monday.

He said Israel cannot stop the resolution from going forward and has few friends n the international body, but a veto from any member of the United Nations Security Council would block the proposal from reaching the General Assembly, whose anti-Israel majority likely would approve it.

The only problem is, the fact that the U.S. is most likely the only nation who would oppose. What happens if the U.S. decides to vote for an independent "PA State"?

Gantz: Army gearing up for mass riots

IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz addressed the various threats Israel faces amid unrest in the Middle East on Tuesday.

Speaking at the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Gantz said that while past threats were still relevant, new ones challenge to the IDF in handling numerous fronts under a tight timetable.

There's a new player in the Middle East - the street," he noted. "The IDF has drawn lessons from the Nakba Day events and knows it may find itself facing large-scale popular protests in the coming months.

Hamas-Gaza missile stock passes 10,000 - and going up

According to updates reaching DEBKAfile's military sources, the number of missiles Hamas has managed to stockpile in Gaza passed the 10,000 mark in early May – despite Israel's partial blockade of the Gaza Strip. It is growing at the rate of some 30 new projectiles of many types smuggled in every two weeks.

On April 9, the Palestinian fundamentalists shot 133 rockets at seven Israeli cities before Israel granted a ceasefire in lieu of an operation for smashing this arsenal.
Firing at the rate of 150 missiles a day, Hamas is currently capable of keeping southern Israel under constant attack for 66 days running.

Eurozone crisis risks 'systemic' fallout, says Draghi

The debt crisis in Greece, Ireland and Portugal could have "significant systemic effects" in the eurozone, Italy's central bank chief Mario Draghi, who is set to head up the European Central Bank, said on Tuesday.

"In the eurozone, the sovereign debt crisis in three countries, which together represent six percent of the area's GDP, has the potential to exert significant systemic effects," Draghi said at a central bank conference.

"European economic and monetary union is facing its most difficult test since it was created," added Draghi, referring to Greece, Ireland and Portugal which have agreed bailout packages worth tens of billions of euros (dollars).

Mobius: 'Another financial crisis around the corner'

Mark Mobius, executive chairman of Templeton Asset Management’s emerging markets group, said another financial crisis is inevitable because the causes of the previous one haven’t been resolved.

“There is definitely going to be another financial crisis around the corner because we haven’t solved any of the things that caused the previous crisis,” Mobius said at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan in Tokyo today in response to a question about price swings.

Largest E. Coli Outbreak Spreading in Europe

The largest outbreak of E. coli in the world has killed 14 people in Germany. Another 300 are seriously ill, and according to scientists who spoke with the Reuters news service, the epidemic is spreading.

The deadly bacteria was originally found on a shipment of fresh cucumbers imported into Germany from Spain, although its source is still unknown.

According to the German scientists, the pathogen has been identified as hemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS), a serious complication resulting from a type of E. coli called Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC).

As of Monday, the University Medical Centre Schleswig-Holstein in north Germany had reported 82 cases of HUS and 115 confirmed cases of E. coli, with the number having doubled within the past few days. The city of Hamburg reported 488 cases of E. coli since the outbreak began two weeks ago, and 94 cases of HUS.


DrNofog said...

With all the head-spinning news that comes at us, I wouldn't want you to overlook this:

Looks like Obummer's loading up his "Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships" with yet another "Christian" Marxist deceiver, to a White House group already replete with advocates for using religion to advance "social justice".

White House pushing churches to be 'green'?

Lynne Hybels' official title at Willow Creek Church is Advocate for Global Engagement. She is also a regular contributor to the progressive Sojourners magazine, the publication of a ministry by the same name professing a devotion to the pursuit of "social justice."

Her resume includes "...she signed a letter to Obama, entitled, "Christians Support Bold Action for Holy Land Peace Campaign" calling for an immediate deal to create a Palestinian state..."

"...A review of Hybels' Sojourners magazine articles finds a focus on issues of race and the Middle East. Titles include, "An Apology to My Muslim Friends," and "Racial Reconciliation: A Necessary Conversion..."

"I look forward to the day when we as a church will be known for being the greenest church on the planet, not just because we enjoy the beauty of God's creation, but because we know that climate change is a justice issue..."

Too much to keep up on it all!

Anonymous said...

Although am not a betting person, who wants to bet the West Bank settlers will not see a penny.

* * *

Jewish West Bank Settlements Worth $18.8 Billion “Should” They Need To Be Evacuated For PA State
Shosh Mula
Published: 05.27.11, 10:18 / Israel News

A new study by the Macro Center for Political Economics has revealed that West Bank settlements are currently worth $18.8 billion, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Friday.

The formerly state-funded center, for which the Netanyahu government cut off funding, filed a first report on the monetary worth of West Bank settlements three years ago in order to assess the amount the state may have to pay settlers in the event they are evacuated as part of a peace accord with the Palestinians.

The Macro Center's report, which covers West Bank settlements but not illegal outposts, claims to have evaluated all of the Jewish homes located beyond the 1967 borders.

The Prime Minister's Office confirmed, however, that it was not funding the Macro Center, which it said receives budgeting from "state-run agencies in Europe that have an interest in the Middle East".

It is no coincidence that the new report was released so soon after US President...


* * *

Thanks to Born to Watch for the link.


Scott said...

DrNo -

Its funny because I recall seeing that headline, but for some reason, I didn't open it or read it at the time.

The Church should be used to fight global warming?

What "Global Warming"? Are these people THIS ignorant of the facts? We've been in a cooling trend now for almost a decade - are they unaware of this? Really?

Not to mention the fact that the data were fraudulent to begin with, and this too has been proven?

Do they choose to simply ignore the facts?

This is truly incredible to me. The fact that people can, still, with a straight face discuss 'global warming' as if it is actually occurring. Its incredible to me.

I can't get past that alone.

Not to mention the absurdity of the rest of the article or the premise that the Church should be involved to begin with.

This is wrong on so many levels....

Scott said...


Many thanks for that link - I managed to miss this one...Very interesting...

Dylan said...

Scott, i think Facebook is trying to stop me from talking about God. Everytime I try to make a status about God or Jesus, it filters it and doesn't allow me to post it.

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Dylan

Have you tried using Hebrew and Greek forms of names - e.g. Yaweh/Jehovah/Theos Messiah/Yeshua/Redeemer/ The Word who became flesh/ Adonai/Creator/ Icthus etc.
It may work for a while with a little creative writing.
God bless

Dylan said...

Still doesn't work. Looks like they already thought of that. I guess I'm a "domestic terrorist" as mentioned in an earlier post.

Anonymous said...

king of kings orthe great I Am might do it.-ally

DrNofog said...

No! Forget Climate-gate!

I was hoping that you would catch that her's & O's "Green" now includes "Anti-Israel", "Pro-Palestinian" propaganda/agenda!!!

Scott said...

Sorry DrNo - I just can't get beyond the absurdity of this mythical global warming thing....I never can. In my 54 years on this planet, its the most profound hoax that has ever been perpetuated - and the fact that there are people out there who still believe it completely mystifies me.

WVBORN56 said...

Scott I am 54 as well....born in 19(56)...hence the 56 being part of my screen name.

It is sad indeed that the willow creek Pastor's wife would support two satanic lies....global warming and replacement theology...

Just another end time sign of apostasy running rampant.

Scott do you think these seeker church folks are saved or will they be part of false religion in the tribulation. I am pretty sure emergent folks like Rob Bell are lost but I'm less sure about saddle back and willow creek leaders. Are they both preaching another gospel in your opinion?

Scott said...

WV - I think its probably a combination of both. I like how R. Showers references two "churches" - 1. "The Visible Church" and 2. "The Invisible CHurch"

#1 consists of both true believers and non-believers and #2 is believers only. Interesting.

As far as so-called "Global Warming" - as a scientist, I have two BIG questions that none of the "global warming" people can answer...

If CO2 is responsible for global warming (which is absurd formultiple reasons, mainly considering the tiny fraction of "greenhouse gasses" that CO2 contributes...((its mostly water vapor)) - then why was the earth cooling between the 1940's - 1970's when CO2 increased significantly?

And...My favorite. Why are we in a cooling trend now?

(and this is not to mention the infamous "hockey stick" graph which was the cornerstone of "global warming" and it has been proven a complete fabrication.

I could go on and on for several pages, but I better stop now.

Expected Imminently said...

During April we had a near 'heat-wave'; after being iced up and snowed in BEFORE Christmas.

NOW its cold again, my nose is proof, its icy and glowing like Rudoph's and my kitchen thermometer says we are are in danger of hypothermia! Pass the vests and long drawers.

We have several Cherry Trees, four nearest the house were full of white blossom when the snow was still on the ground - altogether we had 5 cherries, the birds ate four at the weekend and so I picked the last one. I have it in a little posy vase in the window. If it ripens we will share it. :(

Anonymous said...

WV and Scott, I like you have the same questions about the emergent church especially after recently finding out I was going to one http://www.willowcreek.com/wca_info/find_a_church/profilesearch.asp. I know I am saved but do have real concerns about these churches. The church we are going to is actually much more Bible focused that some of the others we have gone to. We have been to so many churches and have found it is so hard to find one. We have some friends that have stopped going all together and do a weekly home church with their family and have fellowship time with other believers.

Scott said...

To me, bible study groups represent "real church". I can't explain it beyond that. But every time I am in a bible study group of between 10-30 people, I always get the feeling that I', in "real Church"....Maybe I think its how the original churches were, as described in Acts.