Friday, May 13, 2011

Back On Line

There was some maintenance work being done on the blog and we lost a couple of days worth of news and comments. It looks like things have normalized so I'll try to go back and capture some of what was lost and look at recent news.


DrNofog said...

I guess you use the same web host server as Nathan over @ [Texas] as he lost everything from yesterday also!??

Of course, I panic easily, I thot Obummer had started to pull the plug on Christian sites, especially ones that point out our new Emp has no clothes!

Scott said...

DrNo - I was just telling Caver that I did have a few moments of paranoia...I had just posted the same article re- Soros, and I was thinking that maybe I was shut down. But I checked a few similar sites and they were off line as well....Still - it shows how quickly things could get pulled. At that point, we'll all have to watch the news however we can get it - which is a scary thought.