Thursday, April 21, 2011

Soros Attempts to Remake Global Economy

We're finally getting reports from the Soros held "Bretton Woods" event:

Soros Event Sets in Motion New Attacks on Dollar

It's been two weeks since George Soros bought himself a major economic conference designed to remake the entire global economy. Just because the event received little major news attention, it still had an impact Americans might be reeling from for years.

When the anti-American Soros spent $50 million creating the New York City-based Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET), he set in motion a major move against the dollar

The billionaire who once crushed the British pound through currency trading openly declared his plans to 'reform the currency system.' In the Machiavellian mind of Soros, the dollar needed to take a back seat and end its stint as the world reserve currency. 'The dollar no longer enjoys the trust and confidence that it once did, yet no other currency can take its place,' he wrote in late 2009.

In 2011, he was already pushing aside the dollar. 'The big question is whether the U.S. dollar should be the reserve currency; and, in fact, it no longer is,' Soros told Bloomberg. He's not the only one. Nobel Prize winning economist and Soros buddy Joseph Stiglitz said he is arguing for 'a global reserve currency.'

To create a new financial world, the U.S. dollar has to be taken down and this process is exactly what we are seeing today. None of this is by chance or accidental - its all been planned for years - we're just now seeing the beginning stages of this plan:

Stiglitz, who also chairs the UN General Assembly on Reforms of the International Monetary and Financial System, called for a new 'global system,' saying the current one is 'fundamentally unfair because it means that poor countries are lending to the U.S. at close to zero interest rates.'

In the short time following the Soros-funded Bretton Woods event, the move against the dollar has gained momentum rapidly. Soros wrote in 2009 that 'the rising powers must be present at the creation of this new system to ensure that they will be active supporters.' Here come those rising powers right now, singing the Soros tune.

The five BRICS nations - Brazil, Russia, India, China and new member South Africa - had their third summit meeting one week after Soros held his. Unsurprisingly, the themes were similar, with BRICS nations calling 'for a restructuring of the World War II-era global financial system and an eventual end to the long reign of the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency.'

And for a world government to take place, America must be removed from power. This begins with the collapse of the dollar.

Michael Pettis, a finance professor at Peking University and a senior associate at the Soros-funded Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, claimed that the dollar is even bad for the United States. In a Financial Times opinion piece, he argued 'America must give up on the dollar.' The Financial Times, you'll remember, had five news employees speak at Soros's Bretton Woods event, too.

We've heard that all before - from Soros himself. In 2009, Soros called for the increased use of an obscure economic tool called Special Drawing Rights (SDRs). Before your eyes glaze over, SDRs are essentially a 'basket of currencies' - the euro, Japanese yen, pound sterling and U.S. dollar. If the world starts using them more and the dollar less, then U.S. economic status declines.

According to The Pioneer of India, those five nations 'have called for 'a broad-based international reserve currency system providing stability and certainty.'' The group also wants more of a say in how international economic institutions are run and what currencies make up the SDR basket. That last concern reflects an existing move to include the Chinese remimbi in the SDR selection.

More related news:

The push for a new world currency wasn't the only major news coming from the Soros conference, though most major news outlets ignored the entire gathering. The International Monetary Fund might be getting a new leader, one of the speakers at the event in fact.

According to the Daily Mail, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown 'has emerged as a favourite for the £270,000-a-year role after networking this week at a conference of policymakers at Bretton Woods in New Hampshire, where the IMF was founded

Brown is a perfect fit for the Soros economic view. At the conference, one of his takeaway lines was: 'American and European dominance is no longer a fact.'

Clearly, that's the takeaway that Soros wants us to believe, at least.

Also see:

IMF Bank Lords and George Soros' INET at Bretton Woods, Whats the Diff?

There is a video within this link that is worth watching - and this chilling quote from the article:

So, just how snugly does Soros’ conference fit in this IMF sandwich and what are the tactical solutions they all so collectively seek?

One set of hints has been provided by Soros’ right hand man, Jeffrey Sachs. As reported by Aaron Klein, Jeff is seeking a brave, immediate future including global taxation, currency transfer tax, tax on the rental value of land and natural resources, royalties on worldwide “fossil energy projection,” fees for the commercial use of oceans, for air flight, of course for putting carbon in the air, and even fees for the use of “the electromagnetic spectrum.”

Oh, and he also envisions chronic economic stagnation, unemployment and labor revolt. The proletariat have to do their part.

Also see:

Unreported Soros Event Aims to Remake Entire Global Economy

Mr Soros has a world vision and he also has a plan to make it happen. His vision includes taking America out of the picture, at which point, according to Soros, a new world financial system can begin and along with it, a new world governance.

It appears that Mr Soros view of the world is highly consistent with the world that the apostle John was shown as occurring at the end of the age, more specifically, the last seven year period also known as the Tribulation.

We know from biblical prophecy that the world will see a single currency, a world financial system which involves the "Mark of the Beast", and a single world government as led by the antichrist.

We are now seeing the process involved in bringing this world view into reality.

I'm glad we won't be here to see it in its full form because it is a very bleak picture indeed. As usual, man's attempt at governing will be proven an epic failure - and the larger the government and the more power consolidated by a few - the larger the failure. The Tribulation will reveal just how large this failure will be, with all of the expected pain and suffering as a result.

Just read Revelation 6-18 to see how bad things will become. Or one can read what Jesus has to say about the Tribulation:

"For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now - and never to be equaled again." (Matthew 24:21)

Fortunately, we won't be here to witness this carnage.


Paula said...

Scott, have you seen this?

"Eurozone and the Spirit of Charlemagne
April 4, 2011 | From
Germany’s latest move to force fiscal union on Europe has Charlemagne’s fingerprints all over it."

Expected Imminently said...


He was our Chancellor of the Exchequer before he became our ‘also ran’ PM.

His budgets left our coffers on empty after his party lost power.

I can't believe it! :O

Scott said...

I had a feeling you'd find that particular segment "interesting"......

Paula, no I hadn't been there - but headed there now - many thanks for the link!

Paula said...

I read a lot of articles but this was one of those that seem to set off multiple "prophecy alarms" in my mind. At the end they ask who might play the role of Charlemagne, and I think the answer will be "Peter the Roman", the name of the last Pope of that prophecy of the line of popes. The current one being German is becoming more interesting by the day.

Anonymous said...

Overall world events are really converging, aren't they? God certainly seems to be quickening the hearts of many believers. Women in the Bible study that I attend want to know prophecy now. I've been in this particular study for 7 years and I have never seen the level of interest in prophecy as I have see today. It has been amazing.

The price of gold (over $1500/ounce today), and silver (around $45/ounce) should really demonstrate how bad our economy and dollar is. Only two years ago silver was $17/ounce - I remember b/c I bought my sister a small silver tray for her 25th wedding anniversary. I was looking on ebay recently for an item - it cost more in U.S. dollars than in Canadian dollars - I had never seen that reversal before!

(regarding earlier comments about the "royal wedding")...
I had to chuckle, and be mad at the same time about the "royal wedding" - funny - because of the unintended parallels the media is using to describe it (parallels to the marriage of Jesus Christ to the Church) - the "Wedding of the Century" (ours is the wedding of all eternity!), "the British really know how to put on a wedding" (Jesus has been preparing a place for us for nearly 2000 years), and best of all, "trumpet fanfare to ring out royal wedding". (the last trumpet will sound, the dead in Christ will be raised and we will be changed). However, angry because news coverage of it has eclipsed Easter, at least in the world's eyes - but why should we expect anything different?

p.s. Sue -in the UK you must be overloaded with all the wedding coverage!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the Trumpet website a ministry of the Herbert W. Armstrong's group, the world wide church of God? Are we to trust them as a legitimate prophecy site? Most cults tend to be post trib along with the catholic church.


Scott said...

Susan - thats an interesting parallel, one I hadn't considered - but it looks like a possible set-up for a sermon!

Paula, that article was VERy interesting and I may post it - there are several I'm looking at right now that are similar. Thanks a lot for that.

Mike said...

One question: If God help Israel super naturally through Gog-Magog war, then why still need the tribulation to make Israel come back to Jesus? Israel will soon acknowledge Jesus after Gog-Magog war, right? What the tribulation for, if Israel already acknowledge Jesus after God help them super naturally in Gog-Magog war? Thanks.

Scott said...

Gog-MaGog begins the process - its a major turning point ---> But not until they have heard the "Two Witnesses", the various angels and the 144,000 witnesses that they will recognize and turn to JESUS.

Paula said...

@anon WVBORN56, I don't know if it's associated with Armstrong or not, but this article is not making any predictions but reporting an observation. It suggests that the Charlemagne angle might be significant and I see no conflict there with Biblical prophecy. Agreeing with this article is not "following" Armstrongism.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I believe the end is coming.

BUT NOT with a dollar crash.

it will be a EURO crash.....

there are so many bulls on the
Euro it is a joke, and WAY too
many bulls on Gold and Silver.

therefore, I can see the Tribulation starting off
with a HUGE financial crisis,
in Europe !!!!

Stephen in Hawaii

Anonymous said...

Just read in J Post- France says EU will more than likely accept Palestinian Statehood. Also- Clinton says US is opposed to Palestinian Statehood through UN and insists it must be done through peace negotiations. I see a forced peace agreement coming- perhaps for 7 years?

Anonymous said...

It is interesting how the US and Europe are going seperate ways on this. Oh, by the way, I am trying
TO WARN people not to get carried away by this silly Silver Bull....

Elliott Wave indicates a move BACK
to the starting point of 8 bucks
an Oct 2008.

If anyone has SILVER, PLEASE sell
now, and be safe rather then

Stephen in Hawaii !!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my sweet Jesus, who shed his precious blood for us all, is it true? Are you calling us soon with a shout? Will i finally have the wedding of my dreams? I want to thank each and every one of you here on this blog for believing and loving and supporting me. There is no one else I know who is watching for him, not even believers. I see such hard times approaching and yet no one will open their eyes. If it hurts me this much, I can only imagine how its breaks Yeshua's heart! Still looking up-ally

Scott said...

Amen Ally! Well stated. God Bless. We all share your same enthusiasm for seeing and being with Jesus.
God Bless

Scott said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Scott-whats up with the temple in Jerusalem? that is a "must have" I believe for the sacrifices. any plans? thanks-ally

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Susan :)

While I appreciate that Will and Kate’s wedding must be a REAL pain to non-Brits; I am looking forward to it. Its bringing lots of memories of putting up flags and balloons in past decades for Royal weddings and Anniversaries, I always did a family buffet for children and Grandparents.

I feel so nostalgic looking at the Royal party gear in the shops and having no reason to buy it any more. Although I shall hang my St. George flag from the bedroom window. :)

Some communities are continuing the tradition of street parties as we had for HM’s Coronation; and she is a genuine believer, as were her father and mother, and she has kept her promise to Him to serve the country and the Commonwealth faithfully all her life. She never fails to make good mention Jesus Christ during her speech at Christmas. She can’t do as she likes as head over so many other countries and faiths, so I think she does the best she can, when she can.

I haven’t heard the comparison with THE Wedding; but even that I find encouraging. All the Muslims, as well as all other faiths may hear about the Church and Jesus for the first time. Many will scoff, but others may well take note and wonder. The word of the Lord never returns void and The Holy Spirit only needs a tiny spark of truth on which to work in a soul. So whether in error, or in truth, the Good News is being proclaimed.

Just think, when the Rapture occurs, they will have some understanding of where; and why we have gone, so hopefully it will stir some to faith in Jesus.

God bless you for your insights.
Love in Jesus


Anonymous said...

Scott can you help connect the dots on the significance regarding Charlamene and Gordon Brown?


Scott said...

There are specific plans for the Temple - architectural plans, construction plans etc. In the past, I recall even seeing a pic of a quarry which had the stones for the Temple. I have also read where it would take approximately 18 months to do.

I don;t believe the Temple will even be discussed until the AC makes his deal - in fact, I (as have many folks) believe that the rebuilding of the Temple will be part of his covenant. for me, this is much easier to envision after Gog-MaGog - which is another reason I believe Gog-MaGog leads into the tribulation and the rebuilding of the Temple.

Scott said...

I'll come back to this - I am on the run right now - will be back...

Scott said...

I'll come back to this - I am on the run right now - will be back...

Expected Imminently said...


From my understanding, a large building is a non-essential. All that is required is the Altar where the sacrifice can be made and burned, which is The Holy Place, it’s that basic. If you remember Herod’s Temple, which was approved by Jesus, had only just finished being built when it was destroyed in AD70.

Recently I realised that part of the function of the two witnesses is to start up the sacrifices again, and their ministry of 1260 days begins at the start of the ‘seven’. Yet more evidence that the Church as the Temple of God on earth, has to be removed for the sacrifices to begin again in their ‘looking back’ at Jesus. There has only ever been ONE authentic Temple at any given time.

Sorry this is so basic, I don’t have time to go into depth, if needs be I will try after Easter. Just don’t allow the ‘non-building’ get you down as all the inward parts are already made and ready to go – including the priest’s, who won’t be activated until the priesthood of believers, the Church, are gone.

Keep looking up!
Sue :)

Anonymous said...

To see the temple furnishings you can go to The Temple Institute on line at:

Love to read about the return of our precious Jesus and the fulfillment of prophecy!! What encouragement!!

To God be the glory!!!!

Anonymous said...

Scott, regarding Soros et al, I came across this list of the names of our REAL government. Call it the shadow government if you will. Several men from Goldman Sachs are listed. No surprise, eh?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for YOUR insights - something I failed to recall or remember - that the British wedding will take place in a church and the name of Christ will be heard to millions who maybe have never heard His name.

I'm glad that you confirmed that the Queen is a believer. It is something that I always thought was true. What a blessing Queen Elizabeth has been to your country!


Paula said...

Scott, this "Charlemagne" thing is getting downright spooky:

This article is one I just stumbled upon while researching something in a message board concerning Rick Warren. I withhold comment on the "vision" the first part of the post is about, but near the end is a paragraph mentioning Charlemagne. I was not expecting it at all. This is too much for me to write off as coincidence, spiritually speaking.

Scott said...

Many thanks for the link - headed there now...