Sunday, April 24, 2011

While We Celebrate And Contemplate The Resurrection

We can't forget our brothers and sisters who can't worship in freedom and who experience significant persecution:

China seizes Christians in Easter raid

Dozens of Chinese Christians were arrested on Sunday when police prevented an evangelical Protestant church from holding its Easter Sunday service, as the state continued its attack on protests against one-party rule.

Security forces clashed with followers of a growing underground Protestant movement that was blocked from moving into a new meeting hall near Beijing, leading to three weeks of confrontation with the communist authorities.

Worshippers from the Shouwang, or "watch tower", church were taken away in buses, some defiantly singing hymns. Church leaders had issued a "fire and brimstone" cry for the congregation to worship outside the building even if it meant arrest and prosecution.

Up to 500 members of the Protestant house church movement, unregistered assemblies of worshippers that the government bans to prevent the rise of opposition, have been detained in recent weeks. Yesterday's arrests were a continuation of the authorities' increase in repression of dissenters to stop any chance of a revolution such as those seen in North Africa and the Middle-East.

"Between 20 and 30 followers were taken away," said Pastor Jin by telephone from his home, where he has been under house arrest for the past two weeks.

Estimates put the number of underground Christians at 40 million, with some claiming there are as many as 80 million. Shouwang church was founded in a flat in 1993 but now has 1,500 members. It claims to have been blocked from taking possession of a £2.5 million building it bought in 2009.

Please remember to pray for these brave souls and all other Christians who suffer under persecution in so many parts of the world today.

Comfort can be found in the words of Jesus:

"Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad because great is your reward in heaven..." (Matthew 5:11-12)


Anonymous said...

Christian persecution is increasing. In Egypt Moslems are breaking into Christian homes and if they don't convert, (I can't repeat what news report said.) When journalist asked Moslems why? The Moslem said that ever since the uprisings, they have been free to live out their religion. This is what freedom and democracy is to a Moslem.

Scott said...

Sad but true. In many places in N Africa, people are given the "choice" to renounce their Christian faith - at gunpoint. And yes - persecution is now at al all time high worldwide - by far. And sadly - its mostly underreported.

Anonymous said...

I read recently about a pastor preaching about the tribulation While he was in Africa. Members of the congregation came up after the sermon and asked why he had preached on that subject. The congregation said "Brother, we need encouragement. We don't care about the tribulation because we are in tribulation daily with members being maimed, murdered, tortured and raped" I pray for the saints daily including the tribulation saints to come. Remember when Daniel prayed for something and the angel finally showed up? He told Daniel he had been sent immediately but was delayed because he had to stop and fight. Some of the trib saints aren't going to have time to spare and it does seem to be quickly approaching so this is as good a time as any to start. Help is on the way! And our help is on the way too.:-) Ally

Mike said...

Scott, I believe the Rapture will be coming soon. But Sadly, in Asia here not many priest believe in Rapture. Nobody speak about it. They believe in Jesus, but they think it still a very long time before the actual second coming of Jesus. What do you think will happen to them at Rapture time? Do you think they will be left behind? How come, on one side they believe in Jesus, but on the other side they don't believe in Rapture? They just think Rapture is only a moral issue. How do you explain to them the real meaning of Rapture? Even yesterday, I talked to the priest from Singapore, he does not even know the word "Rapture" and I also don't know how to describe the meaning of the word "Rapture". We are living in the last days, but sadly so many Christian people do not really know it. How to help them ? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Heart breaking! God please protect your children in nations where persecution runs rampant...come soon...your bride anxiously awaits.


Scott said...

Good questions. All Christians will be taken at the time of the Rapture, regardless of whether they believe in the rapture or not. The Rapture marks the end of the Church Age, and all believers will be taken up. As the apostle Paul said in 1 Cor 15:51 "We will ALL be changed - in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye...".

We're just lucky that God has given us this insight.

Don't forget also, Daniel 12:10 "...but those who are wise will understand"...Which to me, reveals that only the wise will understand these end of days prophecy.

Paula said...

Mike, I'm sure Scott will have more to say, but just let me try to briefly explain how I see it.

The Rapture refers to being "caught up", normally expressing great emotion but in the NT being used in the context of the church being taken out of the world. But the reason for this event has nothing to do with our morality or spiritual growth, but simply the fact that as the very Body of Christ and adopted children of God, we are not to suffer God's wrath. The Tribulation is the time of God's wrath and judgment on the unbelieving world, as well as the completion of the judgments against Israel. So we believers have to be taken out beforehand, and this is done in an instant and without warning.

I think the reason people don't like to preach it is because they don't want to be always saying "He is coming soon!" and then life just keeps going on as usual. But they forget that Jesus told us to watch the signs of the times and be ready and alert, instead of caught sleeping like the people of His day. There is even a special crown to be given to those who "long for his appearing", who watch eagerly as a bride watches for her groom.

Paula said...

Lol Scott, that was FAST!

Dylan said...

Is it just me, or is the world pretty much screwed (for lack of a better word)? The volcanic island off of Africa that if It goes off, a tsunami 1000 meters high will destroy the east coast of north America, earthquakes, mega volcanoes, the threat of a polar reversal if too many more earthquakes happen. It seems that the end is near. And I didn't even mention the prophecies we see coming true. It makes me think that Jesus is coming soon. Maranatha!

Scott said...

Paula - thats an excellent response and I agree wholeheartedly.

(oh, and I beat you to it by one minute - but your response was so much more thorough, it was worth that minute :)

Dylan - You are right. I have seen at least one documentary on that island and as I recall, because of the nature of the Island (the composition), the underground movements of the surrounding water have been slowly eating away at the base of that island, and at some point, ~ 1/2 of the island will literally slide into the sea and that will cause this Tsunami you are mentioning. (I believe we are talking about the same situation).

There are so many different things happening in the world, you are so right. From volcanos, to quakes, to the magnetic poles, to drought in some areas and massive flooding in others. Now the nuclear situation in Japan (and its looking much much worse now than ever anticipated - in fact I want to update this situation).

Its looking bleak - but it had to be this was as we approach the Trib. The birth pains analogy is perfect, and we know that throughout the generation - these signs would increase progressively - not like a "switch" on the day of the Tribulation beginning.

We are seemingly reaching the last parts of the labor pains - the Tribulation will be the very last birth pains before the delivery.

If this were a hospital setting; I believe we are at the stage where the expectant mother has been moved from the general room to the L&D room where the birth will take place.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dylan or Scott.....

Please tell me the name of this
island and/or Volcano.....I want
to read up on this asap....

Stephen in Hawaii >>>>>

Anonymous said...

Hello Dylan the name of
this volcano Cumbre Vieja ??

Please tell me, cause if it is, I was just reading about it, and the
ENTIRE Battery Park area where
the stock markets are is in BIG

Stephen in Hawaii !!!!!

Anonymous said...

"I think the reason people don't like to preach it is because they don't want to be always saying "He is coming soon!" and then life just keeps going on as usual." - very good words Paula

I think this is the reason why so many priest don't want to talk about it. They afraid people will think they are lunatic. Sometime, I also wonderimg if this signs are real? Is Rapture are real, like our physical body will be gone? Some people just say that Rapture is only the Holy Spirit will be gone from this world and people will become more and more evil, cause there is no more Holy Spirit in this world.

It's all so confusing sometime, cause I think if suddenly the pilot of the aeroplane being Raptured, then how? Will the aeroplane crashed, cause their pilot is being Raptured? Then who will pilot the aeroplane? There should be a better explanation of it, cause God will not create such chaos even with a Rapture. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

April 24, 2011

Where is Moses When We Need Him?

By Lauri B. Regan

On Obama's watch, the Mideast is blowing up.  His policies of appeasement, responsibility to protect, tolerance for Islamic fundamentalism, and failure to denounce terrorism have resulted in the strengthening of the world's greatest danger, Iran.  The tyrant who promised to annihilate Israel (and who could have been overthrown in 2009 were it not for US support of the mullah-controlled dictatorship rather than freedom-fighting Green Movement) has gained in power and hegemony in the region.

Obama's Mideast intervention has further resulted in America's allies falling like flies, a decades-long peace between Israel and Egypt coming apart as Egypt reaches out to Iran, Syria's Assad drawing ever closer to Iran while feeling emboldened to murder that country's freedom fighters, and the region's decades-long stability, the Pax Americana, decimated and replaced with violence and chaos.

Israel's borders are now completely surrounded by enemies -- and well-armed enemies, thanks to American military and financial support.  In the next war, Israel faces a barrage of sophisticated weaponry from Hamas, Hezb'allah, Syria, and perhaps Egypt and Iran.  More ominous, however, is that she also faces this alone as Obama has made perfectly clear that as long as he is in the White House, US support for Israel no longer exists.

Does it mean Israel waiting for the "false prophet" or "antichrist" to help them ?

Paula said...

I've been watching this site:
live earthquake map

The whole Pacific Rim or "ring of fire" has had constant activity for at least a month, and we're seeing more and stronger activity in the New Madrid fault area, esp. Arkansas.

"Is Rapture are real, like our physical body will be gone?"
Yes... "the mortal must put on immortal" and "we will all be changed in an instant". The dead in Christ get their new bodies first, then us, then we all go to heaven at once.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike-Many pastors dont know about or teach about the rapture because they were not taught about it in seminary school. I know an Epescopalian bishop who just retired and he is CLUELESS. He was taught the Olivet discourse already happened back in 70 a.d. If this were true...where is Jesus and the New Jerusalem? By the way, they also think Revelation is too difficult for regular folks to understand. We may not understand some specific details but they are becoming increasingly clear day by day.Daniel couldn't understand them either. Thats why the angel told him to seal up the book until the end times. Mike if you go to the audio links on the blog there are 2 parts concerning the rapture and the teaching is clear and easy to understand. that may help. also remember many people love this world more than they love Jesus and oddly this includes christians too. people like this dont want to think or believe that he is coming. the same way people in america Cant believe our country is going to change very soon. blessings to all through Christ Jesus! :)-ally

Scott said...

I'm not sure what the name of the island is - I was hoping that someone else would have known by now. If I can find time, I'll check and see.

Anonymous said...

im pretty sure its the canary islands but i will look. national geo years ago did a story in the magazine about it.

Anonymous said...

ok guys! the islands name is La Palma part of the canary archipelico. the volcano is the above mentioned one. while tsunamis are caused by earthquakes...super tsunamis are caused by land slipage. this could be brought on by volcanic activity, earthquakes or even plain ole gravity. the speculation is the slippage could cause a wave of 1000 meters or 3300 feet. this type of mega tsunami is called iminami which means purification wave. hmmm interesting i think. also national geo has an entire documentary about megatsunamis. hope that helped :-) ally

Scott said...

Thanks Ally!!!!!

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Scott

After a dreadful winter of ice and snow kept many confined to home; its odd that the strangely hot April we are having, has had a similar effect.

At the weekend ,DEFRA warned those with chest problems to keep indoors with windows and doors shut because of a high level pollen count plus SMOG. The London panorama was much like it was when it was called 'The Smoke'.

My old mum has heart failure and it was certainly affecting her breathing. Both hubby and I have developed unpleasant chest colds of some kind. Coughing, wheezing and spluttering - its 'orrible.

The ground is already very dry regardless of how much melt water it received only weeks ago. So it seems as if we will have drought if we don't have any substantial rain fairly soon.

Signs of the times are definitely building.

Another thought. We were on the M4 and it has never been so quiet. This is during the national spring 'Bank Holiday' (it's not called 'Easter' now) the traffic is usually bumper to bumper. I am
sure it's because of the price of petrol; when we went to fill up, we were the only car in the large, normally busy garage.

God bless you for keeping us up to date Scott. NO flannel; it makes such a difference to have 'thing's' put into prophecy context from around the world.


Expected Imminently said...

Hello Scott

Concerning the S.S./ PD Emergent heresy.

I was wondering if all its theories of ‘building the kingdom’ will get a severe ‘body blow’ when the M.E. goes POP? E.g. how will they explain it when Damascus is razed?

Surely the currency issues will undermine their lofty building plans like everyone else – how will they explain that?

Preterism was brought to its knees as a direct result of the two WW; I am really hoping and praying that this deceiving teaching will go ‘belly up’ – sooner, rather than later. (My son)

What do you think – any chance?