Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Israel Erased?

PA Carries out Ahmadinejad's Threat and Wipes Israel Off Map

The Palestinian Authority has carried out Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s threat to “wipe Israel off the map” and literally has done so by displaying maps of “Palestine” covering all of Israel at the same time its leaders talk about “two states for two people.”

It is interesting that the PA is being so open about this right now. They seem very confident with what appears to be implicit agreement among the UN Nations that in September a vote will be favorable to creating a "PA State".

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, head of the Fatah movement that controls the PA in Judea and Samaria, has in effect established a “one-state” solution in Fatah offices and in Palestinian Authority schools and offices.

The Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) has documented that professional unions and private PA groups display maps showing a rifle and a quill over “Palestine,” from the Lebanese border in the north to Eilat in the south and from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River.

The maps declare Abbas’ intentions of making the “1967 borders” the temporary outline of a would-be Palestinian Authority

That last statement is key. Any return to the "pre-'67" borders is seen as temporary - just part of an overall process that involves the complete destruction of Israel, as indicated by these maps.

Nevertheless, the PA’s version “Palestine,” as illustrated on the map with a rifle and quill, was displayed last week at a meeting of the General Union of Palestinian Writers, PMW reported.

The Palestinian Authority has embedded in its school system the ”one-state” idea of a Palestine – without Israel – for years. As far back as 2003, school posters have displayed the Palestinian flag over a map erasing Israel.

But its never been produced in such public displays as we're now seeing.

The policy has continued unchanged despite statements by Abbas to President Obama that the PA has ceased anti-Israel incitement. Earlier this year, a map in principal’s office in a PA school erases Israel and replaces it with "Palestine", with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) flag flying over Israel.

One has to wonder how so much of the world can be so blind when it involves the facts involving Israel and what's really going on in the region. The very existence of Israel as a nation is at stake.

Just imagine that. The country in which you live is under constant threat from around the world, whether diplomatically or militarily or by terrorism on a mass scale - creating a scenario where your very existence is threatened on a daily basis. Its unimaginable, yet this is the very real threat that the tiny nation of Israel lives under every day.

Now, the world pretends that the motivation in the Middle East is for peace, and if only a separate "PA State" is formed, all will be well. We heard the same arguments about the Gaza Strip and look what that promise of peace created.

There is an overall plan involved which goes far beyond the formation of a "PA State". If a "PA State" is formed, and the West Bank and the Golan Heights are given up, Israel will be in a defenseless position - one which would virtually guarantee an attack.

It looks like we may have another potential tipping point to add to the growing list - the tipping point which could ignite the entire Middle East into the final prophetic scenarios described in the scriptures.

By September we should have some sort of resolution on this issue. There is one certainty - this will be a fascinating story to follow.


Alice said...

Hi Scott... missing you today! I hope everything is ok!!! (We're so spoiled. You're gone half a day and some of us freak out... ;) Ok...maybe it's just me...lol!)

Anonymous said...

I'm not freaking out but I am addicted to the daily and sometimes twice daily updates. We appreciate all you do Scott.


Anonymous said...

i second that emotion. you dont e en have to write a blogspot today. just let us know you are ok :-) cuz we love you! -ally

Dylan said...

Hey Scott, I've been thinking and if the beast in revelation has 2 heads, it must also have 2 faces. So will the Antichrist be "2 faced" and then when one head is severed is that when he shows his true colors? Just a thought.

Scott said...

I had to be out all day today - just getting back into the swing of things...Its amazing how much you miss when you are out all day!! And it underscores how quickly world events are happening right now!

Anonymous said...

I feel for israel, to those who follow the BIBLE that is there promised land.

For the others who have never read the holy bible believe that israel must be wiped out.

One needs to be careful as prophecy can be to your negative or positive.
Fighting israel is like fighting God.

Think twice.

What has made the nation to survive hostility, bitterness and hatred all these years?

Think twice.