Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Conditioning of the masses

As we approach the Tribulation, those who believe in freedom must be muted. We are in the midst of an ongoing process to strip people of their basic freedoms as individuals. It can't happen overnight; it must be a process, and we are deep into this conditioning process. Its really that simple:

Parents Say TSA Made It Clear "There Would Be Trouble" If they Refused To Allow 6-Year Old Daughter To Be Groped

I'd probably be in prison today if this had been attempted on my daughter at this age. Sometimes, as a free individual, you have to draw the line on what you will allow. This is where I draw the line.

The parents of a six year old girl who was subjected to an enhanced pat-down at the hands of the TSA appeared confused and disturbed in an interview on ABC News’ Good Morning America today as they called for a change in security procedures.

Selena and Dr. Todd Drexel, of Bowling Green, Ky., were thrust into the spotlight this week after a video of their daughter, Anna, being searched at New Orleans Armstrong International Airport went viral on the internet.

The couple said they allowed the video to be uploaded to Youtube in order to gauge other opinions on the incident which they feel was very wrong.

The video (below) shows the child in some distress as she is intimately probed by a stranger while her parents look on powerless.

Watching this video is painful. We tell our children that they cannot allow other people to touch them in certain ways, yet our government mandates this. As if a 6 year old little girl is a threat to security. Really?

Have we already been conditioned to this extent?

Apparently so.

“We struggle to teach our kids to protect themselves, to say ‘no, it’s not ok to touch me in this way in this area,” Mrs Drexel, said. “Yet here we are saying it’s ok for these people.” If we don’t find other ways we’re making them more vulnerable, she said, adding that procedures for children should be changed.

LIttle Anna’s reaction to the incident speaks volumes. She was upset and distressed because she thought she had done something wrong and was being punished by the so called authorities. The untainted innocence of the child’s view of the incident tells you that there is something very very wrong with the way millions of Americans are allowing their government to act in the name of security.

To pick out a six year old child a a possible security threat and frisk her for dangerous weapons in an American airport is utterly insane, however it is far from an isolated incident, as we have previously documented.

If anyone else abducted someone’s child and then sexually molested them they would be rightly called a pedophile and locked up for a long time, but when the government does it not only is it deemed acceptable, but it also trains a whole generation of children that being kidnapped by an adult and having their genitals groped is normal.

It would be one thing if the TSA had stopped a SINGLE terrorist. But the fact is, they haven't.

In fact, I have seen videos of normal procedures in airport security, side-by-side with old videos of people entering Nazi concentration camps during WWII. The parallels are haunting similar.

There is an old saying in medicine that goes something like this:

"Make sure the cure is not worse than the disease."

This is a case where the "cure" (the TSA and their bizarre, inappropriate actions) is worse than the disease (potential terrorists).

There are a vast array of security measures (look at Israel) which are FAR more effective than these current actions by the TSA, and that begs the question "Why are we mandating these highly invasive groping measures, when they aren't even effective?"

The answer seems simple. Its part of an ongoing conditioning process. A process that includes routine traffic stops for license checks and breathalyzers, wiretaps and home inspections without warrants, background checks, drug tests, strip searches in schools, GPS monitoring and on and on the list goes.

And like sheep, we all passively accept this current structure as imposed by governments throughout the world.

As mentioned so many times before, its all part of paving the road to the Tribulation.

It seems that the antichrist's job won't be so difficult after all - we're almost there now, and amazingly its been a "voluntary" process thus far.

The only hope we have is the return of Jesus and an exit from this planet. Things on this planet won't be fixed by man - only by Jesus when He returns to reign for 1,000 years.

Until then?

We'll see the absolute worst that man has to offer. And it is beginning now.


Anonymous said...

"SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area (banking)"

* * *

"The panellists agreed that the current system of voluntary switchovers from existing transfer systems to SEPA (see 'Background') would not be sufficient and that a binding deadline was needed..."

Dylan said...

Why are people so suspicious of kids these days? It seems they think that were all trying to ruin their lives. I had an incident today where an "adult" assumed I did something which I didn't. I mean this guy didn't even know me. I hate it when people just assume things about us teens and kids.

Scott said...

I hear you. In this particular case (ie the airport- TSA) - its all people regardless -young, old, wheelchair bound etc. I firmly believe its conditioning.

As far as the youth being singled out - thats unfortunate. I have had the great fortune to be around some fantastic young people, and to be honest, nothing gives me more hope or optimism than to be around young people who are on fire for Christ. Its one of the most uplifting things that I ever experience.

So kudos to you and your maturity and insight - Its awesome, and keep your light shining!

Alice said...

Scott, just curious here. You mentioned that last night you were going to get to speak to some young Christians. I'm just wondering how old they were and if you spoke to them about prophecy currently being fulfilled? Are they aware of the times in which we live? Are they watching?

I have two kids of my own who love the Lord--one 21 yrs, the other 19 yrs (both currently in college). The 21 yr old is VERY aware and often asks for an update on "what's going on", but the 19 yr old does not really want details. I write off the difference to differences in personalities.

But I'm just curious about what you have noticed about young Christians these days with respect to Jesus' soon return... :)

Dylan, so sorry that adult was so unkind to you. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unhappy people out there...

Expected Imminently said...

I accept how distressing this incident has been for parents and child.

The IRA have used little children, and babies in prams, to smuggle explosive devises. They were taught terrorism in the ME, who also use children this way. It is an horrific fact of life that no-one can be above suspicion, better to be safe than sorry and the inspector was explaining kindly as she worked.

The blame for this act lays at the feet of the terrorist'; not those trying to keep everyone safe!imo.

Sue :(

Scott said...


This particular group was athletes at the local university who are also Christians. They hadn't had much (if any) exposure to prophecy, but have an obvious love of the Lord. They typically embrace prophecy, and this group was no exception.

For me, being in the presence of young people who are fired up for Christ is SO uplifting (and if any of you are reading this - its an honor to be in your presence).

Great group of people and the person (and his wife) who lead this are beyond awesome.

Very uplifting indeed.

jweaks said...

TSA isn't designed to stop terrorists. It's simply a CYA operation. Unfortunately we haven't learn our lesson. -jw

Scott said...

You are SO right about that. I couldn't agree more.

Expected Imminently said...

Scott and James

If in my ignorance of this particular subject I have offended, I sincerely apologise.

The UK has been on Amber Alert #4for international terrorism for a very long time, and we are one below on #3 for an IRA (Irish Republican Army)attack as well.

There are Five Alerts; the highest is 'critical' with an attack 'Expected Imminently'. I only found that out last night and I was WELL impressed.

My understanding of these things comes from a life time of 'alerts', usually dealt with with no obvious signs, so if I have offended, I hope you can see the reason for my opinion was not to be malicious?

God bless you.

Scott said...


You couldn't offend if you TRIED to !!!

I don't even know what you are referring to!