Tuesday, April 26, 2011

When You Put It All Together....

The latest from Jerry Golden is a fascinating read and once again, he appears to have nailed it - in terms of putting current events in perspective:

When you put it all together - it looks like this

On our return to Israel we once again found the threat of imminent war with the drums beating louder every hour. The "Palestinians" are saying they are going to march on Jerusalem on May 15th (they call it Nakba Day) and that it will be the start of the third Intifada. At the same time the IHH Turkish Terrorist Group has assembled another Flotilla with dozens of ships ready to break through the Gaza Sea Blockade.

This promises to bring more condemnation upon Israel regardless of how it is handled, or what the results may be. And the so-called "Palestinians" are saying they are going to ask the UN to proclaim their statehood. That of course would bring everything to a violent head very quickly as well.

We are, at the same time, watching the Syrian Government of Bashar Assad shoot and kill its citizens with no condemnation from the UN or the world at large. From the Obama White House all we hear in Israel is that these "rebels" are "freedom fighters". Yet the rest of the world knows they are Islamic extremists putting the finishing touches to their Arab "Caliphate".

We are witnessing many end time prophetic events happening very quickly right in front of our eyes. As Syria moves to become a totally Islamic Sharia State aligned with Hezbollah in Lebanon it becomes very easy to see Isa. 17:1, the Destruction of Damascus, coming into view. In fact, what we are witnessing is a repeat of what just happened in Egypt, where the Muslim Brotherhood is now in firm control of the military. Therefore all the military hardware supplied by the United States is now pointing directly at Jerusalem.

I keep looking at this report - for paragraphs to cut out for this summary, but what the heck, lets just put the whole report in. Here is the rest:

The Egyptian threat is a really big one for Israel, as they are very strong both on land and at sea with many fast missiles ships and F-15's ready for war. Until just the other day I wondered how Egypt could be stopped in order for Israel to survive such an attack. A ministry supporter (Keith L.) sent me an email and ask me to look at Ezekiel 29:10 Behold, therefore I am against thee, and against thy rivers, and I will make the land of Egypt utterly waste and desolate, from the tower of Syene even unto the border of Ethiopia.

So I began searching for information on this place called the "Tower of Syene". According to one Bible reference the biblical town of Syene is near modern-day Aswan, which is on the Nile River in southern Egypt. Another reference says that the name "Syene" means "opening" or "key," which would refer to that area being an entry point into Egypt. Today this place is known as the "Aswan High Dam". If you want to know how Egypt could be totally destroyed in one attack - it would be by hitting this high dam. For those who don't understand this - here is a shot from outer space.

(click on the original link above in order to see this photo of the Nile for some perspective)

That line of lights you can see is the Nile River and if the Aswan Dam was destroyed all the humanity you are looking at would be destroyed, including the city of Cairo.

In fact our Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, has recently remarked that should Egypt attack Israel she would be forced to blow up the Aswan dam thereby causing a devastating flood which would destroy Egypt. Somehow when I heard that said on the Israeli news at the time I didn't connect it to Ezekiel 29:10

So I will merely ask you to pray - and I believe God will speak to your heart, for we are speaking here of the "Apple of His Eye". Gen. 12:3.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.


The reference to Ezekiel 29 is interesting and makes watching the events in and around Egypt even more important.

More news below:

Witnesses: Mass arrests and gunfire in the streets as Syria crackdown continues

Poll: Over half of Egypt wants end to Israel peace

PA Continues Strongarm Tactics in Statehood Bid

This statement puts it all in perspective:

While PLO Executive Committee Secretary-General Yasser Abed Rabbo said the Quartet would set benchmarks for talks, he also predicated 'serious' negotiations on several maximalist PA preconditions. Notably, borders based on the 1949 armistice lines, minimal land-exchange, and no population transfer.

Abed Rabbo maintained, however, that if the PA was unhappy with its gains during talks with Israel it would still seek an imposed solution by the United Nations. This, effectively, would mean Israel would be negotiating at the point of a PA gun.

'US in talks with Israel, PA to quell statehood bid at UN'


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How I long and pray for the day that..
And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

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Expected Imminently said...


You may know already, but I have just read that Terry James of 'Rapture Ready' had a big heart attack on Friday.

He is recovering Praise The Lord!


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and a big hug for you also Sue.
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Please pray for all the prophecy watchers in general and the "heads" of groups like this. I sense (i am believing through the holy spirit) that these people need some extra prayer covering right now. Jack Van Impe has been laid on my heart especially this week as i believe the holy spirit is leading him to do or say something that is going to make Satan mad as a hornet! And I think he is none to happy with the rest of us either! Enough stuff is going on now, people are slowly starting to wake from their sleep. And we get to tell them whats going on :-) cuz we have THE ANSWER! -ally

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Thanks Ally, thats always something to consider and pray for, and it applies to all of us, as you say.

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Hello Kem

I’m a silly old sausage; but I rarely, if ever use email in case I have a repeat performance of getting worms, and viruses that K.O. my ‘puter for a few years until I got this ere laptop. Have to confess to a major ‘porky’ when ‘Officaldom’ asks me if I am online. ‘No’ says I, trying to look innocent.

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Not long now and we will all be together with Jesus.

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