Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Signs:

The birth pains are undeniably increasing in both frequency and severity. Lets put today's news in context:

- We've been watching the exact coalitions forming in the Middle East - Those coalitions which will attack Israel in the last days, as predicted by the ancient prophets.

- Because of the above, we have had daily news involving "wars and rumors of war"

- We've watched the progress of the EU, both in terms of growth and the use of military

- We've watched the progress towards a single world-wide currency and the growth towards a unified, single governance

- We've watched the progress towards the dividing of Israel and the diving of Jerusalem

- We've watched Iran's progress towards a nuclear weapons along with the continual threats to destroy Israel

We've seen the devastating earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, and most recently, Japan

And on and on this list goes.

An don't forget, pestilence is also a sign of this last generation:

Scientists find superbugs in Delhi drinking water

A gene that makes bugs highly resistant to almost all known antibiotics has been found in bacteria in water supplies in New Delhi used by local people for drinking, washing and cooking, scientists said on Thursday.

The NDM 1 gene, which creates what some experts describe as "super superbugs", has spread to germs that cause cholera and dysentery, and is circulating freely in other bacteria in the Indian city capital of 14 million people, the researchers said.

NDM 1, or New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase 1, makes bacteria resistant to almost all antibiotics, including the most powerful class, called carbapenems.

It first emerged in India three years ago and has now spread across the world. It has been found in a wide variety of bugs, including familiar pathogens like Escherichia coli, or E. coli.

No new drugs are on the horizon for at least 5-6 years to tackle it and experts are concerned that only a few major drug companies, such as GlaxoSmithKline (GSK.L) and AstraZeneca (AZN.L), still have strong antibiotic development programmes.

Experts say the spread of superbugs threatens whole swathes of modern medicine, which cannot be practiced if doctors have no effective antibiotics to ward off infections during surgery, intensive care or cancer treatments like chemotherapy.

"We are at a critical point in time where antibiotic resistance is reaching unprecedented levels," said Zsuzsanna Jakab, the WHO's regional director for Europe.

"Given the growth of travel and trade in Europe and across the world, people should be aware that until all countries tackle this, no country alone can be safe."

Warning over threat posed by new superbugs resistant to 'last resort' antibiotics

Scientists have issued a stark warning over the rise of new superbugs resistant to the most powerful antibiotics.

Less than a handful of antibiotics are currently in the pipeline to combat antibiotic resistant bacteria with the worldwide spread of genes resistant to last resort antibiotics a 'nightmare scenario', the World Health Organisation (WHO) has said.

Medical care could return to an age where simple infections do not respond to treatment and routine operations become life-threatening as a result of the reckless use of antibiotics, the WHO said in a campaign timed to coincide with World Health Day.

Dr David Livermore, director of the HPA antibiotic resistance monitoring and reference laboratory, said: 'So much of modern medicine - from gut surgery to cancer treatment, to transplants - depends on our ability to treat infection.

'If resistance destroys that ability then the whole edifice of modern medicine crumbles"

CDC: Deadly Superbug "C-Diff" Spreading

Deadly Antibiotic-Resistant Superbug Spreads in Southern California

IBM, Singapore Battle MRSA Superbug With Nanostructure

Today is also significant for earthquakes:

Japan lifts new tsunami warning after 7.4 quake

Japan's meteorological agency says it has lifted a tsunami warning for the northeastern coast 90 minutes after a 7.4-magnitude earthquake struck offshore.
The quake hit about 11:30 p.m. Thursday Japan time. It has rattled nerves nearly a month after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that flattened the northeastern coast.

Fresh quake triggers tsunami warning in Japan

Earthquake shakes wide area of southern Mexico

The signs are all around us - in fact we are immersed in the signs.

There is no denying that we are in the very last stages of this era. The era that is pointing the way for the return of Christ. What a time for a Christian to be alive right now - as we reflect on what exactly Jesus did for us on the cross. The brutality that he endured on our behalf - the beatings, the scourging, the mocking, the imprisonment and the horrible death on the cross - all because He loves us THAT much.

I believe we will have an opportunity to thank Him for that indescribable sacrifice very soon - not just in prayer, as we do now, but up front - in person. Its hard to imagine isn't it?

Jesus wants His bride to be excited and prepared for this moment. Just look at His words in describing His expectations for His Bride, as that day approaches:

"Be dressed ready for service and keep your lamps burning, like men waiting for their master to return from a wedding banquet, so that when he comes and knocks they can immediately open the door for him.

It will be good for those servants whose master finds them watching them when he comes"

(Luke 12:35-37)

It strikes me that Jesus stated we should be watching so that when he comes, we are can "immediately" open the door.

Its almost time - lets make sure we are ready for that moment. It will obviously please our Savior for us to be ready.

Isn't it the least we can do, considering all that He has done for us?


Anonymous said...

It will be good for those servants whose master finds them watching them when he comes"

(Luke 12:35-37)

Thanks for the reminder Scott...this Scripture was very encouraging!

Blessings, WVBORN56

Anonymous said...

Jesus says in Matthew that if the owner of the house had known at what hour the thief was coming he would have kept watch and not let his house be broken into. Peter says the day of the Lord will come like a thief. And Jesus says in Revelation 16:15 that he is coming like a thief. I am sounds like He is coming as a thief twice? At rapture and second coming? Help please.

Anonymous said...

i should leave this for you Scott but i think i can explain it ok. the day of the Lord is NOT the rapture. the rapture is when Jesus comes to scoop us up to heaven to be his bride. thats coming up very soon. meanwhile, here on earth is going to get ugly really quickly. for approximately 7 years. fast forward towards the end of the tribulation and the Wrath of God falls upon the earth. This is the Great and Terrible day of the Lord.. then Jesus comes back with all the saints (thats us :-)) kicks butt at the battle of Armeggedon on the plains of Meggidio in Israel. Jesus will stsnd on the Mount of Olives and the earth will split all the way to the mediteranean. If i am wrong Scott, please feel free to correct me much as neccessary. maranathe-ally

Anonymous said...

I thought the second coming of Christ and the Rapture are the same thing. What is the real difference??? Can you explain it to me please... Thanks

Scott said...

Anon- Click on the upper right corner of the blog and listen to "Rapture I" and "Rapture II"; this will explain

The rapture of the church (1 Thess 4:16-18, 1 Cor 15:50) occurs, then the 7 year Tribulation, then the Second Coming

The Rapture and the Second Coming are two very very different events. In the Second Coming, Jesus comes to earth for 1,000 years, and fulfill the array of OT prophecy in which CHrist will reign on earth (Rev 20)

In the rapture, Jesus takes the Church Saints to New Jerusalem, in Heaven (John 14:1-3).

This happens before the Tribulation (1 Thess 1:10, 1 Thessalonians 5, Revelation 3:10, John 4:1, Hohn 14)