Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Analysis: The Iranian Video About The 12th Imam

I've been waiting to see what Joel Rosenberg would have to say about the new Iranian video that is receiving so much publicity - the video that describes the coming of the 12th Imam which, according to Iranian leaders is coming soon:

Why is the New Iranian Video About the Soon Coming of the Messiah Significant?

Last night, I returned from a week in Europe where I had the opportunity to brief several dozen Iranian, Arab, Israeli, European and American pastors and Christian ministry leaders about the new feature-length documentary film produced by the Iranian government and its religious allies called, The Coming Is Near.

As I will explain in more detail below, I believe now is the time for pastors and ministry leaders around the world to use the occasion of the release of this film to accelerate and intensify their own teaching about the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and to answer the questions being asked by millions of people throughout the Middle East and elsewhere about who the Messiah is and when/how/why He will return.

Now he explains the film contents:

The film, The Coming Is Near, was brought to the attention of the West by Reza Khalili, a former Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps member who became a double agent for the CIA working against Iran in the 1980s. It explains how the current wars and revolutions in Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and elsewhere throughout the Middle East and North Africa are signs consistent with Shia Islamic End Times teaching that the Twelfth Imam (or Mahdi) and Jesus will soon appear on earth to usher in the destruction of Israel, the establishment of an Islamic caliphate (kingdom), and the end of days.

Now to the best part - the explanation of the significance of this film and what it represents:

Why is this new film significant? I see several reasons:

1. The film has attracted international attention through reports by the Christian Broadcasting Network, the Drudge Report, and other media outlets — this is good because it is further helping people around the world to understand what the current Iranian regime believes and why it is so dangerous.

2. The film has been screened and approved at the highest levels of Iranian government, providing further confirmation that the Ayatollah Khamenei and President Ahmadinejad believe their eschatology is being vindicated and thus emboldening them to continue pursuing nuclear weapons and long-range ballistic missiles.

3. The film is being screened throughout Iran for military officers and soldiers as well as for paramilitary units, suggesting that Iran’s leaders are trying to prepare their forces for a rapidly approaching genocidal war against Israel, the U.S. and the West and to encourage them not to fear because Shia Muslims are on the winning side of history.

4. The film is being translated from Farsi (the language of Iran) to Arabic, suggesting that it will soon be shown and distributed throughout the broader Middle East and North Africa to prepare other Muslims — Sunni and Shia – for a genocidal war with Israel and the West.

5. The film is full of false teaching (the Twelfth Imam is not the true Messiah, cannot save mankind and will not set up a global Islamic kingdom), delivered by false teachers (Iranian clerics), who follow a false religion (Islam), but it is useful in that it is further evidence that our Lord Jesus Christ was absolutely correct when He warned His disciples in Matthew 24 and Luke 21 that “false messiahs” and “false prophets” will come in the last days before Christ’s own return.

Indeed, while we can’t know for certain that a false Islamic messiah known as the Twelfth Imam is actually coming soon, we must recognize that this is possible, would be a fulfillment of Bible prophecy, would create much deception in the world, and would need to be countered with great courage and wisdom by faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

6. The film is full of evil, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and anti-Christian teaching, but it is serving one particularly good function: it is beginning to accelerate and intensify an on-going conversation among Muslims and Jews throughout the world who are asking, “Who is the Messiah? When will He come? What signs will precede His coming? How shall we recognize Him when He comes? And how shall we live differently in light of His soon arrival?”

And below we see the conclusions:

The film, in my view, should immediately lead to Christian ministries producing films and TV programs explaining what the Bible says about the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and how to both prepare for His return and live lives of holiness, prayer, evangelism, discipleship and church planting in view of Christ Jesus’ coming.

Please pray that many Christian leaders around the world will see this as an important moment to teach Bible truths in love and with great courage, that Jesus of Nazareth is the only true Messiah and the Savior of the world, and that He is coming back soon.

Amen to the last comments above.

I believe Ahmadinejad realizes that he is towards the end of his reign of power and has precious few months in which to create events which (in his mind) will precipitate the return of the Mahdi.

This could be yet another potential "tipping point" for the region - an event which will set off the final cascade of events which will lead into the Tribulation.

This film seems highly significant as it seems to be signaling as a beacon - or better stated "a call to arms" for those in the Middle East who are determined to destroy Israel - a scenario which begs for attention; a scenario that shows us that the final days are indeed upon us.

It won't be long before the bridegroom comes for His bride. As seen in the post below "A World Divided II", while the world becomes completely immersed in darkness, we'll be in a different location - one that is far more preferable. We are not destined for this darkness. Instead, we are destined for the light - the light from Christ Jesus who already took this wrath on our behalf - the light which will be shining in a place called New Jerusalem. Our permanent home. We're almost there.


DrNofog said...


I can hardly wait for all the sequels, kinda like the "Rocky" series that bored everyone to death...

...aging Imam slugging away on the Great Satan...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for explaining the prophetic significance of this film. (false messiahs and false prophets). You are helping me stand firm (in these last days).

Ann Marie said...

Thanks for your updates, you truly have a gift and ministry in this blogsite.

I wanted to share a link to a short message that was recently done at Maranatha Chapel by Pastor Ray Bentley. He has accompanied Joel Rosenburg at his epicenter conferences and had him share at his church. I feel he In this message he discusses the timing of the feasts in conjunction with the signs/stars that will be occurring. Bentley mentioned how he believes that the last three feasts are yet to be fulfilled and how the woman in Revelation 12 is signaling the time of the end. He discusses possible 'events' occurring this June and September. I would appreciate your thoughts.
(link to Maranatha Chapel, the video link is on the home page or it can be found under media: http://maranathachapel.org/)

Also, I wanted to share a dream (I always think of Acts 2: 17,..."your old men will dream dreams") that my father (now passed away in 2002) who was a born again Christian, and filled with the Holy Spirit, told me and many others. This dream took place in the early 1980's but my brother and I recall it very vividly and now, even more so. In his dream, "He saw a young-looking black man giving a speech in Washington, D.C. He understood this man to be the vice president. Then he saw a man of the United States and fires (mushroom clouds?) popping up across the map."

God Bless You and thanks again for your timely posts!

Scott said...

AM - thats a very interesting dream (disturbing?). As soon as I get done with these comments I'll take a look at that link - many thanks.

Thanks Anon - I appreciate the kind words

DrNo.....So, uh, are you now admitting that you actually VIEWED all of the various Rocky sequels?

Doug said...

Is this film availabe in English?