Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The New Roman Empire: Learning new "Military Roles"

One cannot help but to observe the military progress of the EU, and see the parallels as to how they may, in the near future, send troops into Israel. In fact, a prophecy watcher views this EU development and must consider this possibility: Is Libya a first-step towards a policy that we will see play out in Israel?

In news coming from the EU Observer we can watch this progress developing in real time:

Foreign ministers wary of EU military role in Libya

Foreign ministers have endorsed the basic outlines of an EU 'military-humanitarian' mission to Libya, amid concern about putting ground soldiers into a volatile situation.

Are we learning yet another new phrase? We already have "responsibility to protect", now we have a new entry: "military-humanitarian mission". How clever. A military action that can be cloaked in "humanitarianism". Interesting.

The meeting in Luxembourg on Tuesday (12 March) saw ministers approve the so-called concept of operations (Conops) for the Eufor Libya mission, the first step in the planning of any mission which involves military assets.

"We are only in the planning phase now of Eufor Libya. The next step would have to be a request from the UN office for the co-ordination of humanitarian affairs (OCHA) on opening or maintaining of humanitarian passages. It could be evacuations, but that request hasn't come yet. If that request comes, then we'll have to take more concrete measures.

So a formal request would come from the UN. I suppose that would legitimize any subsequent actions.

Is anyone connecting the dots yet?

Earlier in the day, an EU diplomat said France is "basically trying to get 'boots on the ground' via an EU humanitarian-military mission. But a lot member states are very reluctant in signing up to that."

For her part, foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton said "In support of humanitarian efforts, military assets are to be used very carefully."

"Some member states stress more the humanitarian aspects and do not want any reference to the security situation, others say the two are intertwined and press for the two to be mentioned," the source said. "It is a very unusual military operation - we don't know what we would be asked to do - so planning is very loose at the moment."

"It certainly doesn't mean to engage in riskier operations, but to exert the maximum military pressure possible and strike military targets. If artillery is firing at Misrata, it means there is artillery which needs to be tracked down and annihilated."

In other words, the EU is on the threshold of sending troops into Libya - a sovereign country who has not threatened any other countries nor is at war with any other countries. In a unilateral decision, the UN has determined that based on this vague, ill-defined notion of "responsibility to protect", the EU was able to begin military actions in Libya.

Now, we are seeing this military action taken up a notch, with the use of ground troops, under the premise of an even more vague "military-humanitarian" action.

Meanwhile, as we saw yesterday, the rhetoric that is being used against Israel looks a lot like the rhetoric that is being used to justify the actions in Libya.

This is a fascinating development, and it seems easy to see where this is going.

As we approach the September date - a time that the UN will take a vote on establishing an independent "PA State" - we are already seeing rhetoric (from the SAME people) that would justify military action in Israel. Yesterday's news revealed that a "PA State" can't be successful with the status-quo and some sort of military presence would be necessary.

This whole process seen in Libya seems to be emerging for Israel - certainly based on the rhetoric we are currently seeing. In fact, the timing of this rhetoric and the parallels to Libya seems far more than coincidence. It actually seems that a plan is unfolding. An evil plan which involves the marginalization and ultimate destruction of the Nation of Israel.

But don't forget - God is watching - and as He clearly stated in Ezekiel 38-39, His "hot anger will be aroused" and He will take action to protect Israel. And just as God equally clearly stated "It is coming". And it appears to be coming sooner rather than later.


Will the U.S. fall in line?

U.S. to lay out new Mideast policy in weeks

Just as we approach September.

WASHINGTON - The United States plans a new push to promote comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday, suggesting reinvigorated US role in trying to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

US President Barack Obama will lay out US policy toward the Middle East and North Africa in the coming weeks, Clinton told Arab and US policy makers in a speech that placed particular emphasis on Israeli-Palestinian peace.

"America's core interests and values have not changed, including our commitment to promote human rights, resolve long-standing conflicts, counter Iran's threats and defeat al Qaida and its extremist allies," she added. "This includes renewed pursuit of comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace."

"Commitment to promote human rights" sounds a LOT like "responsibility to protect". Doesn't it?

We shall see.


Anonymous said...

Hi All, do you believe that NWO can be implemented so soon? Since I am staying in Asia, I feel that they can not implement the one currency to the whole world within a short time. Even 3 years is quite a short time to implement the 666 chip into the whole world. Even in Asia is quite impossible to force all of the people to use the 666 chip in their hands within 3 years. I just thinking that the single currency can not be implemented so soon to the whole nations. What do you think ?

Anonymous said...

Yes I do. It will probably be like flu shots- available in every grocery store, pharmacy, school etc. Need to buy food or medicine? First you need this chip! Just like they push the flu shots!

Scott said...

IT looks like there will be an interim stage - and that would be SDRs via the IMF and controlled by IMF.

To a large degree, this is already happening, so we're already approaching the first step.

Once that happens, it will be an easy step into a single currency. It happened amazingly fast when the EURO was rolled out (ask any European about their experiences when their national currency became a EURO and you will get an earful!)

Now, the MOTB is a different story.

First of all - the mark, particularly if done via a tattoo (the technology can now be done via a tattoo type mark) would take less time than getting a drivers license. And we all do that every 4 years. When I go to get my license renewed, its usually a 20-30 minute wait - not a big deal...

Having said that, even though most of us assume it will be a "high tech" mark, with the use of satellites etc, and having financial info and health info contained within "the mark"....I tend to lean this way...(I better end this now and continue below because I may be reaching the limits of this comment...

Scott said...

OK. As far as the mark, I tend to believe it will be such a "high tech" device.

However, I know some prophecy watchers who believe that because of the various "judgments" and the carnage during the tribulation - they believe that our technological infrastructure will be destroyed and the whole world will be living like the refugees that we see following big quakes or after being in a war zone - and the mark will be for basic things such as water distribution, food distribution in this "world" that is in existence during the trib.

This would require very little - just a small tattoo w/o any technology.

Regardless, I don't think its that big of a stretch. Each person could probably get the mark in a few minutes at designated "stations". Very doable IMO

Expected Imminently said...


As the mark is introduced by the False Prophet as a counterfeit ‘sealing of the Holy Spirit’. Rev.13:11-18 in the ‘Midst’ of the Week, at the sixth Trumpet, at the end of the first 3 ½ yrs – if so; there is still 3 ½ years to go (at least) to prepare for it via something like nanotechnology, ‘praps?

OR it may be somewhat supernatural aided by demonic beings working like false 'priests'who could 'appear' in the remotest of areas plying their wares? ~~shudder~~

Sue :\

Expected Imminently said...

Similar to the priest that went about selling RC ‘indulgences’. I forget his name, but he used to chant something like “As a coin into the coffer rings, another soul from purgatory springs” ?

Anonymous said...

Leviticus 19:28

Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tatoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord.

Although as believers we are not under the law, many of the Old Testament laws have New Testament principles - not defacing the temple of our bodies - Romans 12: 1-2 ...offer your bodies as a living sacrifice..Do not be confomed any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed...

Scott- It is amazing to see the proliferation of tatoos on people, and tatoo parlors, not just in very liberal areas like California, but also observed during a recent trip to the "Bible Belt".

Our social security numbers already contain a great deal of information in them - for example, when and where they were issued - and that has been around for 70 + years. I tend to think that the proliferation of tatoo parlors will help aid in the mass marking of millions of people. Plus, we have an entire generation which has no qualms about putting marks on their body.

As for the high tech marks or microchips, it could be a "both/and" scenario. A visual tatoo signifying that the bearer also has a microchip implant. Time will tell, but it sure seems like the masses of humanity are being set up to have no reservations about receiving tatoo markings (or microchips for that matter also - how easy is it to microchip a pet?).

Thanks for your insightful posts, Scott!


Anonymous said...

Wow,tonight on NBC nightly news Brian Williams was interviewing Richard Engel. Mr. Engel said he had grave concerns over the ME revolutions due to the fact that these factions hate Irael.. Im glad to see somebody standing up for Israel! So few people in MSM will now a days - ally

Anonymous said...

sorry i comment so much guys, but i am totally convinced that it will be a rfid chip. they are extremely small. dmaller than a grain of rice, can hold an immense amount of information takes 30 seconds to a minute to insert with a syringe and most important...THE CAN TRACK YOUR WHEREABOUTS CONSTANTLY! Apparently they can cut off the signal also if you arent doing what they want. i believe there will be an automatic reader at the entrance to grocery stores,buses, buildings etc.

Anonymous said...

"I think you cannot be more correct, implying that the developments in our southern neighbourhood are actually changing the way the European Union is dealing with its neighbourhood. It's changing our style. It's changing our procedure. It's changing our interaction within and among the institutions, with the member states. That's the first important point..."

Scott said...

Thats a very very interesting idea that I hadn't really considered.

First of all - it is an accurate observation...It seems that everyone has a tattoo these days, and it sure could seem that this is conditioning for the future Mark. Hmmmmm....And thinking of all the tattoo places just adds to that.

Anon- of course it could also be the microchip - I can see it this was too - but don't forget, the mark will be visible, so all can see the allegiance to the AC...Having this technology through a tattoo is even more compelling IMO.

Fortunately, we won't be here, so its not a huge concern of mine!

Dylan said...

Hey, if I wasn't a Christian, the idea of a cashless society would be very appealing. No credit cards, debit cards or anything, just a microchip in your left hand or forehead that automatically took money from you bank account. Sounds appealing. But I'd never lose my soul in exchange for an implant in my hand or forehead.

Scott said...

I've said that a million times. I agree. If I was ignorant to the scriptures, it would seem as the perfect idea and the perfect solution to so many problems with fraud, identity theft etc....But fortunately, we know better (of course, we'll be gone by the time the mark rolls out!)