Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Issue Of "Palestinian Statehood"

Caroline Glick weighs in on this pending issue of "Palestinian Statehood", which will be coming up this summer when the UN takes a vote on the topic:

Palestinian Statehood

As America marks the 10th anniversary of the September 11 jihadist attacks, the Palestinian Authority's well-publicized plan to achieve UN recognition of a Palestinian state in all of Judea, Samaria, Gaza and northern, southern and eastern Jerusalem will reach its denouement.

Below, she describes the process - at least as it should be followed - and as she points out, the "normal" rules never apply to Israel:

The UN Charter spells out the procedure through which new states receive membership. The procedure dictates that the Security Council must recommend to the General Assembly that a state receive membership.

Following the Security Council recommendation, the General Assembly calls a vote. If two-thirds of the UN member states vote in favor of recognition, a state is accepted as a member state.

In the Palestinian case, General Assembly support is a forgone conclusion; 118 out of 192 UN member nations already recognize "Palestine."

Legally the General Assembly cannot act without Security Council sanction. So if the US vetoes a Security Council resolution on the issue, the General Assembly would be formally barred from moving forward.

But legal norms applied to the nations of the world are rarely applied to the Palestinians. Consequently, it is possible that the General Assembly will illegally vote on Palestinian statehood even without a Security Council recommendation to do so.

Below, she proceeds to describe the scenario which would presumably follow such actions:

As we approach the September deadline, the question we need to consider is what the concrete consequences of Palestinian membership in the UN would be? What new anti-Israel activities will international organizations and states engage in following such a move? And how can we meet those challenges? In general, the acceptance of "Palestine" will present us with new threats from three different actors: the International Criminal Court, the EU and the US.

Looking ahead, we need to consider how they may escalate their hostile behavior and develop plans to minimize the damage Europeans can cause the economy. Unfortunately, the chattering classes are behaving as though when faced with the specter of further European economic sanctions, we have no option other than to throw ourselves at Europe's feet and beg for mercy. But this is ridiculous.

AS THE 18 years since Oslo have shown, begging Europeans for mercy on the basis of concessions to the Palestinians is a losing strategy. Europe is not interested in displaying mercy toward the Jewish state, and it does not view any concessions as sufficient.

Ok, no help from Europe - got it. What about the U.S.?

This brings us to the US. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's greatest fear is that President Barack Obama will fail to veto a Security Council resolution recommending General Assembly approval of Palestinian membership in the UN. The gloom and doomers advise the premier the only way to avert this prospect is to render such a resolution superfluous by preemptively capitulating to all of Obama's demands.

Obama has let it be known that he expects Netanyahu to announce his surrender in an address before both Houses of Congress in May. And this makes sense from his perspective. If Netanyahu gives a speech before Congress in which he effectively embraces Obama's anti-Israel positions as his own, he would make it practically impossible for Republican lawmakers and presidential candidates to criticize those policies.

Perversely, if Netanyahu bows to Obama's wishes, he will not avert US support for Palestinian UN membership and UN recognition of Palestinian sovereignty in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and Gaza. He will facilitate it by making it appear noncontroversial.

What we are witnessing are events which are explicitly detailed in biblical prophecy: The world is collectively turning against Israel.

When the coalition of anti-Israel nations and terrorists prepare to attack Israel there will be no one in the world who will step forward in order to protect Israel, or to fight on their behalf. No one.

Israel will have one option: To turn to God for protection, as they have so many times throughout biblical history.

And we also know that God will not let them down. When the nation of Israel - in an act of desperation - turns to God, He will deliver as promised. The entire world will witness His actions - actions which will undeniably be coming directly from God Himself.

We're living in a biblical age. And the world is just on the brink of seeing the hand of God and definitive proof of His existence.

The single biggest question a Christian must ask is this: How much longer will we be here, on this earth?

According to the signs - not much longer.


Anonymous said...

Just 3 years ago I couldn't imagine a scenario in which the US would publicly stand against Israel. With each passing day it becomes clearer and the results are astounding. I am truly amazed at the unfolding events and I often think of how God will move in a mighty way on behalf of His tiny nation Israel.


Anonymous said...

Not much longer indeed Scott! We are most blessed to be watchman and to know that in the very near future we will really be transformed in the twinkling of an eye! How absolutely amazing to be living in this time. There is no doubt in my mind we are very very close to going home.

I have unfortunately had a difficult time verbalizing this with people. It seems I can't convince them that this is indeed a sure reality. Part of the problem is there is a mountain of evidence but only snippets can usually be shared and because they lack significant Biblical knowledge it fails to connect. It is frustrating but I continue to attempt to plant seeds.


Scott said...

GEAREDUP - I agree - but its a sign of the times. The scriptures say that ALL nations will be against Israel, and unfortunately, that includes the US.

WV - Even when Jesus walked this earth and preformed countless miracles, people still didn't believe. So it really isn't surprising that people would miss the vast array of "signs" that we have been given. Sad but true.

Even when God makes His presence known to all - people will reject Him.

Its just the reality of the stupidity of humans and the inability to receive and embrace the TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

Scott, Iron Dome intercepts first rocket:,7340,L-4053837,00.html

Is this the beginning of the end? We'll have to stay tuned to further developments. ;-)


AM said...

I don't recall the specific scriptute reference (will ask), but my brother who is Pastor and also well versed in end time prophecy said that there will be a period of revival and spiritual awakening prior to the rapture. Perhaps some type of 'big event' will trigger this and make it easier to witness.



Alice said...

I certainly don't know about any "big event", but Pastor Ray Bentley implied that there could be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost this year. If I understood his presentation correctly, this outpouring could be concentrated on the Muslim people. This thinking is based on his (and others) understanding of the Hebrew Mazzaroth. He explains all about it later in this video:

I believe someone posted this video here before. Thanks to whomever! I really enjoyed it!

Ann Marie said...

Yes, I posted about Pastor Ray Bentley's video-- he also has one on the Decade of Destiny which is very good. I'm not sure if 'event' is the right word, but I could envision something so spectacular happening that it would trigger spiritual revival worldwide. Damascus? Ann
Marie (AM)

Anonymous said...

how about when God pulls Israels desperate situation into one where the whole world sees his hand saving the nation? i dont just guessing but it seems timely and possible

Anonymous said...

Scott, please help us to write a very clear concise short message to wake others up! possibly something i can put up on telephone polls, peoples windshields, grocery store bullentin boards etc. I cant express how many people esp those under 30 have never even heard about Jesus. It is unbelievablr. and i live in the bible belt too. HELP US PLEASE! I have been unable to locate even one pastor in this town who is preaching anything even close to the truth :-( ally

Scott said...

Thats the sad truth - most pastors weren't taught biblical prophecy in seminary and therefore seem afraid to delve into the topic.

Fortunately, there are some pastors who can be caught on TV, who are proclaiming the message of prophecy (David Jeremiah, John Hagee, Hal Lindsey, Van Impe, and Greg Laurie). But in local communities its mych harder to find, as you have pointed out.

As far as a brief message, let me give that some thought...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Scott- You rock! I can't tell you how much LOVE I feel between the people here! I don't know any of ya'll yet we all try to help each other. I found you because I was trying to find out the truth. I hate to say I had a vision,not because you might think I am crazy, I am ok with that lol, but I dont want to attribute anything to God, that is not of God, because that serious business. believe me...the fear of the Lord is in me. anyway I was shown some really intense stuff. very scary scary stuff that is going to happen and i can assure you, NOBODY is going to want to be on this planet when it is going down! if we ever meet, i will tell you the details but i have a funny feeling you already know. so i searched tons of sites, read a lot of bible, and tried to remember my grandmothers take on it from 45 years ago when i was a kid, sorted through a lot of INCORRECT info and then found you guys :-) funny, i was pretty much a mid tribber even tbough i was raised pretrib...seemed straight forward from the bible but you have pretty much changed me to pretrib believer. lol im at about 98% sure now of pretrib. im am REALLY looking up now. if things keep on this quickly, i got a feeling we might be celebrating Jesus' birthday with him. not setting a date but just getting antsy as all get out right now. i dont see how we can still be here much longer. its almost totally set.every day i wake up wondering if overnight while i was sleeping if Damascus was flattened or ca had a 9 something quake.or even worse God starts punishing america for all the crazy ungodly anti Israel stuff we are doing. it all hurts my head sometime and my heart too but i know OUR FATHER has it under control. all glory and blessings to him! Praises be unto him in heaven - ally

Scott said...

I really believe we're going home soon. The signs are just too abundant and the birth pains are too frequent for the last events not to be coming soon - not to mention the fact that we're approaching the very end of the generation anyway. There is just a little more time left now, but not much

We'll all get together at the wedding supper - I just have a feeling on that :)

God Bless