Saturday, April 9, 2011

Is War Approaching?

With the recent escalation in violence around Israel, one has to ponder the fact that war may be approaching. If so, then the inevitable conclusion could be that we are also approaching the tipping point in the Middle East - a tipping point that would lead to the final battles of this generation - a tipping point which would lead into the Tribulation and the rise of the antichrist:

Hamas: We'll broaden rocket targets if air strikes continue

Hamas said on Saturday it would escalate it attacks against Israel to include a wider range of targets if the IDF failed to halt its aerial assaults on the Gaza Strip.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri blamed Israel for an escalation in violence. "If the Israeli escalation continues, amid international silence and complicity, the reactions by resistance factions will broaden," he told Reuters, saying such actions would be necessary to protect Palestinians in Gaza.

2 Grads, 25 mortars fired from Gaza explode in Israel

Fifteen Grad-model rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory overnight Friday. The Iron Dome rocket-defense system intercepted five of them in the Beersheba and Ashkelon areas, Israel Radio reported.

Saturday morning two additional Grad rockets were fired at Ofakim and 25 mortar shells were fired into the Eshkol Regional Council. No injuries were immediately reported. Dozens of mortar shells were fired overnight.

Thats over 40 missiles and mortars fired into Israel in a 24 hour period. A significant escalation in the region.

And following this exchange, we see even more escalation:

Three Hamas commanders were killed in an IAF airstrike early morning Saturday on a car in the southern Gaza city of Rafah. Palestinian news agencies reported a fourth Hamas man was killed in an IDF strike late Saturday morning. The IDF said it was looking into the reports.

Palestinian news agency Ma'an reported that other IDF strikes took place overnight in Gaza City, a Hamas training base in the northern Strip and a neighborhood in Khan Younis.

Sa'ar: Hamas has sustained heavy damage in recent days

Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar told Israel Radio on Saturday that Hamas has sustained heavy damage from IDF operations in recent days. The IDF continue to strike Hamas, he added, "we will not permit sporadic shootings or the disruption of life" inside Israel.

Also speaking with Israel Radio, former national security adviser Maj.-Gen. (res.) Giora Eiland said that if quiet cannot be reached in the Gaza Strip that Israel needs to consider a more extensive operation similar to the 2002 Operation Defensive Shield in the West Bank.

Rocket War: 36,000 Missiles vs. Israel's 'Iron Dome'

Below, we see more war preparations. This sounds a lot like "wars and rumors of war":

Israel is once again under rocket attack. But the few weapons being flung at it from their enemies in the south — Hamas — could be just a preview of a much larger rocket war in the north, courtesy of Hezbollah. Israel’s response to the missile threat: a next-gen rocket-blaster and a covert program of sabotage and assassination.

To mitigate some of Hezbollah’s missile threat, Israel is expected to deploy its Iron Dome anti-rocket missiles on its northern border with Lebanon alongside its Arrow long range ballistic missile defense system.

In the meantime, Israel has rushed Iron Dome to the southern border with Gaza last month to meet Hamas’ rocket fire.

South under heavy assault; IDF hits back

Major escalation overnight, southern Israel under heavy fire: Iron Dome intercepts several rockets fired at Beersheba, Ofakim, siren activated in cities across south. Air Force bombs Rafah vehicle, three Hamas men killed

The Iron Dome anti-rocket system intercepted several Grad rockets fired at Beersheba, southern Israel’s largest city, and at the town of Ofakim early Saturday.

Five residents in both cities were lightly hurt while rushing to local bomb shelters after the anti-rocket siren was activated. Four of them were taken to hospital for treatment.

Area residents have been ordered to enter secured rooms and bomb shelters. There were no initial reports of injuries or damages.

Meanwhile, the IDF continued to target terrorists, killing three Hamas members after firing at their vehicle in the city of Rafah. Palestinian sources said two of those killed were senior members of Izz al-Din al-Qassam, Hamas’ military wing.

Earlier Saturday, Palestinian sources in Gaza said Air Force aircraft bombed a training camp in the northern Strip belonging to Hamas, as well as tunnels in the southern part of the Strip, near Rafah.

War is undeniably approaching. We know this from biblical prophecy, but all we have to do is glance at the Middle East right now and it is quite obvious.

The big question is simple: Will this escalation continue, or will it die down? These seem to be the only two scenarios approaching - either things will continue to escalate or things will spontaneously die down. Much of this depends upon what Iran wants, as they are ultimately pushing the buttons in the region.

As for now, it appears that things are escalation, and the next question becomes, "what is the ultimate goal of this current round of violence?" Is it a diversion from Iran's nuclear progress? (note that Iran's nukes have been far from "page 1" of the news). Or - more importantly, is Iran ready to begin the violence that their leadership believes will hasten the return of the Mahdi?

Only time will tell, but that time is growing short. We should watch this evolving situation very closely.

In other prophecy related news, see the following in today's news:

Two George Soros Events Aim to Remake the Financial Order and the Media -- So Where's the Reporting?

Syrian forces reportedly kill 22 as protests flare

Hunger forecast to become global reality

Palestinians attack Israeli school bus, pound southern Israel


Israel killed four Palestinian militants and wounded half a dozen others as it pursued air raids in Gaza for a third day on Saturday, responding to increased rocket fire out of the territory, local medics said.
Militants in the Gaza Strip, ruled by the Islamist Hamas, continued striking Israel's south with rockets, wounding five Israelis at around daybreak, according to Israeli media reports.

Israeli forces killed a local Hamas commander in the southern Gaza town of Rafah bordering Egypt, as well as two of his bodyguards, in a targeted strike on a vehicle, medics said. Israel blamed the slain commander for a rocket strike on its port of Eilat launched from Egyptian Sinai some months ago

Five militants were wounded in a second air raid in northern Gaza. Another air strike at daybreak killed a further militant.

Cross-border violence has surged since Hamas militants fired an anti-tank rocket at an Israeli school bus on Thursday, wounding two people including a teenager, who was listed in critical condition.

Israel has said it wants to teach Hamas a lesson for that attack, which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday amounted to "crossing a line," adding that "whoever tries to attack and murder children puts his life on the line."

At least 18 Palestinian militants and civilians, including an 11-year-old boy, have been killed in retaliatory strikes on the Gaza Strip since Thursday, and 36 since the latest round of bloodletting began in earnest on March 20.


Anonymous said...

Hey, what I'm about to say doesn't really have anything to do with the end times, but I found it quite interesting. Imhotep (yes the mummy from "the mummy" and "the mummy returns") apparently predicted the 7 year famine, and stored corn for 7 years before that. He was also skilled in astrology and architecture. To me this sounds an aweful lot like Joseph son of Jacob. Not a whole lot to do with the end times, but I found it interesting.

Anonymous said...

may 15 should be interesting. there will be a flotella plus sit ins at all the Iraeli embassies worldwide plus a march across the desert (i assume by car) into Israel to get palestineans to "retake" their so called "homeland". Eek! like everybody involved can keep it together, with the mischief makers and demons starting a ruckus. Passover also might have extra significance this year. those sneaky guys like to harm the jews on that day. and for the mummy thing...anon-funny how those old testimate stories permeate all levels of all soceities eh? anyway once again, THANK YOU SCOTT! it is very hard to keep positive even though i am thrilled at his coming! all these things are happening to real people just trying to get by and survive another day. most of them with out Jesus. :-( ally

Anonymous said...

I think somebody posted this before, but could the 144000 witnesses be symbolic? I mean the whole 2012 thing (not saying I believe the 2012 theory) and the last "baktun" of 144000 days in the Mayan calendar supposedly ending in dec. 12/2012. It makes me certain that 144000 is an important number. But is it symbolic or literal?

Anonymous said...

Oops. I meant dec. 21/2012

Anonymous said...

You made a post a while back about christ making himself known to every person on earth. Will this be on judgement day or before? If before, pre or post-rapture?

Anonymous said...

Can you make a post about the mark of the beast? Could it be the RFID that they're already using in pets?

Anonymous said...

Yes, things are heating up on the Middle East and hardly a mention of the rocket attacks on Israel in the MSM.

The two big end time issues IMO are the Middle east activity and the USA economy. Both currently are hanging in the balance. Like dominos each really only will take minor events to activate the final tipping point.

Really I think the only thing that allows each to continue to hang on by a thread is the Lord. How much longer will it be before He returns. It sure appears the table is set for the start of the 7 year tribulation.

We know Jesus comes for the His bride before the white horse of Revelation 6 rides....and it sure looks like the rider is mounted up and about to ride.

It is wonderful in many ways to be watching Bible end time prophecy unfold right before our eyes. What a time to be alive!


Anonymous said...

yes wvaborn, i too feel it is so very close. i can only imagine how many christians anxiously awaited this in their lifetimes. waiting and watching-far better christians than myself and yet, now, somehow i get to see it and hopefully experience the translation into our glorified bodies. And be forever more with the Lord! i still cant quite wrap me head around it all yet i KNOW this is true. Ive been trying yo figure out what to write in my instruction letters to my adult children about what they should do when they find me gone. i think i better get those done pretty soon. i am absolutely astonished at how fast this stuff is happening now! God Bless you all! ally

Scott said...

Hey there - thanks for the comments.
In no particular order:

The 144,000 is a literal number. When prophecy concerns the Jews/Nation of Israel, numbers always have great specificity and are highly literal - always.

God Himself will make His presence known when He intervenes at the battle of Gog-MaGog - He makes it abundantly clear that HE saved Israel, directly and dramatically - the scriptures in Ezekiel 38-39 make that very clear - that God will reveal Himself

And God will reveal Himself during the Tribulation - people will know when God intervenes on earth.

Jesus will make His appearance to the CHurch at the time of the Rapture, and again at the Second Coming.

WV - I agree. I often wonder why God put me here at this time - in this biblical age - I consider myself VERY fortunate and its one of the motivations that I carry daily to get this message out - so that I don't waste the opportunity

Ally - thanks sister and God Bless


DrNofog said...

Well, this wuz fascinating! Watching Anon carrying on some sort of discourse with his/her alter-ego Anon...

Except fur the 2 that separated themselves by ending their posts with "Ally" and "WVBORN56", I wuzn't sure where this was going.

For the sake of clarity, it's really not that hard to end your posts, at the very least, with any kind of name-tag, real or fictitious.

Also, you can sign up on any one of several "Blogger" services, that will always show up with a regular Net-name that you pick, real or fictitious... like, say, "DrNofog"...

Or even better, you can actually use your Government-assigned, Corporate, Legal-Fiction name [your true Christian name of Upper & Lower case, re-framed in all "Corporate" Upper case.], which, if you have ever received, acknowledged, and signed after the "Corporate" Upper case name, then holds you as "security" for the "national debt"!!

Welcome to the "New World Order"!..

Alice said...

DrNo, I can't wait to meet you in heaven... you crack me up! :)

(Alice is not my real name, though, so don't be lookin for an Alice! ;) I won't look for a DrNofog, either...)

Scott, Jerry Golden clearly believes we will see war this spring/summer. Here's his letter from yesterday. Heartbreaking...

Scott said...

Alice - I haven't seen Golden's latest - thanks for the reminder.

DrNo....Pretty hilarious - what can I say :)

Anonymous said...

Scott, if for no other reason you are here, you are given the talent to teach us bible prophecy. I for one will be ever thankful for your service to His kingdom.


Scott said...

Thanks so much. It is truly an honor and a privilege to have this opportunity. God, in his infinite love and mercy has allowed me to do what I love, and I thank Him daily for this - so its truly my pleasure.