Thursday, November 5, 2009

More on the Lisbon Treaty: Military Implications

The EU Observer has a timely article published today: "EU military chiefs nervous about Lisbon Treaty". First the quotes, which I find fascinating:

"But the hotter topic - dealt with in 'informal talks' - was the impact of the Lisbon Treaty on the current EU military set up, the two generals told journalists after the meeting...The military chiefs will no longer report to the rotating EU presidency, but directly to the new EU foreign minister, who will also be vice-president of the European Commission."

"The EU's future top diplomat - British foreign secretary David Miliband is is still favourite to get the job - will also have the power to propose missions abroad and to 'ensure co-ordination of the civilian and military aspects' of those missions."

"The five-star general traced the 'real revolution' of EU's new approach back to the difficulties faced by member states in Iraq and Afghanistan, which showed that a pure military solution is not enough."

The following statement was also seen in this article: "...European troops needed to be involved in civilian operations as well - such as the stabilisation phase in Bosnia, evacuation measures and protection of humanitarian aid flow like for the naval operation off the coasts of Somalia."

There are several points of interest here, for a prophecy watcher:

1. We see yet another reference pointing to British foreign secretary David Miliband as a favorite to get the head of EU foreign policy ((link to prior commentary regarding Mr Miliband here). Born in 1965, Miliband was promoted to Foreign Secretary at the age of 41, the youngest person to hold that position in 30 years. Previously, he held the Prime Minister's Policy Unit from 1997-2001, under Tony Blair. Interestingly, he is the son of the late Marxist theorist Ralph Miliband. His two children are named Isaac and Jacob.
more information here.

As previously mentioned, these two most powerful positions in Europe, the EU President and the Head of Foreign Policy are the two positions within the EU which will now have the necessary power and clout to "confirm the covenant" of Daniel 9:27 - that covenant which will be brokered by a leader coming from the revived Roman Empire - the same leader who will ultimately become known as the antichrist. Therefore any such positions within the EU are of potential significance prophetically.

2. We see that whoever takes the position over foreign policy will have the ability to make determinations on "missions abroad", "coordination of civilian and military aspects of missions", "stabilization phase" of conflicts, "evacuation measures" and "protection of humanitarian aid flow" in and around these various conflicts. This is interesting because these measures sound very much like the types of actions that will be required once the Israeli- Middle East "covenant" is confirmed. In fact, it seems a perfect fit.

3. It is obvious that various roles and responsibilities for the EU military are just now being defined, leaving much room for a powerful leader to create his (expanded) role. This was the basis of the article - these "EU military chiefs" are "nervous" for that very fact. They will soon be reporting to a head of foreign policy who may have little military experience, and that has them concerned - appropriately.

These are interesting times. The new "United States of Europe" is evolving rapidly. Both of these powerful positions (EU President and Foreign Policy Head) will be able to carve out their roles according to their vision. No one knows what that will mean just yet. The EU military leaders are described as "nervous" over these possibilities. As they should be.

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