Thursday, November 19, 2009

EU decision pending

The EU Observer is reporting that the big decisions pending over the two top posts (EU President and Head of foreign policy) may be determined tonight:
"Decision time looms for EU top jobs":

"After weeks of speculation and recriminations over a lack of transparency, EU leaders will meet in Brussels on Thursday evening (19 November) to decide who will take up the new posts created under the Lisbon Treaty."

"...the recent backroom dealing has both been very difficult and left the EU open to criticism about the lack of democracy in its decision-making process."

"The floor also remains largely open for the potentially more powerful position of high representative for foreign affairs with EU pundits increasingly wondering how the future will manage the busy schedule of the multi-faceted job. UK foreign minister David Miliband has apparently ruled himself out for the job that is expected to go to a centre-left candidate, with Italy's Massimo D'Alema another contender."

For more information on Massimo D'Alema see this article: "EU: D'Alema gains support for foreign policy post".

So it looks like it may be a few more hours, or perhaps tomorrow before we see who has been selected for these two positions.

The last sentence in the first article posted above was somewhat interesting:

"But the lack of consensus over either of the posts means a dark horse may yet steal the show."

Indeed. We shall see.

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