Thursday, November 5, 2009

Iran Prepares for War: Huge Arms Shipment Intercepted

Once again, Iran has been caught sending "hundreds of tons" of missiles which were intended for Hezbollah in southern Lebanon:

"Israel Commandos seize huge Iranian arms shipment".

In this article we see the following:

"Israel said the huge weapons shipment backed its long-standing contention that Iran is supplying large quantities of arms to Hezbollah and Hamas. The Francop's containers were carefully unloaded on army forklifts to avoid accidental detonation. Some of the containers had the initials 'I.R.I.S.L.' printed on the side and the fuller title, 'I.R. (Islamic Republic of) Iran Shipping Lines Group' on the other."

Of course this isn't really "news". Iran has been supplying Hezbollah with arms for years, with several such incidents having occurred in the past: "Iran's History of Weapons Smuggling".

It will be interesting to see how Iran will use Hezbollah and Hamas in the coming months. With an Israeli-Iranian conflict looming, it is quite probable that Hezbollah/Hamas will be engaged in the imminent conflict, either as a diversion or an active component of war when it starts.

These missile shipments to Gaza and Lebanon have been ongoing now for years. And this recent incident comes just days after Israeli intelligence confirmed that these terrorists groups can now reach Tel Aviv with such missiles.

Iran is making war preparations. Israel is making war preparations. The alliance between Iran-Turkey-Russia is more solid now than it has ever been.

The shadow of Ezekiel 38-39 looms larger than it has since the prophecy was written, over 2,500 years ago. Its just a matter of time now.

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