Monday, November 9, 2009

In the news...

There are several stories in the new today that are of interest:

"This week in the European Union". Here we read that the European leaders are gathered in Germany for the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and they are using the occasion "to hold informal talks on the shortlist for the EU's newly created top positions and decide a date for a special institutional summit."

We also see: "The Europeans will use the opportunity to try and pin down the names for the first president of the European council and the high representative for foreign affairs - posts created by the Lisbon Treaty which comes into force on 1 December. Following these talks, the Swedish EU presidency is expected to call for an extraordinary summit next week or even as soon as this Thursday (12 November)."

In a related article "EU leaders to discuss top jobs at Berlin dinner". Quotes:

"Leaders will try to agree on the two posts at a dinner in the German capital on Monday (9 November) evening, with Swedish Prime Minister Frederik Reinfeld having taken soundings in recent days from his EU peers. The Swedish presidency aims to convene a snap summit once a provisional deal is in place, with the summit to take place as early as this Thursday or next Thursday, according to press reports."

Doesn't this seem just a LITTLE strange? We are on the brink of seeing two of the most powerful positions in the world "selected" in a breathtakingly rapid "process". No votes cast, no campaigning, no speeches defining policy, no debates, no elections. Rather, we see a small group of people "selecting" these two leaders. If I were asked to consult on this "process", I may be inclined to inform them that some sort of a dictator could be created through this bizarre "scenario". It seems incredible that these two incredibly powerful leaders will come to power in this manner. It also seems perplexing that this will all be done in a matter of weeks.

In two unrelated news items we see these articles:

"World Media Ignores Weapons Shipment to Hizbullah".


"Nuke myth blows up: The West must stop pretending that Iran might compromise".

In this article we see these shocking revelations (sarcasm alert):

"The single greatest threat to peace and stability in the world is Iran's headlong rush to gain nuclear weapons." (you don't say).

""The regime of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Khamenei wants nukes so they can cow their Mideast neighbors, export Shiite fundamentalism and obliterate Israel." (really? ya think?).

"Yet somehow, in the bizarro world of international relations, Iran's leaders, who sit on an ocean of oil, continue with a straight face to insist that all they want is civilian nuclear power. And diplomats continue with a straight face to nod back." (no sarcasm needed here - its too bizarre, almost supernatural that world leaders pretend to accept Iran's premise that all they desire is peaceful nuclear power. It MIGHT be remotely possible IF Ahmadinejad didn't constantly proclaim his desire that Israel be wiped off the face of the earth).

My favorite quote from this article:

"At what point will the world take "no" for an answer? The Obama administration has gone through the motions of extending a hand to the terrorists of Tehran. Turns out, that's all the back-and-forth was ever to be: motions. Because the Islamic Republic is obsessed with acquiring nuclear weapons and well on its way toward that goal. There's no fooling ourselves any longer."

I know that one morning I will wake up to the news that Israel has "attacked" Iran. When this happens, a cascade of events will follow. Russia will most likely become involved within hours. Turkey will become pulled in. We will probably see Hezbollah and Hamas unleash a firestorm of missiles into Israel. Iran has promised to block the Strait of Hormuz. Subsequent events seem likely to lead into the prophesied battle/war described in Ezekiel 38-39. I believe it is quite possible that any Israeli action against Iran will ignite the powder keg in the Middle-East - leading to concluding prophetic events including the beginning of the Tribulation.

How close are we to seeing this scenario play out? It is anyone's guess, but it can't be much longer. When it does, things are going to get VERY interesting.

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