Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Meet the President of Europe

The links below provide very detailed and interesting information on Europe's new president.

Meet the President of Europe". This article discusses his roots, his philosophy (which, interestingly, has changed dramatically over the years), and his rise to power. I am by no means trying to pin the antichrist label on Mr Van Rompuy, in fact, he seems an unlikely candidate to me. However, he could be, at a minimum, someone who aids in paving the road for the antichrist. Based upon this article, his views are very much consistent with the globalist agenda and the overall movement - that we are observing - towards the Tribulation.

Additionally, find an interesting video, in which Mr Van Rompuy describes his "New World Order" desire:

"New EU President confirms New World Order desire".

The movements and policy of the EU President are of great interest, as we observe the overall progress towards a future a one-world governance and the growth of this revived Roman Empire.


Jason said...

Yeah Scott I'm with you. I don't see the devil working in a bald headed, skinny, nerdy guy's body, but maybe he is taking a stealth angle since this is going to be some of his best work? LOL!

Scott said...

One never knows - So I am keeping my eyes wide open. Having said that, your message was hilarious and describes my initial reaction to the news !!!