Wednesday, November 11, 2009

EU to name president on Nov. 19

EU to name first permanent president on 19 November". In this article we see the following:

"The Swedish presidency has called an EU summit in 19 November to decide on the boc's new top appointments, with a Polish proposal to hold candidate hearings gaining limited acceptance."

"The three positions in question are the new president of the European Council and EU foreign relations chief, as well as the largely bureaucratic appointment of a new secretary general of the Council, the Brussels-based institution which prepares member states' day-to-day meetings."

It is still undetermined if the potential "candidates" will have to go through an interview process, based on a Polish suggestion; but if that takes place, it will be done prior to the November 19 date.

So there we have it. We just saw formal consolidation of the EU - a formalization of a revival of the Roman Empire, and now, in just over a week, we'll have two leaders "selected".

Wow. Things are happening very fast.

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