Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Czech court gives green light to EU treaty

The Czech Republic's Constitutional Court rules in favor of the Lisbon Treaty". Now, the Czech president Vaclav Klaus must formally sign-off, and he has indicated that he will do so. Therefore, the Lisbon Treaty is a done deal.

According to this article from the EU Observer: "Last week, French President Nicolas Sarcozy said he believed the treaty could go into force on 1 December - with EU rules saying that the treaty comes into effect on the first day of the month after all the instruments of ratification have been handed in."

Importantly, we need to see the gravity of this situation. Recall, only a few years ago, the EU attempted to have a formal constitution passed through every member nation. The problem was, the constitution required votes by the citizens of each nation, and it didn't pass. As a very "clever" alternative, it was determined that the Lisbon Treaty, effectively a substitute for for the constitution, just repackaged, would be implemented - only the Lisbon Treaty, rather than receive the votes of each nation's citizens - would only have to"pass" via their governmental bodies - bypassing the direct votes of their citizens.

Now we watch closely to see what happens regarding the two most powerful positions in the EU - the EU President and the head of Foreign Policy. That should be fascinating.

So now we have it. The revived Roman Empire is now a formal entity. Additionally, it is important to recognize that the newly formed Mediterranean Union is functionally an outgrowth of the EU. This growth, according to biblical prophecy will continue. This is only the beginning.

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