Sunday, November 1, 2009

Interesting rumors from the EU

Predictably, as we approach the finalization of the Lisbon Treaty, speculation is fast and furious regarding the two key positions within the EU that have been discussed so frequently; the EU President and the head of foreign policy.

It was considered for months that Tony Blair was a lock for the EU presidency, but several roadblocks have come up regarding his efforts to secure this position. However he still seems to be in the running.

There are several articles out now regarding these two positions, and a new figure is emerging - someone who has seemingly come "out of nowhere" and is being discussed for the head of foreign policy:

"Miliband emerges as frontrunner for key EU role as Sarkozy sinks Blair's chances of President job". Quotes:

"Foreign Secretary David Miliband has emerged as the frontrunner to become the EU's first 'foreign minister' as French President Nicolas Sarkozy killed off Tony Blair's remaining hopes of becoming EU President. Influential European leaders described Mr Miliband as a 'strong candidate' for the role of EU High Representative for foreign and security policy."

"A senior source close to Martin Schultz, powerful leader of the Party of European Socialists in the European Parliament, said" 'Miliband has a good reputation and his standing is good. And the influential French newspaper Le Monde described the 44-year-old as 'young and brilliant.'"

So, interestingly, we now have a strong candidate for this critical position, who has seemingly come out of nowhere; someone young and extremely charismatic. Most interesting for a prophecy watcher - and I'll leave it at that. Also of interest, and this may mean nothing - Mr Miliband is an atheist:

"While Blair converts to Catholicism, only 8 Ministers say they believe in God". Here we see the following:

"David Miliband's atheism stems from his Left-wing secular upbringing? he is the son of Ralph Miliband, the celebrated Marxist sociologist."

It is always interesting to see any new figure emerge; a figure who could hold the most powerful position in the EU, and therefore in the world. We watch these developments VERY closely. Mr Miliband is just one of many figures being discussed and rumored for these roles.

We should see these positions filled during the month of November. It will be fascinating to see who rises to these two top spots - within this revived Roman Empire. Very interesting.

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