Friday, November 20, 2009

In the news...

First, the new EU top positions are receiving a lot of criticism:

"Press criticise EU appointments".

"EU foreign head dismisses critics".

"New appointments mark an improbable rise".

The complaints are rather obvious. These two individuals are both unknowns, lack experience, lack "international profile", and the process of "selection", rather than an election process is also receiving numerous complaints.

Also in the news:

More calls for a single, world currency:

"Calls rise for a new global currency".

...and another emerging story thats is looking more and more "real":

"Syria suspected of concealing nuclear activity".

It is beginning to look like Syria is also attempting to obtain nuclear weapons. One concerning quote from this article:

"The precarious, global nuclear state of affairs involving Iran, North Korea and Pakistan is troubling...Countries in the Middle East procuring nuclear weapons would be at the top of my list of concerns. Thats why dealing with the Iranian program is so important, and that's why paying continued attention to what's happening in Pakistan is important."

"Kay, a former United Nations weapons inspector, says the existence of an underground nuclear weapons network could initiate a irreversible and harmful course of nuclear proliferation."

Indeed...There are many descriptions from the book of Revelation, in chapters 6-18 - those chapters that involve the various judgments of the Tribulation. There are several situations in the Tribulation that appear to result from nuclear weapons use, so it is not surprising that we see more and more scenarios of terrorists and terrorist nations obtaining nuclear weapons. This is a very concerning scenario that receives little attention from the main-stream-media.

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