Monday, November 23, 2009

In the news...

Monday morning always seems to have several pertinent news articles and today is no exception. It also seems that Monday's present with a general theme, and again, today is no exception. Today's news seems focused on the continual build-up of war preparations between Israel and Iran:

"Iran: We'll hit Tel Aviv if attacked".

"Time to Neutron Iran". In this article, we see the possibility that Israel could unleash their neutron bombs against Iran's nuclear facilities - as such weaponry may be the only possible way to destroy these facilities.

"Iran Testing Air Defense System for Nuclear Plants".

In an unrelated article, linked below, find Joel Rosenberg's reflections on the recent EU appointments:

"EU Creates Historic and Undemocratic New Post - President of Europe".

Mr Rosenberg has an interesting view and I tend to agree. The most significant aspect of Van Rompuy's appointment as EU President could be his position regarding Turkey. Mr Van Rompuy is vigorously opposed to allowing Turkey into the EU. As this commentary points out, "Van Rompuy's 'election/selection' will accelerate Turkey's dramatic shift from NATO ally to ally of Iran, Syria and Russia. Why? Van Rompuy is an avowed opponent of Turkish entrance into the EU and the Turks are furious."

The epic invasion, battle and the subsequent, direct intervention by God is approaching. Day by day we see the build-up from a military perspective and the ever-increasing rhetoric. God reminded us of this fact, in a very specific, direct manner:

"It is coming! It will surely take place, declares the Sovereign Lord. This is the say I have spoken of." (Ezekiel 39:8)

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