Tuesday, August 30, 2022

U.S. Military 'Demilitarizing' Active Duty Units - Sending Weapons To Ukraine

Even more reports surface: Pentagon demilitarizing US Army to shovel weapons into Ukraine black hole…

What is going on here exactly?
Extremely concerning. 

More and more reports are surfacing of the U.S. military “demilitarizing” active duty units — stripping them of their weapons to send to Ukraine. One suspects big handouts to the defense military-industrial complex will soon be on the way — but with the collapse of manufacturing expertise, is the U.S. still capable of making these weapons at scale?Revolver previously reported on earlier reports saying the same thing here: “Reports: US pulls weapons from active duty, sends them to Ukraine…”

Very strange…

A sampling of some of the messages I’ve received. Weapons and ammunition are being stripped from active duty units all over the world and being sent to Ukraine. What I actually found the most interesting was the Governor of New York is sending their Guard’s MREs to Ukraine.


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