Saturday, August 27, 2022

Rolling Blackouts Begin In Europe

Rolling Blackouts Begin in Europe; Not Enough Gas to Generate Electric

Rolling blackouts have begun in Kosovo because the country cannot find enough supply of natural gas to keep power plants running at full capacity.

Other European countries, from the UK to Bulgaria, are also developing plans to cut off electricity.

The reason: These countries imposed economic sanctions upon Russia over its Special Military Operation into Ukraine, and as a result of their own Sanctions, these countries now refuse to buy Russian oil and natural gas.

Rather than mind their own business when it comes to the Russia-Ukraine problems, Europe has decided that its citizens can live in the dark, so Europe can virtue signal how wonderful they are, by not buying Russian natural gas.

The politicians in Europe have personally caused this energy problem and the price hikes, by imposing sanctions upon Russia.

Citizens in Europe should get rid of these politicians before Winter arrives, and folks start freezing to death from no heat due to no natural gas.

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