Friday, August 26, 2022

By The Numbers

Another week with deaths far above normal in Europe

Excess deaths are now HIGHER continent-wide in 2022 than either 2020 or 2021 – even with Covid deaths far lower.

The strange and seemingly unending rise in all-cause deaths in the mRNA vaccinated countries continues.

This morning, European researchers released their most recent weekly report on deaths across the continent:

The countries that report to this network include all the large countries in Western Europe. Week after week in 2022, they have posted death counts well above normal.

Overall deaths are now higher at this point in 2022 than they were at the same point in either 2020 or 2021.

I will keep saying this until someone pays attention: NO ONE EXPECTED DEATHS TO REMAIN ABOVE NORMAL ONCE COVID DEATHS FELL.

In fact, demographers and scientists generally assumed the opposite would occur. Covid deaths typically occur in people near the end of their lives, either from advanced age, morbid obesity, or other severe comorbidities. So demographic experts generally imagined deaths would run below average for months or years after Covid ended or nearly nearly ended.

Instead the opposite has occurred.

Worse, the most pronounced change (compared to the expected number of deaths) is occurring in teenagers and adults under 50, who – in Europe, anyway – hardly had any extra deaths from Covid or during the 2020 or the first half of 2021.

The second chart above shows this clearly; deaths in people under 15 were below normal in Europe until about a year ago. Since then they have been well above normal. For Europeans 15-44, the trend is even clearer and more striking.

Between March 2020, when Covid began, and early summer 2021, when most European countries began to offer mass vaccinations to people under 50, the continent had about 3,500 extra deaths of young adults. In the year since, Europe has had roughly twice as many, about 7,000.

It’s not just Europe. The United States is also seeing higher-than-expected deaths, although our data are late and lagging and we have a terrible opioid epidemic further confusing the issue. Deaths in Australia have been running well above normal too.

What’s behind all these deaths?

There are possible reasons that don’t include a seven-letter word that starts with the letter v, but they are becoming less plausible as the trend goes on week after week. As bad as the deaths are, the reluctance by governments or public health authorities even to discuss them is worse.

If they are afraid that talking about this reality will “fuel conspiracy theories” or hurt demand for the mRNA shots, I have news for them. Demand for the shots has flatlined and isn’t coming back, and failing to discuss something as basic as the number of people who are dying is only going to fuel the conspiracists. Death counts were the sine qua non of the Covid epidemic; to pretend they do not matter now is bizarre.

Governments worldwide have been doing everything possible to hide data that shows how poorly the Covid shots now work against Omicron. But they are not going to be able to stop reporting all-cause mortality, which means we will all be able to see these trends for ourselves over the next few months.

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