Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Thousands Wait In Line For Rations, Fuel As Winter Approaches

Shocking: Thousands In Line For Rations! – People Wait Days For Fuel As Winter Approaches! [VIDEO]

Josh Sigurdson reports on the shocking footage out of Poland as thousands line up for DAYS at a time in their cars to collect rations of coal to ensure heating in the winter as the global supply chain and the energy grid collapse simultaneously, all by the plan. Cars could be seen for as far as the eye can see, waiting to desperately hoard coal for the coming winter as the grid goes down. The rations are becoming clear and present worldwide as the globalists destroy the supply chain and grid.

The rations are just an early sign of what is to come. Carbon credits are the goal, and those credits will be based on rations. You will be watched for your electric, gas, and water usage in your home via smart meters or by the distance you drive in your cars. While people aren’t falling for the climate hoax, the price and supply crunch is forcing people to adopt the very things that would be adopted if people DID believe the global warming fakery.


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