Thursday, August 25, 2022

Pete Garcia: Everything, Everywhere, All At Once

Everything, Everywhere, All At Once

Pete Garcia

WITH all of the last days' economic, political, and military convergences. With all of the prophetic signs flooding our newspapers and newsfeeds on an hourly basis. With the impending collapse of Western Civilization being a mere cataclysm away from happening. With everything prophetic happening everywhere, all at once going on, the one nagging question that keeps rolling around in the back of my brain is, who is going to take care of my dogs when we go up?
That is how close to the end we are.

Right now, there are at least nineteen existential threats that are currently hanging over our collective heads like a giant boulder teetering on the edge of a cliff on the San Andreas faultline. Crazily enough, none of these threats include Covid, transgendered bathroom rights, or man-made climate change. However, for the sake of argument, here are said nineteen existential threats to both our nation and the world:

  • Nuclear war with Russia

  • Nuclear war with Russia, China, and North Korea

  • Dirty Bombs detonated in major cities

  • EMP attack by the aforementioned

  • The collapse of the US Dollar

  • The collapse of the Chinese Yuan

  • A major false flag event triggering an armed response, followed closely by a Martial Law declaration

  • The inevitable civil war following said Martial Law declaration

  • A serious bioengineered pandemic with over a 10% infection fatality rate

  • A massive cyber attack shutting down the sixteen critical vulnerable points in the US (Thanks Joe for spilling the beans)

  • A global famine

  • A digital pandemic (cyber virus shutting down everything)

  • A massive solar storm (triggering EMP-like effects)

  • The Yellowstone caldera (aka...the supervolcano) erupting

  • Massive earthquakes trigger a ripple effect across numerous fault lines

  • AI "Intelligence Explosion" attempting to reenact The Terminator's Skynet

  • CERN intentionally (or unintentionally) opens something up

  • A massive meteor hits the earth

  • Alien invasion or some other extra-terrestrial event

  • I'm sure there are many other black swan events out there that are equally serious threats we don't even know about, but these were just some of the things I could think about off the top of my head. Each one of these, in and of itself, are extremely serious threats that have the potential to upend life as we know it. Incredibly, these are also the very things our government is not taking seriously at present. Our current government seems more concerned with making our military more inclusive than they are on whether the Chinese or Russians have doubled the size of their navy or successfully test fired (and used) hypersonic missiles.

    If our government spent a fraction of the time and energy on any one of these nineteen that they do with the ridiculously fallacious global cooling, global warming, climate change "threat," I would feel a little better. It would mean that somewhere up there in the bowels of government, adults were involved. Instead, we have the never-ending parade of environmentalist doomsday prophets with prediction track records worse than Harold Camping.

    These global utopians are enthusiastically willing to suicide the American economy and subsequently, the world's, because 50 years from now, the ocean temperatures might rise one-half of one degree. The environmentalist fear-mongering has been at a fever pitch for at least the last twenty years, and this forthcoming catastrophism apparently has former president Barak Hussein Obama so upset by the possibility of rising sea levels, that he sacrificially bought an $11.75M house at Martha's Vineyard (on the coast) in 2019 to mourn its impending destruction.

    I don't know about you, but it sort of feels like we are watching a massive parade of liberal/progressive lemmings defiantly marching off a cliff. Not only that, but the suicidal lemmings have coopted our elected and unelected "leaders" into joining them in destroying the current world order all because of a make-believe threat that might happen someday...maybe. That's not just throwing the baby out with the bathwater, that's taking a sledgehammer to the sink and then burning the house down to spite the couple who had the baby. These are exactly the kind of people Paul is speaking of in Romans chapter one, who suffers from the divine punishment of being 'given over' to a debased mind and are no longer able to reason or think clearly. The fact that we have the lunatics running the asylum leaves little doubt as to why he said the last days would be "perilous times" (2 Tim 3:1).

    These same people who are so upset about the theoretical climate cataclysm that they are setting themselves on fire, committing acts of vandalism and terrorism, and essentially throwing their lives away as "martyrs" for a lie. There is, even now, a growing cadre of environmentalist legislators and celebrities who are now championing the absurd idea that we should convert all of our meat and wheat-based agricultural industries, for insect-based food economies. This is based on agendas pushed by the United Nations nearly ten years ago.

    The push to save "Mother Earth," or Gaia, has gone through cycles of popularity before, but never one with such political momentum as of now. To be fair, the UN, the WEF, and numerous private and corporate entities have warned us that they are in the last push for the Great Reset to happen no later than 2030. For them, 2030 is the do-or-die date to get the world back on "the right track" or else, face extinction. Geez, when have we heard that before?

    Speaking of global calamities, there is one I haven't mentioned yet, the twentieth, which I believe is not only likely but inevitable. Not only is it inevitable, but it is also certain to happen. Not only is it certain to happen, but it is also certain to happen very soon. Not only is it certain to happen soon, but it is one calamity that the world adamantly refuses to believe can ever happen.

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