Monday, August 29, 2022

Things To Come: Will October Follow The 1929 And 1987 Template?

Three of the worst months in market history were Octobers: 1929, 1987 and 2020. October 2022 is in 5 weeks…… will it join the club?
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Fact: MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO AROUND. So if the world of money seizes up………

Possible negative events for October 2022:I call this possible scenario OctoberGeddon. Why might it happen? Eurozone, other Developed markets, China and other Emerging markets all suffering major economic and/or market stress. When one goes, domino effect/ contagion/ cascade/ chain reaction will bring others with it until the mighty USA also succumbs. Current US “strength” is irrelevant. Decoupling from rest of world is a fantasy.

Elizabeth Warren warns Federal Reserve ‘is going to tip this economy into RECESSION’ after chair Jerome Powell said Americans should expect ‘pain’ to come with tamping down inflation

Fauxahontus blocked Ron Paul’s attempts to audit the Fed – now she bloviates for the cameras as she pretends to be on the side of the middle class against this criminal private banking cartel. So not buying it, Senator Running Deer.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren said Sunday she is ‘very worried’ about an impending recession after Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell hinted interest rates will tip even higher in hawkish remarks on Friday.

‘I’m very worried that the Fed is going to tip this economy into recession,’ the Massachusetts Democrat told CNN‘s Dana Bash.

As the parasites at the Wall Street investment banks kill off their host – the productive economy – Goldman Sachs is still jamming its blood funnel into every source of wealth, but is facing diminishing returns.

Goldman Sachs has been hit by a wave of defections, and the atmosphere at the financial giant is at “an all-time toxic high right now,” The Post has learned.


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