Monday, August 29, 2022

This Week In The New Normal

This Week in the New Normal

The CEO of Moderna gave an interview with CNN this week where he claimed the company is working on releasing a single yearly booster vaccine capable of targeting Covid variants, flu strains and all other common viruses.

It’s a remarkable claim – considering that Moderna’s Covid “vaccine” was (alongside Pfizer’s jab) the first EVER coronavirus vaccine OR mRNA vaccine to be approved for use on people, despite years of research on both. Indeed, before Covid Moderna had existed for over a decade and never successfully brought a single product of any kind to market.

Yet now they are confident in bringing out a new “safe and effective” mRNA vaccine every year, and not just against Covid but against pretty much every respiratory virus you can name.


More and more countries are signing up to go fully digital with their money.

This past week Australia announced they were going to “pilot” a central bank digital currency. Thailand is likewise piloting a retail CBDC by the end of the year, as is Nepal.

Meanwhile in the US a “bipartisan group of lawmakers” wants to pressure the Federal Reserve to take a digital dollar more seriously, talking up the “threat” of the digital yuan.

Just yesterday it was reported that the digital ruble is very much still a thing and may be launched as soon as 2023. More worryingly the report describes how some digital rubles could be “colored” or “targeted”, meaning only usable for specific goods or services.

That’s a dangerous step, reducing currency from a simple guarantor of value to essentially government-issued vouchers.

We’ve covered that danger many times before (in Western nations the term used is “programmability”). Indeed the benefits of programmability were discussed the Bank of England’s CBDC Summit, the minutes of which were published on Friday.

But whether they call it “programmability”, “targeting” or “coloring” it all amounts to the same thing – massively increased government surveillance and control of your money.

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