Thursday, October 14, 2021

The Abrahamic Family House:

‘House of One’: The Abrahamic Family House

The “Abrahamic Family House” is an interfaith project currently being built in the UAE. The complex will include three separate buildings, a mosque, a synagogue, and a church and is said to “innovatively recount the history and builds bridges between human civilizations and heavenly messages.”

The center’s buildings are currently over 20% complete and are set to be finished in 2022. 

The project has received much praise, with the Vatican entirely on board, applauding its architecture and calling it a symbol of “Interfaith harmonious coexistence.”

This is not the only country working on such a project. For example, in Berlin, a new interfaith building is currently being constructed over the site of a torn-down German Church. The center is being built as a “place of worship” for Muslims, Jews, and Christians under the name: “The House Of One.”

These three religions are often referred to as the three Abrahamic religions, hence the name of the complex in Abu Dhabi, “Abrahamic Family House.”

The reason for the name “Abrahamic Religions” is due to the fact Muslims, Jews, and Christians all claim to root back to Abraham. However, the difference in genealogy is that many believe Arabs came through Abraham’s son Ishmael, this is also stated to be the case in the Koran. Why does this matter? Because in Genesis 17, we learn that God made his everlasting covenant with Abraham’s seed through Isaac, and specifically not Ishmael.

The Bible also speaks of a time in which the world will attempt to merge all religions into a “one world religion.” As Jan Markell explains, “We know that the Bible in Revelation, particularly [chapter] 13, even in Daniel, we can see that there’s coming a global government with a single leader and a one-world religion as well.”

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